Hey guys, so here is my newest idea of a story about my two fav. characters. I hope you like it. I don't know where I'm going with it yet but I thought that I would give you a little sneak peak to see if you guys like it. So please r&r. Oh yeah I don't own anything off course. Enjoy!

We have been in Italy for 3 weeks now and have pretty much traveled through the whole country; we reached our final destination before going home. Rome! We got here like 10 minutes ago, with we I mean me and my art class; I pretty much loved art, every kind of art. That was only one of the many things I loved, but let me introduce myself; I'm Isabella Marie Swan, 18 years old, long curly brown hair and hazel eyes, my uncle always said that I got them from my father, which I have to agree but now I was the only one in the family with that kind of eyes since my dad died when I was in my freshman year and ever since then I have been living with my cousin and uncle. My life is not an interesting story to tell so far but that might change or that was what I hoped would happen when I boarded the plain to Italy. I guess you can't expect too much, right? Well the only one who seemed to be having fun was Jessica anyways, ever since we got here she had a different guy in every town we spent some time in, I sometimes believe that she just joined the class to go on this journey. Her comment just seemed to further prove my point.

"We made it! Hello Rome and all you hot guys out there." We just got of the bus for Christ's sake and she was already looking for her next victim.

"Jess really now?" Angela said standing next to her. Oh yeah before I forget it besides Rosalie, my cousin, Jess and Angela were pretty much my best friends, we did everything together, well Angela and I did and Jess just mostly tagged along.

"What; I bet Bella agrees with me." I looked up as soon as I heard my name.

"What?" I just said confused.

"HA! She didn't even listen to you." Pretty much like always when Jess has something so say; I though to myself.

"Girls!" All of our heads turned to our teacher, Mr. Whitlock, most of the girls in school thought he was handsome and I guess he is if you go for somebody who looks like he just escaped a boy band but he was really nice and that is all that matters I guess. "Did you listen to a word I just said?" I looked over to Jess and Angela, who were just shaking there heads.

"I'm sorry Mr. Whitlock!" I shoot both of them a look before I faced him again.

"That's ok; I mean we are in Rome, a good excuse to get distracted." He had a smile plastered on his face and if I would be anything like the girls at home I would be melting right now. When he turned around to point at some piece of architecture I said:

"Damn that was close. You two are going to be the death of me." They both replied in union that they were sorry and I just shook my head amused.

"So anyways, this is the last stop on the trip and we are only going to stay for 2 days. That means we should enjoy ourselves." Jessica just smiled her weird; I'm going to hook up with the next guy that rounds the corner smile at which I just rolled my eyes while Angela giggled.

"Haven't you enjoyed yourself already enough with the guy at Siena and pretty much every other city we stopped at?"

"Nah...so many choices; I need to make some use of them while we are still here, back in Forks there is only Mike." Oh yeah her boyfriend, who, which I might add, is so in love with me ever since the first day I got to Forks, he gave up after I started dating other people, even though I believe he never really got over me.

"Yeah how are you guys anyways?" Angela asked in a voice that I knew would be her "I just ask because you will tell us anyways." voice.

"Oh you know he is still after me." I turned around to roll my eyes and give Angela a look which made her pull a face.

"Right!" We were so absorbed in our conversation that we didn't notice our teacher standing behind us until he coughed.

"Ladies will you please pay some attention."

I knew that each and everyone of us were rolling her eyes. "SORRY!" All of us said in union and walked into the hotel to unpack some of our stuff.


"I still don't get how you can drink that stuff." Jessica just pulled a face while I was drinking my espresso; I have to admit that ever since we got here I was hooked to that stuff.

"You just don't know what's good." I told her as matter of fact.

"So Bella what are you going to do in the extra week you still have here?" Angela asked me, oh yeah I forgot to mention that I won't leave with my class; I will stay a little bit longer because I actually have relatives, who live just outside of Rome and I'm going to stay with them for the week before I have to get back for school.

"I'm not sure yet." I told her honestly; I'm mean sure I was excited to see some of my family but I still wanted to go explore Rome by myself, maybe I'll event rent a Vesper.

"Well you are lucky that you get to stay longer and that on your own as well." Jessica cut in.

"Yeah Jim said that I should see my grandparents and spent some time with them." Jim was my uncle and principal of Forks High.

"Like I said, you lucky girl." Jessica said while she looked over my shoulder; I guess she spotted something hot passing and I was right since the waiter appeared a minute later, he was rather good looking, wait how do you say it? Tall, dark and handsome? Well I guess that will fit.

"Would you girls like anything else?" He said in a cute Italian accent.

