This is something I found in my one folder while going through my stuff. I wanted to share it with you and tell you that I'm trying to update really soon but I can't promise anything.


"What happened to you last night girl? " I was greeted by Angela when I walked into school the next morning.

"What are you talking about?" I faked innocence and smiled at some students walking past me on my way to my locker.

"Don't play dumb here. Jake told me everything up until you left and Alice almost ripped him a new one. He was actually scared of her." I could see Angela trying to hide a smile behind her hand.

"She can be scary from time to time." I agree and get some books out of my locker.

"Don't try to change the subject."

"I was with Alice last night in our cabin." I tell her and try not to look at the shit eating grin that started to spread all over her face as soon as the sentence was finish.

"You did the nasty, didn't you?" I must have started to blush because she just stared to giggle hysterically.

"Hey guy, are you alright Angela?" I looked over my shoulder to see Edwards standing in the hall with his bag slung over his shoulder.

"Peachy." She brings out between her giggle fit.

"Mr. Mason. Aren't you supposed to be on your way to my class right now?" I see Alice standing at the end of the hall watching us.

"Yes Ms. Brandon." I could see Edward roll his eyes good naturally; I smiled and gave him a little shove in the right direction. I catch Alice's eye and she is already smiling at me like crazy. I smile back and close me locker to walk in the other direction with Angela but not before I give her a little wave.

"Well she looks satisfied, good job." Angela elbows me in the ribs and wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"Shut up Ange." I tell her laughing, together we make our way to first period.


I was sitting at our usual table during lunch waiting for the others when I saw Jake and Angela making their way towards me while holding hands.

"You guys move fast." I say a little louder and direct every gaze to both of them. Angela just started to blush and Jake gave a nervous laugh.

"Thanks for making sure everyone would know." Angela tells me when she is sitting down next to me with Jake next to her.

"It's my pleasure." I tell them both with a smirk and see Edward making his way towards us; he is sitting down on my other side and gives Jake a nod as acknowledgement.

"How are you today?"

"Good , thank you." Jake answers surprised at Edwards normal tone, it wasn't hostel or challenging so that must be a change in the interaction between both of them.

"So Bella, which movie do you want to watch on Friday?" Edwards asks me casually while popping some chips into his mouth.

"I really don't know. How about I let you pick the movie? Just no horror please."I tell him and continue munching on my salad.

"Okay; I'll just look online then which movies are playing." He tells me. We eat in silence for a while; when I was done I started to look around and saw the Alice was talking to a teacher at the end of the cafeteria and I had to smile just watching her until my smile turned into a frown as soon as I saw Jasper approaching the two teachers. Angela must have sensed me stiffening because she looked into the direction that I was staring at and gave me a sigh.

"You've got to act more normal Bella." She whispers into my ear while looking behind me as if to look for something. I meet her gaze and give her a slight nod. I look back up and see that Alice is already looking at me while Jaspers is talking her ear off. I want to mouth something but I lose sight of her because the bell rang and the students started to gather their stuff and leave the cafeteria. The rest of the day past uneventful and I soon found myself sitting in drama class discussing what kind of musical we would do this year. Alice was there too and I don't know who was more please Jasper or me.

"Alright guys, we really need to figure this out soon because practice will take up most of the time. Pitch me some ideas here." Everybody was looking around to see if someone had an idea but even if somebody did they wouldn't step forward.

"How about, we get the kids from choir here to help us out? " I threw in before Jasper would rip parts of his curly hair out even though I might find it a little funny if he would run around with bald patches.

"I don't know if they have practice today." He answers me and everyone watches us interact.

"I can just shoot a quick text over to Hailey." I grab my phone and scroll down in my contacts.

"Who is Hailey?" I hear Alice ask Jasper while I can feel her eyes on me.

"She is a girl in choir." Angela answers for Jasper. I push send on my message and wait for her to respond. I didn't have to wait all that long for a response. It just said that she would be there in a minute and true to her word I saw her walk in with a few other people of the choir a moment later.

