Epilogue: Celebrate

One month after the last huge fight in Peter's agency, Haruka finally was allowed to leave the hospital. After Cloud and Lara's talk with the Mayor of Tokyo, the Tokyo League Of Homosexual Decency had been completely destroyed. All members of it now sat in prison, except for Peter, who had been blasted to pieces when the grenade exploded. Cloud now could call herself "Inspector van Dyk", much to her happiness, and to the happiness of her bank account, too. Of course Lara and Cloud were there when Haruka was allowed to leave, along with Michiru in Clouds brand new Audi TT Roadster. "Finally they let you out!" the blonde cop explained when Haruka came walking down the stairs, using a brown wooden walking stick to support her right leg. Unfortunately, the doctors hadn't really been able to do anything about the smashed knee cap, and so Haruka had to live with a stiff right leg...but she was glad that she lived at all. "Yeah, finally." Haruka now agreed with her friend, grinning. Michiru and she climbed into the Roadster, and Cloud revved the engine, grinning at the rich sound. "I love this car." She informed the others, earning a faked glare from Lara. "More than me?" the brunette then asked, puppy dog eyed. "Of course not." Cloud replied, in mocked shock. "I could never love anything more than you, sweetie." "Awww." Haruka and Michiru made in unison, earning a rear view mirror glare from Cloud. The inspector grumbled something about annoying people before she drove off, over to her apartment – where a huge surprise waited for both Haruka and Michiru.

"Aw come in, get in there already!" Cloud cursed while trying to shove her key into the lock of her apartment door. Finally, she succeeded, unlocked the door and allowed Haruka and Michiru to enter. "SURPRISE!" a chorus of six voices shouted, and Harukas eyes bulged out. Six of her close butch friends were standing in the (rather small) apartment, waiting with champagne bottles and bottles of diet coke (A/N: *wink* My One and Only *grins*). "Party time." Lara grinned, amused from the shocked and surprised expression on the faces of Haruka and Michiru. Soon, everyone had settled themselves in the living room (which also was a bedroom, leading to some butches sitting on Clouds bed) and was absorbed in small talk. Cloud had conquered the only desk in the room where she now sat with Lara next to her, plus Haruka and Michiru. Haruka made the huge mistake to stare at the huge Shakira poster that hung on Clouds wall, earning a light poke from Michiru. "Will you stop staring at that woman!" the aqua haired girl demanded. "Sorry." Haruka apologized, kissing her lover. "Aww, aren't they cute?" Cloud asked Lara, grinning broadly. Lara nodded, grinning back. "You know, I'm glad they found each other. Just like the two of us, Wolfie-chan." She then spoke, smiling at Haruka and Michiru, who smiled back. "And no one will ever forget about your love." Lara then added, causing Haruka and Michiru to smile on, though a little confused. Cloud gave her lover an odd look, until realisation dawned in her brain. "Oh, yeah. You're right." She agreed, grinning. "What's up with the two of you?" Haruka finally asked, and Lara grinned at her in a pretty mischief way. "Oh, you know, I just know this pretty good screenplay writer and her girlfriend, who's a film director..." Both Haruka and Michiru gaped at the brunette, and after a while, Haruka spoke up. "Please tell me that they don't want to make a movie about us." The only answer she received where two broad grins. Sighing, the blonde leaned back in her chair. "Okay then. Fine. Whatever." She mumbled, staring at Lara and Cloud in mocked anger. "But I get to play the hero!" she finally announced, and everyone who sat at the small table burst with laughter.


Author's Ending Note: The credit for this epilogue goes to my girlfriend Enigma, who gave me the idea for it :-) I love you, My One and Only!