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The night before

Alice's POV

I'm sitting here feeling just empty. I don't know what to do with myself and I don't know what to think anymore, hell I don't even know what I know anymore. I have been sitting in this window seat for over 2 hours, just looking out and watching the stars. The volume of Mansfield Park at my feet long forgotten. Rosalie was so nice as to tell me a little more about Bella's relationship with her aunt and uncle. I was kind of glad that she had somebody to go to but I was also devastated beyond words that she had just left. I can understand that she is hurt and she was probably just as scarred as I was but that is no freaking reason to just take off like that. Was it my fault? Did my reaction to the confrontation awake the need to run away in her? I was just trying to protect her and yes I was in some way trying to protect myself as well. I wish I could tell her all that, tell her all my reasons but I haven't been able to get a whole of her and trust me I have tried; Rosalie even let me borrow her phone but I knew that she wouldn't answer that, she was not stupid after all or maybe just a little? I wanted to be mad at her for just leaving me here but I didn't really have any strength left in me. I have been talking to my parents and we have discussed everything. I know that my father isn't too happy with me but he also said that he get's my point of view, which really means a lot to me. My mom was just sad that everything turned out like it did. I haven't really talked to Emmett yet so I don't know how he sees all of this; I hope he understands a bit. I put my chin back on my knees, which I have pulled up to my chest and had my arms wrapped around. I could hear the clock ticking on Bella's nightstand. Maybe it was a little masochistic to come here after everything that went down today but somehow this room had calmed me the moment I walked through the door, no one has tried to bother me here yet and I could just sit here in silence with Bella's scent all around me. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply; I know this was not really healthy but it was the best thing I could get for now. Yes I said for now! I have come to a decision while sitting here thinking. I was going to fight for her, whatever it takes. It came to me the minute I sat down here and looked around the room knowing that Bella wouldn't be walking through the door tonight. I could not let her go; I needed her like I need oxygen. I wasn't yet sure how I would be able to win her back but I would take some action and that would include finally setting things straight with Jasper. I just didn't want to go to him right now or otherwise I would have probably ripped him to shreds and burned the pieces. I stretched my legs out in front of me; I could feel the stiffness from sitting in this one position for so long. I just raised my arms above my head to stretch them as well when a knock on the door made me stop in my movements. I looked over towards the door.

"Come in." My voice was raspy from all the crying and not talking for hours that I had to cough a little after I heard the sound of my voice. Slowly the door opened to reveal Rosalie standing in the doorway. A soft smile was playing around the corners of her mouth, like a mother would have when they are checking in on their sick child.

"I didn't mean to interrupt you." She told me and softly took a step into the room.

"It's alright; I have done my fair share of thinking tonight. Right now I would just really love to act." She looks at me sceptically not sure what I was talking about.

"I want to go to Jasper and talk to him about what happened today and what is going to happen from now on." I explain to her and see her eyes widen a little. I'm guessing a whole scene of me beating Jasper is playing in front of her eyes.

"I would really like it if you wouldn't go alone." She says her voice barley above a whisper; I think she doesn't want to anger me further. She might be right though because if I would have my way I would probably be going to jail tonight but for entirely different reasons.

"That is a good idea." I tell her, much to her surprise.

"Emmett wasn't sure if you would want to see him; he was afraid that you would think that he would judge you." I smile a little at that, my big brother.

"Of course I want to see him."

"Thank god." I had to laugh when I heard the voice from my brother coming form around the corner and his dopey face following. He walked over to me and wrapped me into his strong arms. "I'll come with you, if you want." He whispers in my ear and I nod against his chest.

"I won't let you two go alone you would both end up in jail." Rosalie tells us and chuckles a little. I take a step back and look at her.

"She is a keeper you know." I tell Emmett with a smile on my face.

"So is Bella." I look up at my big brother and new tears start to form in my eyes.

"I know." I tell him simply before letting go of him and going over towards the couch to grab a leather jacket that was draped over the backrest of the couch; it was Bella's. I saw that Rosalie was watching me with a sad smile and I tried to muster a smile but it was probably coming out more as a grimace. We all walked down the stairs; I could hear the TV in the living room and was wondering who would be sitting in there but my answer came straight away.

"Where do you think you are going?" I looked straight ahead and saw Jim standing near the front door.

"We are going for a drive. Alice needs some fresh air." Rosalie answers in my defence.

"As long as you don't plan to take off after her." Jim says and looks directly at me; I just shake my head. "I have talked to Steve today and I have already sent the transfer papers for Bella via Email to him." He told all of us and I could feel a knot tying in my stomach. We were about to leave when the door bell rang. Emmett walked over and opened the door revealing Jacob and Angela standing there with their hands intertwined. They both looked at us shocked.