"Hello everybody." She greets and comes over to hug me. I have known Hailey for a few years now; she , Sara and Zoey are in my soccer team, those were the names of a few of the girls she brought with her.

"Hailey, I'm glad that you were able to take a break from your practice to come and help us out here." Jaspers says and shakes Mrs. Moore's hand, she was the one to teach choir.

"We are always happy to help and some of the kids thought that we might be able to cooperate on this one Jasper." Mrs. Moore answered in response and they both walked over to the stage to discuss things further.

"How come I only ever get a text from your ass when you need my help?" I look Hailey up and down but I couldn't keep a straight face for long before I started to smile and pull her into a hug.

"I missed you too Hails." I tell her and look over her should to see Sara sit down behind her with Zoey on her lap waiting for whatever is going to happen next.

"Yeah , yeah, you remember Lea and Dustin?" She asks me and turns around to introduce the other people in the room.

"I do." I smile at Dustin, he is in my gym class and I know that Lea is a friend of the girls she comes to watch practice form time to time. The only one I didn't know what the other guy but assuming from the way he had his arm thrown around Lea's should they must be an item.

"Matthew is my boyfriend." Lea clears up and smiles up at the boy, who must be twice her size.

"Nice to meet you." I tell him politely and watch as Hailey looks away quickly. I sit back down next to Angela and motion for Hailey to sit in between me and Sara.

"Alright guys, I've talked to Mrs. Moore and she told me that you guys were actually about to practice some song that fit to a story written by one of you. Hailey; I heard that you were the one that has written a story that is talked about being put into a play. What would you think of turning it into a musical?" Jasper asks with a big smile.

"If you think we would have enough time I think that would be a great thing, under one condition."

"And what would that be?"

"We get to participate." Hailey answers and motions to the other people sitting next to her.

"I think that can easily be arranged." Jasper responds with a smile and calls Alice and Mrs. Moore to him to plan out the next few times.

"Mrs. Moore shouldn't we see if our voices would actually match?" Lea asks from her spot 5 seats down.

"That is a great idea Lea, would you like to try it out?" Mrs. Moore turns to Jasper and looks at him questionably.

"Yes, we can do that. I've got to be honest with you; I don't understand all that much singing stuff so if you want to take that part over Agnes I would be more than happy to take over the acting part."

"That suits me just perfect. So who is your best singer?" Mrs. Moore watches as every head turns to me.

"I thought as much. I was always sad that you didn't join the show choir club, we could use your voice." I sink further into my chair and when I look around for help I can already tell that I won't receive any from the people sitting on either side next to me.

"Off you go superstar." Hailey pulls me up from my chair and shoves me towards the stage.

"Any song?" I ask around and see Lea walking up to stage too.

"Whatever you want." She tells me and shrugs her shoulders.

"I can't think of anything." I tell her honestly and try to find a song that we could sing.

"Any song that you like at the moment or that will represent your feelings?" Lea tries again and scrolls through the music on her phone.

"If you can't think of anything I'll give you a song." Mrs. Moore sing songs from the front row.

"Oh please don't let her do this to us." Lea whispers to me.

"We just need a moment to get everything in order, because I've not yet warmed my voice up properly." Lea and went through some vocal things but somehow we couldn't quite get it right, so I called Hailey up to the stage.

"What's the matter?" She asked and I could already tell by the smile in her voice that she knew exactly what was going.

"We don't fit. Our song choices don't fit both of our voice and I must say that some of Bella's choices just hurt my ears." I rolled my eyes at that and looked pleadingly at Hailey.

"Can't you and I just sing together?" I ask her to finally get this over with. I was already really sure that I would get a part in the play, even though I might not want it.

"That's a great idea, since she is probably supposed to take the 2nd female lead anyway, right?" Lea sounded relieved somehow, which I didn't quite understand. I could see by the loo that Hailey was giving her that there was something going on I knew nothing about but I just let it go. I was fine with Hailey being my partner.