"No thank you!" Angela answered politely since Jess was to busy staring, either he didn't notice or he was really good at pretending. Before he even took one step Jessica said:

"Maybe your phone number?" I was about to tell her to knock it of but to my surprise the waiter agreed and pulled out a piece of paper on which he scribbled his number; we agreed to meet up at one of the clubs later, since his shift still lasted 3 hours.


"I still can't believe that he seriously invited us to the club." Angela said while we were walking up to the front door.

"Yeah well just leave it to me and I will make sure that we have the best 2 days in Rome." Jess said while she walked past the security guy at the door after telling him our names.

"Yeah I bet." Angela said and looked over to me. "Hey Bella are you alright?" I nodded and tried to tell her over the loud music but I gave up and just started to type into my phone.

I'm not too much into clubbing; I'm going to get myself a drink. I motioned with my head to the bar and Angela gave me a nod before following Jess, who just spotted Pierre and some of his friends. I slowly made my way to the bar, it took me forever to finally get there but when I did I noticed a petite form sitting on the bar stool next to me and a guy who was looking like he was hitting on her.

"So are you sure I can't get you anything to drink and we can go for a spin later." I caught on to the last part and chuckled to myself.

"No thank you!" I was almost turning around when I heard that voice, that incredible voice, it sounded like velvet but the bartender handed me my coke so that I was busy paying when I heard the guy starting his next sentence.

"Aw come on, just one drink." God I hated it when guys couldn't take a hint; I decided to step in and faced the guy.

"Weren't her last words clear enough for you?" The guy looked at me in shock until he recovered and started to smile, PERV!

"And who might you be?" I just sighed and put my arm around the girl on the chair.

"Her girlfriend, now get lost!" I told him and by the look on his face I would say that my eyes just darkened two shades.

"Alright, no reason to get angry." He told me and put up his hands in surrender before he grabbed his glass and walked away; I just smiled with satisfaction.

"Thank you but I think I could have handled that by myself." A voice spoke next to me and for the first time I actually got a chance to really look at the girl I was defending and my heart just stopped for a second; I know that it is not actually possible but that is how it felt to me. She was small, not like a dwarf but really close, her body was shaped perfectly, which you could tell by the clothes she wore. Her hair was black or maybe that was just from the light but the one thing that got my stuck were her eyes, their were blue, like oh my god; I don't think I ever saw that kind of color before in my life. She just stood there with her eyebrows raised and that is when I realized that I had been staring and she had caught me, crap!

"No reason to freak, just wanted to help." I tried to sound as calm as I could but I bet you could hear that my voice was shaking.

"Do I look like I need help?" She said and that a little bit too harsh for my liking, it didn't fit her voice.

"God chill; I'll just leave you to it." What was wrong with her? I just pretty much saved her from that idiot and now I get crapped at. I was about to say something else but Angela showed up next to me.

"Hey Bella what is taking so long? Are you coming?" She looked between me and the girl with who I just had a stare down.

"Yeah Pierre has brought two of his friends." Jessica squealed behind me.

"Well you better hurry up; don't want to keep them waiting." The girl just replied with a tone that I didn't like at all. I rolled my eyes, of which I made sure she was able to see it.

"Yeah whatever, enjoy your drink pixie!" Her eyes looked like there were going to pop out, before she could even open her mouth I turned around and pulled Angela with me.

"Who was that?" She yelled in my ear.

"Tinkerbelle's hotter sister." I just replied; I wasn't sure if she heard me but if she did; I didn't care. That night I actually looked for her a few times but I couldn't find her, it was weird she just wouldn't leave my thoughts; I replayed our conversation over and over in my head, the way she looked at me and the way her mouth moved. Crazy!


"Ok you guys have 2 hours to yourself until we meet here again." All of us had to get up really early this morning to go to this stupid museum, which our teacher told us was amazing; I didn't really sleep last night and trust me that had nothing to do with Pierre or his friends, no it was because of a certain pixie I couldn't stop thinking about; I even dreamed about her. My thoughts got interrupted when Jess moaned next to me.

"Does he really have to be so loud?" Jessica said, her face was covered by big sunglasses, yes she didn't get a lot of sleep as well but that had nothing to do with thinking.

"Maybe you shouldn't have been drinking so much last night." Angela answered her while trying to cover up the smile that was threatening to show.

"You could have stopped me." Yeah right what are we her freaking babysitters?

"We tried but there was like no way." I looked at Jessica and was about to say something else when I ran into someone and landed on my butt.

