It was December 25th, 12:00 pm. Levy had just gotten word that Lucy and Natsu are together now. She felt happy for the two and suspected it would actually happen. But now she was worried about Gajeel. She asked what he wanted for Christmas, and he suddenly yelled at her for being annoying and walked out of their conversation.

"Stupid Gajeel..."


Gajeel was eating iron by himself while everyone was too busy talking about the Christmas party taking place. "This is all messed up." He told as he slammed his hand onto the desk. "So it'll be Christmas tomorrow, big deal. It's just getting stupid presents, drinking nasty egg nog, and being with people. So bothersome." That was when a voice perked up.

"What's bothersome?" He looked up to see Levy with a curious face.

"None of your damn business ya runt." Levy steamed,

"Don't call me a runt! Jeez, anyway what do... you want for Christmas?"

"I don't want anything."

"Why? How could you not want anything for Christmas?"

"How can you not be annoying and sticking your nose in other peoples' business!" He yelled that the whole guild was staring at the two. "Mind your own fuckin business and just leave me the fuck alone, you annoying piece of shit!" He yelled as he walked away from the crowd, leaving Levy standing alone, tears coming out of her eyes.

"Fine whatever!" She yelled as she also walked away from the crowd.

End of Flashback

Levy could feel tears coming out of her eyes, falling down her cheeks. 'I don't care about him. I don't. He's the worst...' Levy sniffed and wiped her eyes to get rid of the tears, but they just kept falling. She then felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Levy-san?" Levy looked up to see Juvia with a concerned face.


"Juvia noticed that you were alone and looked sad. Are you all right?" Juvia asked as she sat down with her at a deserted table.

"Stupid Gajeel... He's stupid..."

"Gajeel-kun? This has something to do with Gajeel-kun?"

"All I did was asked him what he wants for Christmas, and he yells at me and calls me annoying." Levy couldn't control her tears anymore.

"Oh... well Levy-san, you see, Gajeel-kun doesn't like Christmas that much. The reason why is Gajeel's father is a dragon and he had no mother. He was very distant away from his father and they drifted apart just like that. He never had experience with spending Christmas with a family. Instead whenever he would see people enjoying Christmas, a burning jealously lives within him. Juvia feels the same since she was alone... but since Gray-sama took Juvia out of her own darkness, she is happy now. Maybe Levy-san can do the same for Gajeel-kun."

"Really?" Levy asked as Juvia nodded and smiled.

"Yes. Maybe you can go talk to Gajeel-kun later when he is feeling better." Juvia told as Levy nodded and they embrace in fluffy hug.

Gajeel was in his room lying on his bed. It was currently 6:00 pm. He intended to skip out on the Christmas party, not wanting to see the happy faces of people giving, enjoying being with the people they love.

"Tch. Who cares?" Then a knock was made. "It's open!" He yelled as the door opened and it revealed Levy wearing a big brown coat and carrying a paper bag. "Whaddaya want?" He asked harshly, still hinting he was mad.

"Come to the Christmas party."

"Damn you're that persistent..."

"Gajeel, the reason why you don't like Christmas is because you were alone right?" She asked in a fierce tone as Gajeel widened his eyes.

"Who told-"

"Juvia did."

"Damn her..."

"Gajeel, I know that you were always a loner during your childhood. You acted like you were alone, and you still do!"

"Shut up!" He yelled but Levy continued anyway.

"Gajeel look at you. You're forcing yourself to be away from your friends!"

"What friends? I don't have any friends."

"Yes you do. You have Juvia. You have me. And everyone in Fairy Tail." Gajeel slightly blushed when Levy said that he has her. "We're nakama, no matter what! Don't pretend you're alone anymore. Because you aren't." She pulled out a Santa hat out of her bag and walked towards Gajeel and put it on his big spiky hair. "Gajeel, please come with your friends." She told as Gajeel stared into her eyes. Levy did the same and they both blushed. What both didn't notice is that Gajeel and Levy both closed their eyes and started to lean in closer. Their lips instantly pressed together. Gajeel put his arms around Levy's small waist and pulled her down with him on the bed. Levy was on top of him, kissing back passionately as she could. But soon after a few minutes, the two opened their eyes and pulled away from each other quickly and looked away. "S-S-So are-are you co-co-coming to the party?" She asked nervously as Gajeel answered,

"Ye-Yeah...I-I'll go..." He told as Levy stammered,

"O-Okay..." Levy took the paper bag and ran out of her room. Gajeel took the hat off his head and looked at it.

'Don't pretend you're alone anymore. Because you aren't.' Gajeel smiled at those words and put back on the Santa hat. By the time he was at the guild, it was packed. Lots of people talking, drinking, laughing, do whatsoever. Gajeel saw Lucy sitting on Natsu's lap making out, to which he gagged at. Gray was with Erza and Mirajane laughing and talking. Cana was with Juvia and he could see her blushing. Then he saw Levy with Jet and Droy. Levy saw him and smiled.

"Gajeel! You did came!" She said excitedly. Juvia heard and saw Gajeel wearing a Santa hat. She smiled and called him as she walked over.

"Gajeel-kun you really did came. Did Levy-san finally persuade you?" She could see Gajeel blush and he looked away.

"Well you could say that..."

"Gajeel!" Levy called as she came to the two former phantom mages. "You came."

"It's all thanks to you Levy-san." Juvia told as Levy blushed, remembering what happened in Gajeel's room.

"Oh... no problem..." She told as she blushed and looked away. Juvia looked confused.

"Did anything happen?"

"No nothing happened!" They both yelled as Juvia was shocked by the sudden outburst.

"Okay then..."

End of chapter

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