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Prologue: Death Threats

„What the heck?!" The irritated voice of violinist and super star Michiru Kaioh echoed through her large villa, causing her father and manager Masanori Kaioh to come running into her room. "What's the matter, darling?" he asked sweetly. Michiru waved around a letter in front of his face, and he took it. "Cancel the next concert or die." It read. "A death threat?" Masanori gasped. Michiru flicked her hair back over her shoulder, making an angered "Hmph!" sound. "I don't even think about canceling my concert!" the twenty year old then informed her father. "But Michi, honey, it could be dangerous!" Michiru just shrugged, and her father sighed. Sometimes his daughter could be real bitchy. "Maybe we should get you a bodyguard." He then suggested. "No way!" Michiru cried out. "Do you think I want to have some jock around me all day long?" Her father just sighed, deciding that he would hire a bodyguard without asking his daughter first. Quickly making up an excuse, Masanori retreated from the room and hurried into his office, calling the first bodyguard agency he found in the phonebook.

After making up another excuse, Masanori drove over to the address the boss of the agency had given to him, ready to choose one of the bodyguards. He parked his car in front of the building, climbed out and entered it. The agency boss, an American named Peter Parker (A/N: ^_~) already waited for him. "Welcome, Mister Kaioh." The man spoke, smiling. "I'm glad that you decided to choose one of our bodyguards for the protection of your daughter." Masanori smiled at him and nodded. "So…which one of your bodyguards do you suggest?" he then asked. Parker smiled and explained: "Since your daughter is female, I'd suggest one of our female bodyguards for her. That guarantees that our bodyguard can be around your daughter all the time without the risk of embarrassment." "I see…" Masanori spoke thoughtfully. "If you want a male bodyguard, we can arrange that too." Parker informed Masanori. "But as I said, a female one would cause less trouble." Masanori nodded, fully agreeing with Parker. "And which one do you suggest?" he repeated. Parker pressed a button on the intercom that stood on his desk and spoke into it: "Minako, could you please send Haruka Tenoh into my office?" "Yes, Sir!" a female voice quipped. Five minutes later, the door opened, revealing a handsome blonde man to Masanori. "Ummm…" Masanori started, but before he could say more, Parker chuckled and explained: "Don't worry, Mister Kaioh. Haruka may not look like it, but she's female." "Indeed, I am." Haruka confirmed while she walked over to Masanori and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, Mister Kaioh." "My pleasure, Miss Tenoh." Masanori replied. Haruka ran one hand through her sandy blonde hair while she sat down, casually putting her right ankle on her left knee. "So, what kind of job do you have for me?" the blonde asked, eyeing Masanori suspiciously. "I want you to protect my daughter. She received a death threat per mail." Haruka nodded thoughtfully. "I see…" She looked at Parker, who nodded. "I guess Haruka will do it." He then said before he dug out a contract and started to fill it out. "Ten thousand yen per week. Haruka will be at your house all day and night, and your daughter won't have a single minute alone. Do you accept this?" Parker spoke while he wrote. "Yes." Masanori replied, signing the contract. "Great. Haruka will come with you right now." Parker replied. Haruka rose from her chair, smiling at Masanori, and turned to look at Peter once more. "See you, Peter." "Take care." Parker replied. Haruka nodded and left the office with Masanori.

"I hope Michiru won't act all bitchy again." Masanori sighed while he drove his car to the mansion. Haruka just shrugged. "I'll be able to handle her." Masanori nodded, smiling, and brought the car to a halt in front of the house. "Let's get inside and introduce you to my daughter." He then said.