"Alright. I'll sing with Bella." She tells Lea and motions with her head for her to go take a seat.

"Is she always that difficult?" I ask laughing slightly.

"When it comes to music and matters of the heart…. yes." I raised my eyebrows questioningly but Hailey just shook her head.

"Do you have any idea what we could sing?" I ask her and might sound a little desperate.

"Actually, no but I know that Lea is right. You'll probably get the part of the 2nd leading female. Maybe I should tell you something about the story though. To make really short, it's about two girls who meet and click but then the one girl finds out that the other has a boyfriend. But she knows the other girl felt something for her as well. What happens now is that she is trying to win her but at the same time keep her distance. She doesn't get involved in other relationships." I somehow knew right away that this story was referring to herself and Lea. I never asked her about it directly but I could tell that Hailey was really into her.

"That is quite the complicated story actually. Autobiographical?" I teased her and shrunk a little under her gaze.

"Don't say anything, no one has figured it out yet and I want to keep it that way."

"I won't say anything. I've got a few secrets of my own that I wouldn't like to be aired in public." I gave her a reassuring smile and she started to relax again. I would have to talk to her later.

"I propose that we already try to get into the role a little and either choose a song that signals the feelings they have for each other or a song that shows the struggle of not being together." Hailey said thoughtful and rubbed her neck.

"I would actually prefer the second option." I tell her and think back to the way Alice has watched me and Hailey since the moment she stepped into the auditorium.

"Fine by me. I actually already have a song in mind." Hailey explained to me the situation and I was rather impressed that she thought of this so quick. So when went onto the stage and I grabbed one of the guitars the band had left behind.

"We are almost ready." I tell the others and work on the guitar until it sounds to my liking. I start to play the first few chords and wait for Hailey to start singing and she does.

(Shaw Mendes – Stitches ft. Hailee Steinfeld.)

I put everything into the lyrics and tried to make the scene we agreed to play out as realistic as possible and if the faces of the others were anything to go by we pulled it off. Which would've been great but when I saw Alice's face I knew that we were maybe a little too realistic. I gave her a smile as to tell her that it was just acting but I don't think she got it.

"That was wonderful you guys, what made you choose this song?" Mrs. Moore asked.

"Well Hailey explained the story to me and we thought that this song might be fitting." I explain and look at Alice to get this message through to her but she still looks mad.

"You did perfect, which makes you the star-crossed lovers in this play." Everybody started to cheer except Alice who said something to Jasper and grabbed her purse to leave. I slowly made my way down the steps as not to show that I was planning to go after Alice, even though that was exactly what I planned. My plan got crushed when Angela grabbed me to tell me how well I sang. When I turned around Alice had already left and I had no choice but to have this conversation with her later.

"That was great Bella. Didn't know you could play the guitar." Lea said to me and congratulated me, still I got the feeling that she wasn't very happy with me playing Hailey's love interest in the play. Well Alice probably isn't too happy about this either but the problem is that since for everyone else I'm single I can't really decline it.

When I was finally able to leave after I had to listen to Jasper sell my idea as his to Mrs. Moore I raced home. I opened the door and went to the kitchen to grab a water, only to see that Esme and Rose were bending over a draft that showed the outline of a house or a room, I wasn't sure which.

"Hello." I ripped them out of their discussion.

"Oh Bella, you are back rather late. Alice came in like half an hour ago." Esme informed me and went back to looking at the plan. Rose met my eye and motioned for me to go upstairs. My guess is that she saw Alice and the mood she was in before she went upstairs. I grabbed my bag, which I had tossed on the bottom of the stairs when I came in and made my way up to my room. I softly opened the door and could see Alice sitting at my desk with her back towards me wearing gigantic headphones. I could hear loud music coming from her direction and wasn't sure if I should disturb her. Best case scenario would be that she wouldn't be frightened, worst case she would have a heart attack.

