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A ZoNa one-shot.


Nami sighed as she drained the bathtub after another glorious bubble-bath in her favourite place on the sunny - the bathhouse. The navigator was almost dressed, all she needed was to grab her bikini top off the water pipes against the wall and her sandals...

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Nami noticed the towel she had flung on to the pipes had not landed on the pipes and was now...moving. The navigator slowly shifted her glance to the moving towel and spotted a mostly exposed large, orange, crab-like creature walking on the floor between her and her bikini-top. The towel got dragged after the creature as it tried to get out from under it. Nami began crying out in complete horror and disgust at the presence of the strange creature. The navigator threw her palms to her mouth as she backed away from it, desperate to avoid it. The crab had long legs which caused it to stand just below her knees. Where had it come from? She hadn't seen it while taking her bath! The crab seemed confused, trying to find where to go next. Its pointy claws making a horrible scraping and tapping sound on the tiled floor.

Nami snuck her way to the door to get away, but couldn't leave without her top! She turned around and stepped forward, slightly. If she could just reach across? Suddenly the creature turned in her direction, its legs hastily steering it towards her as it escaped the towel, exposing its extra legs. It had eight long legs, like some kind of spider. Nami screamed and wrestled the door open. She stumbled out of the room and scrambled to the floor to climb down the ladder leading into the library – but she couldn't leave her top! Nami dared a glance at the door and the little monster appeared from the doorway, still coming at her. Nami screamed again and lowered herself down the ladder as fast as she could. She missed a rung and lost her grip on the ladder, falling to the floor. She whimpered as her thigh hurt – the part of her leg that had cushioned her fall. Nami stood up, limping a little from the shock of the fall and looked up at the hatch. The creature appeared on the edge!

"What the hell do you want from me?!" she ranted, covering her exposed chest with her arms. What now? She couldn't get her top and she couldn't flee the library without it. She couldn't even stay in the library without it. The navigator boldly decided that her only option would be to kill it! She thought about that for four, maybe five seconds. "No!" she whimpered, cringing at the thought of squashed raw-insides or leaking raw-insides. Her only alternative was to flee the library. She needed to get to the women's quarters. Unfortunately, her only way of getting there would be through the galley. The last person she needed to see her this way was Sanji! He'd cause a whole commotion which would probably have the whole crew finding out about her situation in no time, not to mention he'd probably loose his mind completely at the sight of her.

Nami rubbed her minor aching thigh and went to the shelf where she knew Franky kept his books. She pulled the largest one out. It happened to be the largest book in the library. "Thank you, Franky," she muttered. The navigator opened it, covered her chest with the suitably sized, but heavy book and made her way to the door. She gingerly opened it and peeped out. "Dammit!" Nami hissed. he hatch to the galley was open. She heard chatting inside. It sounded like most of the crew were in there. The navigator had second thoughts about trying to flee, but she needed to get to the women's quarters. She carefully snuck outside and along the wall of the round library, on to its balcony. The orange head tightly clasped Franky's book to her chest as she looked over the railing – down to the second floor. If she could get down there, successfully, then all she'd need to do was climb down, the same way, to the main deck. From there, she could escape into one of the passage doors and get to the aquarium. Hopefully no one would be in there!

The navigator then realised the only way she could do the dangerous climbing was to leave Franky's large book behind. She cringed at the thought. 'Where's Zoro when you need him?!' she suddenly thought, angrily. Nami froze. 'Zoro?' she wondered, stunned. 'What about Robin; maybe Usopp...?' She brought her mind back to the matter at hand and glanced around before taking Franky's book from her chest and placing it on the floor. Nami grabbed the railing and carefully slipped her body over on to the edge of the balcony. She whimpered again as she did. "Shut up!" she then hissed at herself. "You've done risky climbing before! This is easier. Instead of hard ground beneath you – " she dared a glance down. "There's soft wood," she mildly convinced herself. Nami stood on the other side of the railing now and slowly slid her hands down the bars,bending her knees. Once her hands were low enough, she made sure her grip was tight enough before pushing her feet off the base of the railing. Nami gasped, breathing erratically as most of her body fell. She released her grip a bit, as she did, to prevent her fingers from getting hurt too much. The orange head was now dangling from the railing by her hands. If anyone saw her now! "What am I doing?" she asked herself. Nami looked down. Still no sign of anyone. Now the even harder part came – letting go and dropping herself to the second floor. The navigator squeezed her eyes closed. She glanced down, one more time, to see just how far away the floor was. So far away! Nami turned her face to the front again...and let go.

