Chapter 1 : A false alarm

As soon as I heard my alarm clock ringing I rubbed my sore eyes softly with my clenched hands, My eyes blinked a few times as I saw the dim of the sunlight shining on my eyes. I lifted my head slowly with my hands and touched the mattress as soon as I got up from sleeping. I gazed at the morning light on my plain-looking white wall. Then after gazing a while I heard a familiar shout from downstairs.

"Amelia! Come down! You've only got 10 minutes left! Soon your going to get grounded on your first day of school!" My eldest sister Marlene shouted.

Suddenly I knew what day it was... "MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" I was so nervous and frightened "Great." I said to myself "Now you've come up to a bad start, who knows what will happen next?" I pulled up my legs to the fluffy floor and rushed downstairs with my bare feet and pajama's.

Soon I closed my eyes, ready for the worst but the nothing happened I opened my eyes slowly and found the clock it was 3:00am! I realized It was Friday! And school was Monday. "Crud" I said with a sigh, "My sister tricked me AGAIN!" Me and my sister are rivals I would've known that she would do something like this to me! With a grumpy look I stomped all the way back to my room, I couldn't blame her or else she will tell everyone what I did.

When I got to my room I collapsed in my bed, closing my eyes and remembering awful memories of last year.

I'll stop now but I'll continue if I get at least some reviews! What will happen next? What is her past? What did her sister know about her? Find out next on Surviving Middle School!

P.S sorry about this but her first day of school will be in Chapter 3!