"Debating if you would win a fight?" I jumped in shock and could see Alice watching me in the mirror that was standing in the corner. I closed the door and watched her take off the headphones and turn around.

"I actually wasn't sure if there was a fight. I didn't do anything wrong except try out for a part I was pretty much forced to take." I tell her and lean against the back of the couch. I could see that she was think about what she was going to say next and how it would play out.

"I never knew there was a Hailey." She said and looked at me with a certain kind of look.

"What do you mean?" I asked her confused, her face hardened.

"Don't act like that, you could tell that you guys knew each other quite intimate." Now I knew where this was coming from and started to smile.

"You are a jealous." I state and watch her mouth open and close like a fish.

"Yes, I am. I saw the way she was looking at you throughout the song."

"We were only acting Alice. I never did anything with Hailey. She is a friend I know from soccer, we didn't get to hang out much this semester and so it never occurred to me that I should mention her." I tell her honestly and walk towards Alice and take her hands in mine.

"Are you sure that is all there is?" She asks uncertain.

"I'm very sure especially because I know that for a fact she is in love with someone else." I tell her and make her stand up so that I can wrap my arms around her.

"Really?" I lean back and look down at her face. I bent down softly and place a kiss on her lips.

"Yes. I have to say though that you weren't my first girl experience." As soon as the words left my mouth Alice tried to move away but I wouldn't let her. "I wanted to be honest with you. Sara and I once made out a party. We were pretty drunk." Alice looks away and I take her face in my hands. "This means absolutely nothing. You weren't my first but I want you to be my last." At this she smiles softly.

"I'm sorry for freaking out but after last night I have the feeling that everything between us is a little fragile. I mean last night was the first night we…" I smiled softly at her and kissed her again. Then I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I moved us across the room towards the bed and laid her softly on top of the covers. I continued kissing her and moved down towards her jaw before I came to her soft neck and started to suck and bite my way along. The sounds that Alice made in response spurred me on even more. One of my hands already was under her shirt right at the underside of her boob when a knock threw me off or more Alice pushed me of off her and I went tumbling down onto the floor.

"Come in." I yelled and rubbed my butt to ease the sting.

"You guys okay?" Rose asked and poked her head around the door. Taking in the scene, me sitting on the floor next to my bed and Alice on the bed with her shirt ridden up. A smirked crept up her lips and she closed the door behind her. "I just wanted to let you know that everyone is home and I wouldn't start any extracurricular activities now." I rolled my eyes and got up still rubbing my behind.

"Thank you Rose. We kinda got carried away." Alice said and pulled her shirt down her stomach.

"I couldn't tell." Rose answered and ran out of the room before the pillow I threw hit her square in the face. "You are very welcome." She yelled through the door and walked down the stairs, laughing.

"Glad she warned us. We shouldn't get so carried away." Alice tells me while she gets off the bed. I stand in front of her and pull her towards me by the loops on her pants. She only complies too willingly.

"It's so much fun though." I tell her and once again attack her neck with my kisses. I can feel her hand fisting in my hair.

"Bella, this isn't helping." She tells me weakly but I don't hear her since I'm already working on her belt.

"I think I can lend a helping hand." I answer and open the button of her jeans. Before I can slide the zipper down her hand grabs mine and stops my movements.

"Trust me, I really want to continue this since you already started making a mess." I look down and smirk at the way she already clenches her legs together.

"Then why can't I continue?" I question with a pout on my face. Alice smiles softly and buckles up again.

"Dinner will be ready shortly, which means it would look weird if we don't come down now."

"I can make you come." Alice moans a little but proves a lot of will power when she shoves me away.

"I'll take you up on that offer. Trust me, just not now." Before I can say anything, Alice has already moved towards the door and walked away but not before giving me a wink.

"She is going to be the death of me." I mumble before following her.

Hope you liked it. xoxo