She landed with an audible thud – on her bare feet. The navigator stood on the second deck, her mouth hanging open. "Of course I did it," she said through her gasping breath, proudly placing her hands on her hips with a smile. Then she felt the warm sun on her exposed chest and she remembered why she was 'doing it'. Nami hurried over to the railing, repeating her strategy from before, with more confidence now. She glanced around again and dropped herself to the main deck, landing safely again. Nami giggled as she made her way through one of the passage doors. At least she was somewhere now! If anyone came here, she could just hide in the passage, behind the large, semi-circular fish tank. Nami quietly closed the door behind her and listened. She prayed that Robin was in there. All she heard was the bubbling of the aquarium as oxygen bubbles entered the tanks. Nami tried to peak through the water but couldn't make anything out on the other side. She then carefully tiptoed her way to the steps leading up into the aquarium. The navigator kept her chest covered with her arms and hands, allowing her long hair to fall over her shoulders while she lowered her knees to the steps. She shifted her body and peeked around the tank. The room was empty. Nami sighed with relief and quickly climbed the few steps, entering the aquarium. She was so close to the women's quarters now, and yet, still so far. The navigator looked through one porthole to see if the lawn deck was clear...and spotted him.


Nami felt relief flood over her. Even more than the relief of making it to the aquarium. The swordsman was working out in the shade of the foremast, lifting normal sized dumbbells for a change. Doing some light training and working up a light sweat before having a much desired nap. Nami didn't know whether anyone else had come outside since she had entered the aquarium and the only way she'd at least be able to listen for voices or maybe walking, would be to open the door leading to the lawn deck. She covered her chest with her one arm and slowly opened the door. She listened. Only the clanging of weights could be heard. She still couldn't be sure that no one was around though.

Nami watched Zoro now. She was pretty sure that he was not a pervert like some of their crew and believed he'd handle her situation in a mature manner. The navigator blinked. "So that's why I was looking for him," she muttered – but she also knew that Zoro had the ability to completely freak out sometimes, especially when embarrassed. The navigator frowned. "Still, rather him than Sanji-kun," she mumbled. Nami wanted to call the swordsman over, but what if whomever was outside heard? She'd just attract attention to her predicament. She leaned against the wall, thinking. She needed to get to the foremast. Once there, she'd be in the clear and whomever would be on the stern part of the ship, would be too far away to tell she wasn't wearing a top. She came to a decision. It was like ripping a band-aid off. She'd have to do it quickly.

Zoro lifted his weights, staring over the ocean. He was getting bored. Although the dumbbells would have most of the crew topple over if they were shoved into any of their hands, to the swordsman they were not much of a challenge. He just wasn't in the mood for a major workout, though. He'd already had one that morning and now was very ready to go nap. Then he noticed movement in the corner of his good eye. He turned his head and his droopy eyes immediately expanded into saucers.

"Zoro, Zoro, Zoro, Zoro..." Nami found herself whimpering as she dashed across the grass, hugging her naked chest, her orange hair tossing around as she ran. Zoro froze on the spot, his mouth gaping.

He heard her saying his name over and over, almost the way the ero-cook would repeat her name over and over many times. "Nami, what, the hell?!" he managed to demand, seeing the distress on her face. He turned to face her, his eyes shifting from her and looking if no one were on the decks.

Nami glanced over her shoulder, looking as well and just then, Franky came around the corner of the galley. Nami gasped. Zoro stood with his dumbbells dangling from his hands as he saw Franky and he looked back at Nami as she was reaching him. "Zoro!" she gasped in her whimpering voice, releasing her one arm from her chest and simultaniously shifting her other arm to take over. She grabbed on to Zoro's waist with her left hand, pulling him with her as she spun around, turning him to hide her from Franky, but the navigator tripped over her own feet. She fell back, dragging a stunned Zoro down with her. Dumbbells hit the grass on either side of them as they fell under the cover of the foremast. An oblivious Franky disappeared into the galley, having seen nothing. Zoro caught the weight of his body with his one arm, before he crushed Nami. His other hand was under her back, where he had swiftly softened her fall. The stunned green head couldn't help but feel the softness of her skin beneath him as their naked upper bodies made contact. Nami stared at him, breathless from her strenuous run across the deck.

"What are you doing, woman?" he asked with a frown, his breath flowing over her face. Nami felt his arm around her, his sweat on her exposed skin.

"I just had a bath," she managed to say. She was thinking aloud. She'd just had a bath and now she was lying on the ground, with Zoro spreading his sweat over her clean skin. Nami's arms were trapped beneath his and she inadvertently grabbed on to his back and pushed the part of his chest that was not touching hers, down. She had realised her one breast was exposed and instinctively tried to cover it with his body. Something about it felt right, natural, as if he was the only man on the ship, she'd trust with that. She felt safe, but she also felt something else. Zoro pulled his arm out from under her, allowing her to pull his chest to hers, completely. He placed his arm next her head. They continued to stare at each other, their contact very much occupying their minds. "I couldn't get my top...there was a crab...thing..." Nami said, trailing off.