"Good evening." Angela said politely and got a stiff greeting in reply. "We just came to talk to Rosalie for a second, if that is alright." Everyone looked at Rosalie and watched them walk out of the front door closing it behind them. This just left me; Emmett and Jim.

"Alice I have been thinking about all of this and I don't want you to think that I'm some heartless monster but with Jasper being there I had no other choice. I know by myself that what you have done is far from right but I have talked to your parents and they have explained some more of the history you and Bella seemed to have. It started innocent enough but when you knew who she was it should have stopped."

"It did! I was just…I just wasn't able to deny my feelings any longer." I tell him honestly. I had gained some strength through his words.

"I know that it isn't easy, please believe me but the decision I have made is final. When she is no longer a student I don't see anything speaking against this but for now I don't want you two to have any contact whatsoever. Can you imagine what will happen if the school board finds out? The less you two have to do with each other now the better." I nod in understanding.

"Yes sir. There is one thing though. I don't want to go on a date with Jasper. I don't know how but somehow he has got it into his head that I want to date him and that my feelings for Bella are just a disguise to mask my feelings for him, this is not true. He is a good teacher but outside of the school I really don't want anything to do with him. We were on our way to make that clear to him when we ran into you."

"I thought as much but please think about the words you use, choose carefully because what you don't need right now is him going to the cops in his anger pressing charges against you. That would not only ruin your carrier but your life as well."

"I understand and I will choose my words very carefully, this I can promise you but none the less I have to make my feelings known to him." Jim was just about to say more when Rosalie walked back in.

"Bella called them and told them that she would be leaving for a while, they just wanted to know if she was alright."

"They are good kids." Jim said with a fond smile. "Did I see right though? Were they holding hands?" I started to smile at that.

"They seemed to have found a way to each other. Bella talked to Jacob some while ago making it really clear that they would be nothing but best friends." I explained and he gave a little "AH".

"Well off you go." Jim tells us and waves his hands towards the door, we all bid our goodbye after we have promised to him that we would leave Jasper in one piece, party pooper. After we all got in the car I realized that I didn't even know where Jasper lived but after asking Rosalie told me that she knew, good thing we took her with us. It was only 5 minutes later that we found ourselves in front of an apartment complex. I got out of the car and walked towards the entrance looking at the names; when I found the right one I rang it and said that I wanted to talk to Jasper. He came out a minute later dressed in nothing but shorts and a shirt; well if you are not counting the smirk that he was wearing on his face, which froze when he saw my brother getting out of the car.

"A-A-Alice…what can I do for you?" He asked and I just looked at him for a moment, at the guy who has ruined, for now, the best thing that I had going in my life.

"I came to talk to you of course, what did you think?" Behind me I could hear Emmett cracking his knuckles and smiled inwardly when I saw Jasper's eyes widen comically, this was going to be so much fun.

"I think that we can talk peacefully without your brother threatening me with his muscles." He said but his voice was wavering slightly.

"Oh my brother isn't here for you; he is here to hold me back in case I'm deciding to rip your throat out and your pathetic person to bits." I sneer at him and for the first time I have known he isn't looking at me with hunger or desire; he looks afraid and that is what he should be.

"I have only done what was right!" He tried to defend himself and tried to stand a little taller.

"Sure you have." I tell him with a sickening sweet smile before I took a step towards him; he didn't back off I have to give him that.

"Yes." I take another step and now I'm only an inch away from him; I look up into his eyes and smile; I can tell that he thinks that his looks have done his charms but before he can even blink one more time I pull my right knee up with as much strength as I can muster landing right between his legs. Only a moment after my knee collides with my target his hands grip onto his little friend and he bends over whimpering in pain. I watch him land onto the stones with his knees and can hear a little groan as a result of the impact. I bent down until my mouth is level with his ears.

"Don't ever do that again. One word and we will be at your door every night!" I whispered into his ear and smiled when he flinched away. I straightened up a moment later and turned around to see me brother standing there with pure respect in his eyes. I start to walk towards the car and see Rosalie laughing hysterically in the passenger seat, which makes me smile as well. He has so got what he deserved, not even enough!

Nobody questioned it when I walked straight into Bella's room that night. I bet Rosalie and Emmett where glad to fill in the blanks for me with the others and I was alright with that. I got ready for bed and slowly slipped under the covers of the bed that I have shared with Bella just two nights ago. I kept replaying the scene with Jasper over and over in my head and I think I did everything right, like Jim said we should not do too much. I smiled to myself when I remembered his face the moment he realized what I was about to do, with a small chuckle I closed my eyes. Tonight was about getting the little things straight and tomorrow I could work on the one big thing, Bella.

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