United States of Hetalia Productions

More stress-relief very late at night. I heard from my English teacher that the word 'amuse' means 'without thought' since 'a-' is a prefix for without and 'muse' is related to thought. I guess this is what happens when I'm not amused. I don't own Hetalia. Just because I write this down doesn't mean I particularly see the characters this way.

America. Lively, youthful, cheerful, and just happy to be alive.

America. Dull, exhausted, disillusioned, wondering why people enjoy living in such a world.

Smiling a mega-watt grin at all of his dear friends.

Examining with tearful eyes all the people who have the potential to hurt him.

Laughing until his face hurts from grinning. Wishing that everyone else could join in too.

Sobbing and screaming until his voice goes raw. Why don't they hear him? Why don't they calm him down?

Top of the world where he's worked so hard to reach. Power to defend. Power to influence.

Top of the world, at the same time at bottom of the world, where there's no one else there. Not loyalty. Not friendship. Fear. Power to be targeted. Power to become what he hates most.

Most advanced. Most diverse. Land of the free.

Most primitive and most violent. Most pressure to be 'normal'. Land of survival for the fittest, prettiest, and the luckiest.

I'm fine.

I'm broken.

I can take it.

No more. Please.

I'm the hero!

Help me...

I need to stop angst-writing, it's not supposed to be my forte.