"Then why didn't you kill it?" He asked, losing himself into her large brown eyes. The witch was taking over his senses. All he felt and breathed was her. He was touching something really personal of her and he didn't know where to look or how to deal with it.

"Ew," she responded, her nerve returning. "It was huge! I wasn't going to squash that hideous thing!" she ranted. "And no one was around to help me!" she accused, punching him in his side.

"Hey!" Zoro raised his voice as well. "How can you blame me? How was I supposed to know you were in trouble?"

Nami looked at him, not having an answer. "I don't know," she answered, confused. "You're just supposed to be...there," she said, staring at him with confusion.

Zoro moved his body, slightly, to relieve his leg as he wasn't lying in a very comfortable position. Nami moved hers as well to lie completely flat on her back, pulling him down again so his whole body lay comfortably over hers. She somehow had a natural instinct to wrap her legs around him, but fought that shocking thought! As they moved, his chest stroked hers and Zoro felt the hardened peaks of her breasts. He found himself wondering if it had been like that before she reached him. "Nami – " he started, not knowing what he wanted to say next.

"What?" she asked in a quiet tone, just having felt his stroking of her breasts, her fingers almost caressing his back now.

"We...can't lie here all day," he said.

Nami blinked. She had forgotten all about her mission – to get to the women's-quarters. "...Yeah," she said after some hesitation.

"You can wear my yukata," he said, desperately fighting his wondering mind.

Nami watched his mouth. "No, that wouldn't be a good idea," she said. "They wouldn't be able to notice from way over there that I'm not...wearing my top." Saying those words only brought the fact to the front even more and all they could think about was how naked she was beneath him.

"We need to get up now," he said, his voice holding no urgency.

"Okay," Nami said. "but slowly."

"Okay – " Zoro said, not having a problem with that. "Wait, why?" he then asked.

"I have to cover myself...with my arms," she confided, keeping in mind that she still had to keep him from seeing anything.

Zoro gave one nod and slowly raised his chest off her with his hands on the grass, keeping their eye contact. Nami's lips parted even further as she watched him raise himself above her, with his strong arms. As soon as his chest was high enough, she slipped her own arms and hands over her once again exposed breasts. Zoro completely lifted himself off her now and stood up. He looked at her, still lying on the ground, her orange hair spread across the green grass. He forced his glance from her and lifted his dumbbells. Nami watched him walk around to the other side of the mast, where she couldn't see him. She quickly rose from the ground, dusted her pants off and covered herself again. "No idiots around," she heard Zoro's quiet voice say.

Nami smiled. "Thanks, Zoro," she said, looking at the mast. The navigator then rushed up the stairs. Zoro moved around to the side of the mast and watched her head for the women's quarters. He scoffed, but then stood in silence. "Crazy woman," he muttered.

Nami was about to reach the door when she turned back and saw Zoro watching her. "Zoro?" she called.

"What, witch?" he asked, a little weary after what she just put him through.

"The crab...in the library..."

Zoro groaned, finding himself feeling a little disappointed. "I'll take care of it," he answered. "And I won't squash it," he added. "Maybe stab it or give it to ero-cook," he suggested, lazily.

"Or throw it into the ocean!" Nami suggested with an aggressive tone.

Zoro grinned. "Whatever, witch," he took his yukata and made his way across the lawn deck. Nami shook her head and remembered her mission again. The navigator hurried into the safety of the room.

Zoro went to the galley. Usopp, Luffy, Robin, Franky and Chopper were all there, chatting pleasantly. Luffy, mostly was there to watch as Sanji paged through a recipe book, planning ahead the meals he'd make the next day. Luffy sat on the other side of the kitchen counter, his elbows on the surface. "Back off, Luffy, I make the decisions." The cook shoved his hand into the captain's face whose straw hat was getting in the way as he eyed the delicious pictures.

"That one looks good," Luffy struggled to say as he strained against Sanji's hand, his finger pointing accurately at the picture he found the most interesting, even though he couldn't see it anymore. "It has lots of meat!"

"Ugh, you have no taste. You're just a little barbarian," he gave one shove and Luffy fell off the bench, crashing to the floor. "Meat, meat, meat," Sanji mumbled with irritation, paging again. Zoro entered the room and went straight for the open hatch. The crew noticed him, but thought he was probably going to nap up on the decks or maybe get a book from the library. "Hey, marimo, don't disturb Nami-san, she's taking a relaxing bubble-bath bath," Sanji said eyeing him from where he leaned on the counter. Zoro only smirked, liking how uninformed the cook was. He climbed the ladder.