"Ouch will you watch where you are going." WAIT I knew that voice; I wasn't able to get it out of my head last night; I looked up and our eyes meet. "Oh it's you again!" She seriously confused me; I furrowed my brows together.

"I'm sorry I got distracted." I got up and wanted to offer her my hand but she was already on her feet.

"Oh yeah was Pierre's friend that good?" She asked with a hint of amusement in her voice, oh yeah two could play that game.

"No he couldn't keep my mind off of you long enough to forget you." I just told her honestly and almost smiled at how her face seemed to be stuck.

"Excuse me!"

"You heard pixie!" I just turned around and left. If she wanted to talk some more she could come after me.

"Hey wait up!" I knew it; I couldn't help but smile when I turned around. "What's with the nickname?" She asked while she caught her breath.

"Well you pretty much look like one." Why would I lie, let's start this relationship with honesty, wait relationship? There was no relationship, although I wouldn't mind. Ok something is seriously wrong here.

"I hope that is not the best pickup line you've got." She said in her beautiful voice again and for the first time she had a breath taking smile on her face.

"Nope, if I wanted to be honest and score points, I would have called you gorgeous, beautiful or mind blowing but I didn't want to push it." Oh my god Bella, stop talking she is already looking at you like you are mental.

"Smart idea, so what are you doing in Rome?" Wow she seemed really interested and fell right into step with me.

"Just vacation before school starts." But now that I'm with you I don't want to go to school anymore, wow Casanova; I should really slow down.

"I see and you like it so far?" I stopped at a picture to act like I was not only fixed on every word that left her soft lips.

"It has gotten a lot better." Damn! I didn't even really dare to look at her; again my mouth was faster than my thoughts. To my surprise she didn't seem to be mad.

"Is that another pickup line?"

"Nope just the truth, so why are you here?" Good Bella you are thinking clear again.

"Smooth at changing the subject but I'll bite; I'm taking my last weeks to prepare for teaching." Teaching? Please tell me she is not that old, not that I really care.

"I know it might be rude but how old are you?"

"I just turned 24." Huh she must be really smart then.

"And you are a teacher already?"

"I skipped a few grades."

"No shit!" I liked how easy this conversation seemed to flow.

"So since you know my age would you mind telling me yours?" She asked and checked me out from the side.

"I'm 18." I told her and moved on to the next picture, when I looked back at her she looked relieved.

"I wish I could be 18 again. So to which college are you going to?" Crap! How can I tell her that I'm just a senior in high school, you see I repeated my freshman year when my dad died and I had to move to my uncle; I never really regretted it until now.


"Bella we need to go!" I heard someone say behind me and for the first time since I meet this beautiful girl in front of me I was glad that our time together got cut short.

"Damn! I've got to go but maybe we'll meet again?" I asked her in a hopeful tone. I saw a smile tug at the corners of her lips.

"I'd like that. I'm staying at this little cute hotel at the plaza." Oh yes!

"Great how about I'll stop by at 7 and we can go somewhere?"

"So like a date?" She asked and I couldn't help the blush that rose to my cheeks.

"Yeah I guess so do you want to?" She opened her mouth but we got interrupted again.

"Bella don't make me send Jess after you!" By the shock on my face, she started to giggle.

"You should better go. I'll see you at 7!" I was about to walk away when I realized that I didn't even know her name.

"Wait! What's your name?" She smiled at me and just said:

"Tinkerbelle's hot little sister!" Crap she heard what I said at the club last night.

"Seriously now!" I said but she just turned around and yelled over her shoulder.

"Bye Bella!" I was left standing there looking after her like the idiot I was.


"Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Jessica asked while she got ready for her last night in Rome.

"My answer won't change Jess and it doesn't matter how often you ask me." I told her while I was flipping through one of my books.

"She just wants to see that girl again." My head shot up and I gave Angela the death stare, great now Jessica would get all nosy.

"Wait what girl?" I knew it!

"The one she met in the museum." Oh my god Angela; I'm going to kill you!

"What about Jacob and Edward?" Of course she had to start.

"What about them?" I asked in the most casual tone I could muster.

"Well aren't you dating one of them or even both?" She looked at me through the reflection of the mirror she was facing and gave me a wink. Was she freaking serious? Those boys were always a spot nobody really was supposed to touch. You see I dated Edward first but he went for this internship in Germany and we broke up, after that I started to date Jake and everything was fine. That is until Edward got back and ever since then he has been hell-bent on getting me back. I ended things with Jake because he was getting way too jealous for my liking but it seemed like neither wanted to give up.

"I'm dating neither, thank you very much." Angela seemed to get the hint and interrupted the conversation before Jess would say something stupid which we all knew she would.

