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What was I supposed to do? What was going to happen now? Would I get fired and go to jail? Had Bella believed all those things I have said? I didn't really have answers for those questions except that I was hoping that the last one was negative. I walked behind Jim towards his office; I could hear footsteps behind me but I didn't dare to look who was following us. I was sure that one of them would be Jasper, that fucking bastard. When I saw him sitting in the living room I wanted to strangle him with a cord. We finally made it to Jim's office; he motioned me to take a seat in front of his desk and I did. I heard the door close behind me and with every second that no one said anything I was getting more nervous than I have ever been before. For one second I dared to look up and saw that Jim was sitting behind his desk rubbing his forehead while my parents were standing over by the window exchanging worried glances. The only one that did not really seemed bother by all of this was Jasper. He was just standing off to the side near the bookcase looking over some volumes of Jim. My gaze slowly wandered back to Jim and he was now finally looking at me. I couldn't

quite place the look on his face; I know that I saw disappointment amongst others.

"Alice…" I was holding my breath waiting for him to continue but nothing ever came.

"I just want to say that I know that I have made a huge mistake and I do regret the circumstances under which it happened. Everything that you think appropriate as a punishment is fine by me." I told him and wait for his response.

"I already told you that I won't press charges or anything but there needs to be some kind of punishment."

"Jim." Jasper said and walked over towards the desk; he clapped his hands together and looked at both of us. "I don't want Alice fired because I think that besides this mistake she is an amazing teacher and gets the kids on so many levels. I know that she regrets this deeply and I think that it should be Bella that should be punished, after all she has jeopardised Alice's career."

"Trust me Jasper that I will punish Bella. She will be send to her aunt and uncle to finish the last semester because I don't think that it would be good for her to stay here. If Alice is having feelings for Bella this will be a punishment for her as well. Besides that I want you to not contact Bella in any way; I will arrange everything for the transfer as fast as I can so that we can leave this behind us. You are the daughter of my good friends and I don't want to fire you because like Jasper has said you are an amazing teacher but I'll be watching you more than close." I gulped at that but I just nodded at him.

"Jim I really appreciate what you have done for our daughter and we will also make sure that there is no contact whatsoever between those two." My father spoke directly to Jim and didn't even address me.

"Yes; I am very grateful." I said as well and looked down at my lap. I felt like a little girl that was being punished and told by his parents that they were ever so disappointed in you.

"I bet you are and I mean you can't really feel anything for her since we are going on a date." Jasper said and smiled down at me. I could feel a knot starting to twist in my stomach; I forgot about that. I haven't had the time last night to cancel the date.

"Well it would definitely show us that the thing with Bella was nothing important." Jim said. I gave a short nod and tried to mange a smile, which I must have pulled of since both of them nodded in satisfaction. The moment was interrupted when a breathless Rosalie came barging through the door.

"Are you alright sweetheart?" Esme asked her and rubbed her back while Rosalie was trying to recover her breath.

"It's Bella…she…she just left. I wasn't fast enough to get to her in time. Emmett tried to follow her but he just called to tell me that he lost her; he doesn't know the roads around here so well."

"What do you mean Bella left?" Jim asked his voice shaking with anger.

"I checked her room and a lot of her stuff is missing." I tried to process everything I was hearing, this could not be happening! Did she really believe the things I have said?

"Have you tried calling her?" Esme asked and I could tell that she was more than concerned, well get in line mother!

"She is not answering her phone." Rosalie said and looked at her dad.

"Well where could she have gone?" Again Rosalie looked at her father; there was something going on that no one really seemed to notice.

"Do you guys know where she could have gone?" I asked Rosalie directly.

"She might drive to her aunt and uncle; her mom's side of the family." Rosalie explained.

"So why don't you call there?" My mom asked.

"We kind of don't talk." Rosalie answered slowly for her father, who was just sitting silently in his chair. "When Bella's mother left her there was a fight going on between her dad and her aunt. The usual Kirsten, that is Bella's aunt, didn't want Bella to stay with her father and after Charlie died we went through a lot of trouble to get her to stay with us. They fought for custody and Bella decided that she wanted to stay with us because everything back home reminded her of her dad. She left a lot of people behind, family and friends."

"I'll call Steve; if she goes there he'll call me right away." Jim says and stands up. "I don't think there is anything left to talk about today. I'll see you both at school." He said dismissively and walks out of the door.

"I'll call you later so that we can set a date." Jasper said and kisses me on the cheek. When they both have left I slump into my seat and start to cry.

"Oh honey." I felt strong yet at the same time soft arms wrap me into a hug. "I'm so sorry for what has happened." I can hear my mother whisper into my ear.

"We can be glad that it's not worse." I heard my father say behind me and I nodded my head; he was kind of right. I could have lost my job; I could be in jail right now. I got really lucky but now all I wanted was to talk to Bella, to tell her that I do love her and that I was just trying to protect her and me in front of her uncle.

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