"We should go Jess. See ya later Bella!" Before she closed the door behind them she mouthed me a sorry.


I was late! I was looking for this freaking hotel but in a city like Rome there isn't only one; I was about to give up when I saw her sitting on a bench watching little boys play soccer. I was so mesmerized that I didn't realize that she was looking at me until she spoke.

"So being on time is not your strength!" She walked up to me and I've got to tell you that she was walking like she was on clouds.

"I'm sorry but there isn't just one hotel around here but now that I am here, shall we?" I asked while I pointed at a little path that was leading in a beautiful garden.

"Yeah let's go." Before I could move she already grabbed my arm and pulled me along, as soon as she touched me I felt like an electric shock was going through my whole body and I'm sure she felt it as well because she looked at her hand on my arm before she brushed it of and pulled me further into the garden. We walked for a while in comfortable silence until I decided to talk first.

"So if I remember right you said that you were going to be a teacher, what class?" I wanted to talk more about her so that she wouldn't ask me again about which college I'm going to.

"Art!" Wait is she serious? "That's part of the reason I'm here, where could you learn more about that than in Rome, right?" I guess she was right but I was thinking more about fate, which I didn't really believe in, well that is up until now.

"I guess so and your parents? What do they do?" I asked her.

"My dad is a doctor and my mom designs houses and than there is my brother, he owns a car shop. Do you have any siblings?"

"Nope, I'm an only child but I have a cousin who is pretty much like my sister." Yeah Rose and I were really close.

"And your parents? What about them?" She asked me in a casual tone and to everybody else this question was easy but for me not so much.

"Umm... my mom left me and my dad when I was little and well...my dad died 4 years ago, he was a police officer. The ironic thing is that he didn't get killed while he was on duty, no it was a stupid car accident." I don't even know why I'm telling her this; I mean I have known this girl for not even 2 days and here I am sharing my life story with her.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry Bella! I shouldn't have..." I interrupted here with my hand.

"Stop! It's not your fault..." I wanted to say her name but I still didn't know it since she didn't want to tell me earlier. "Hey I still don't know your name!" She looked at me and I could see a smile play across her lips.

"It's Alice!"

"I like that name!" She gave me another one of her breathtaking smiles.

"Oh yeah? Better than Tink's hotter sister?" And the smile was gone!

"I'm guessing you heard that?"

"You could say so!" She didn't seem mad or anything but I wanted to explain myself but again we got interrupted like the many times before.

"I'm sorry that's mine." I told her while I pulled my cell out of my pocket.

"Go ahead, its ok!" She reassured me when I seemed to hesitate.

"Yes Angela?"

"Bella you should really get back!"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Mr. Whitlock is doing a room check."

"Damn! I'll be right there."

I looked over at Alice, who seemed to be really disappointed with how the night went.

"I'm really sorry but I need to get back to my hotel."

"Oh!" That was all she said while she turned around to walk back up the path. Think Bella! Make her smile again; I needed to see her smile one last time before I went.

"Yeah, but I'm still here for the rest of the week. I'd like to see you again." I looked over and saw her beaming at me before she gave me a hug, which made me tingle all over. She seemed to catch herself a moment later much to my annoyance.

"I would like that two. Wait let me give you my number." Jackpot! She pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote her number on it in a beautiful handwriting.

"Alright, I'll call you the first thing in the morning." I promised her before I started to walk backwards.

"I'll be waiting! Bye Bella!" She looked after me for while until she turned around and walked towards the entrance of her hotel.

"Goodnight Alice!" I whispered before I fully turned around to make my way to the hotel.


I couldn't wait for the day to start so that I could call Alice and meet up with her; I don't know what was going on with me but it felt like every minute I didn't get to spent with her was a lost one and I barley knew her. I never felt this way before not with Edward or Jake! When it was time to get up for the others because they had to leave I was already ready to leave; I grabbed my cell when it was time to call Alice.


"You sound tired! Oh my god did I wake you?"

"Good morning to you as well and no you didn't wake me."

"So are you up for anything today?"

"I have plans."

"Oh that's too bad!"

"So what are we going to do?"

"I thought you have plans."

"Well my plan is to spend the day with you."

"In front of the museum in an hour?"


When I hung up I couldn't help the big smile that started to spread across my face; I was probably looking like an idiot, not that I cared very much.

"Who plastered that smile on your face?" Angela asked me when she came out of the bathroom with her little bag.

"Umm...Alice." I told her and tried not to blush.

"Who the fuck is... oh I know, it's the chick from the museum." Angela gave me a knowing smirk. "She has really gotten to you! Why?"

"I don't know, maybe because she doesn't know every little detail about me."

"So, unlike us?" Jessica asked when she came in the room with a cart to pull our suitcases with.

"Pretty much!"

"Knock, Knock!" We all turned around and saw Mr. Whitlock standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. "Are you girls almost ready?"

"Yup we just finished." Jessica said while she grabbed the last suitcase and put it on the cart.

"Great, so Bella where are you going to stay?"

"With my grandparents, they live just outside of Rome." I told him while I put my shoes on and got up from the bed.

"That sounds great, how are you getting there." He asked while he helped Angela and Jessica with the cart.

"Well I'm going to meet up with a friend first and then go by bus."

"I hope that you enjoy the week you have left before your senior year starts." He told me while we made our way down to the lobby to check out; I arranged it with the guy at the desk that my luggage could stay here until later. After I said my goodbyes to everybody and told them to call me when the plane landed; I made my way to the museum.


Much to my surprise I was there earlier than she was so that I just looked at the pictures close to the entrance; I was just turning around when I saw her walk into the door.

"I see that being on time is not your strength either and you want to be a teacher?" I teased her.

"Aww...you think you are really funny?" She asked me while she tried to keep a straight face.

"I like to think of myself as funny yes." I answered which earned me a light hit on my arm.

"So what do you want to do now?" She asked me casual while she walked around the museum.

"I haven't really given it a thought!" I told her honestly and before I could stop myself..."I just really wanted to see you again." DAMN BELLA! I wasn't supposed to say that but the smile that was plastered all over her face didn't make me regret what I just told her.


"Ok me falling into the fountain was not funny at all." I told her while I was trying to squeeze the last drops of water out of my hair.

"Oh I thought that it was very funny." She told me while she tried to calm down. We have spent pretty much everyday of the week together and this was our last night in Rome tomorrow we both had to leave.

"Great and all my clothes are at my grandparents." I told her while I was busy with my jacket.

"Well I could lend you some and we could still go out to dinner." I nodded my head and followed her to her hotel, as we got into the elevator she pushed the top button. Penthouse? Alice opened the door with her key and I followed close behind. She went straight to the bathroom while I stood in the entrance dripping wet and freezing.

"Here you go! How about you dry yourself of and I'll find you something to wear." I started out with my hair and was about to take of my shirt when I realized that I was still standing in the entrance so I made my way over to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I was finished drying myself of, when there was a knock on the door; I wrapped the towel around my body and opened the door only to see Alice standing there with an open mouth and wide eyes.

"You like what you see?" I teased her while she slowly came back to herself. She started to blush and handed me the clothes while she looked down on her feet. "I'll just be a minute." I told her before I closed the door. Thank god she grabbed me some jeans that weren't like the skinny ones she usually wore; I pulled the baby blue top over my head and wondered how Alice would look in it because it would bring out her eyes really good, before I had time to really think about it there was a knock on the door.

"Please don't tell me you feel in the toilette." I smiled at that comment and opened the door to see Alice standing by the couch leaning against one of the arms.

"I wouldn't want to ruin you clothes, now would I?" I told her while I walked over to her and pulled her by the hand out of the door. "Come on I'm really starving." I turned around to see Alice smiling like a fool at our joined hands; I guess I should have done that more often.


"You seem to be a hundred miles away right now, something wrong?" Alice asked me while she ate the rest of her dessert; she was right ever since we sat down for dinner I had been in my own world.

"I have to go home tomorrow." I whispered; I was afraid that if I would say it any louder my world would start to fall apart. I looked up to met Alice's eyes and saw her looking at me with sad eyes as well.

"Yeah I know; I can't believe how fast this week passed." She said just as quite.

"I wish it could last forever." I told her and took her hand in mine while enwinding our fingers; I was leaving tomorrow so why not tell her that I have fallen for her the first moment I saw her and just deeper with the time we spent together.

"I don't think that's going to work but I really had a great time." She told me while she drew little circles on my hand with her thumb.

"I did two, Ali"

"So when does your plain leave tomorrow?" She asked me while she looked everywhere but my face.

"A quarter to one and yours?"

"Not until 5; I wish we could fly back together." She looked so sad and we were back at whispering.

"I know." I didn't want our last night to end like this; I just wanted to lighten the mood a little bit. "So anything you want to do after dinner?" I told her while I made a sign for the waiter that we wanted to pay.

"How about we go to my room after this and just hang out a bit?" She said with hopefully eyes.

"I'd like that!" I told her, after the waiter came and I paid for the food, we walked back to her hotel hand in hand.

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