"Jeez, Sanji, how much relaxing does she need? Nami takes at least three baths a day," Usopp mentioned. Zoro heard that and knew it to be true. To him it was routine. Whenever he worked out close to the library, he would be aware when she would take her baths. The fragrance of the bubble-bath never escaping his nose.

"How do you know that?" Sanji hastily demanded, always priding himself on knowing much more about his Nami-san than anyone else on that ship or even in the whole universe!

"Uh, cause I need to take showers sometimes after working in the engine room and she always seems to be in there. Night and day," Usopp mumbled. "I keep having to use the wash-rooms. I'm starting to forget what that bathroom looks like," he added, glumly.

"Oi, maybe I should have built a separate shower-room," Franky chuckled.

"Or Franky, maybe you shouldn't have put in such a relaxing bath-tub," Robin joked, pleasantly.

"Nami-san deserves her baths and I'll protect her from anyone or anything that tries to disturb her," Sanji warned over his cigarette before returning to his book.

In the library, Zoro closed the door. He looked around the room – nothing. So the spider was still upstairs. He eyed the open hatch leading to the wash-room. Nothing moved. He wanted to try and get its attention, but then it would be aware of him and he needed to sneak up on it if he would have any hope of removing it safely. The swordsman swiftly climbed the ladder.

Once his head was through the hatch, Zoro quickly peaked around the wash-room, still nothing. He raised himself into the room and then entered the bathroom. There it was. In the large bath-tub. It was rather large, itself, at least its legs were long. Its claws scraped against the inside of the tub as it tried to get to the window. Zoro noticed Nami's bikini-top hanging on the water-pipes, her sandals lying underneath, on the floor. He quietly crossed the floor to it, eyeing the spider. He lifted the sandals from the floor and grabbed the flimsy piece of cloth. Zoro shoved it into his pocket. He kept the sandals dangling from his hand and carefully went after the creature, recognising it as a rather unique crab. The swordsman smirked when he thought of how scared the navigator would have been if she had known how tall these kinds of crabs could grow. Their idiot captain would most likely have wanted to keep it as a pet. Nami wouldn't be able to survive on the sunny with something like that running around. He shook his head and went after it.


Nami had changed into a T-shirt and was about to leave the women's quarters to check on the crab situation, when there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find a clothed Zoro standing there with her sandals dangling from his hand. "Thanks," she said, appreciatively, taking it from him. Then Zoro pulled her dainty bikini-top from his pocket. Nami blushed, seeing it hanging from his hand. "Thank you," she grinned and gently took it from him. She looked at him, but Zoro only avoided her eyes. Nami felt that feeling again. Trust. Zoro lingered for a second, watching her tying her sandals on, but found he had nothing to say and she was focused on her task, so he turned and walked away. "Hey," she called. The swordsman turned back. "What did you do with it, the spider?" she asked.

Zoro smiled slightly. "Took it to the lower deck and released it, as gently as I could, back into the ocean."

Nami scoffed and laughed. "Oh come on, what did you really do?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

Zoro groaned. "You didn't want me to hurt it, witch, so I made sure I didn't," he defended.

Nami blinked. Then she smiled. "I should have known I could count on you," she said, feeling bad about laughing.

Zoro was about to walk again, when he found, he had something to say. "Hey," he called her, this time.

Nami flung her bikini-top on to her bed and came out on to the balcony, closing the door behind her. "What?" she asked, resting her elbows on the railing.

Zoro approached her and leaned against the railing. "How did you get out of the library without getting anyone's attention?" he asked with a narrowed eye and a slight frown.

A playful smile appeared on Nami's face as she avoided his glance. "I leaped down two floors, ended up in the aquarium and found you," she answered, simplifying her ordeal.

"Leaped down two floors," Zoro repeated. That was the route he had taken – but with a lot less effort. He recalled coming across a large book lying on the balcony outside of the library.

Nami looked at him, still smiling. "Yeah, I'm not as fragile as you think, Zoro," she said, confidently. "I did jump on roof-tops in water 7, that time.

Zoro smirked. "Tell yourself that next time a little spider-crab comes after you and you flee into my waiting arms, witch," he turned and walked away. Then, somehow he realised what he had just said and froze. He tried to walk again, hoping she hadn't heard...

"Waiting arms?" Nami calm voice asked, from behind him.

"I meant my ready arms, witch," he said over his shoulder, walking again. Then the swordsman felt he messed up again. "My capable arms, dammit!" He yelled, immediately leaving the balcony for the lawn deck.

Nami watched him swiftly move down the stairs. She slowly walked to the stairs, herself, her hand sliding over the railing as she started to grin through her shocked expression. "His waiting arms," she repeated, softly. Nami watched him grab on to the ropes to the crows nest, and stared as he expertly lifted himself up. She narrowed her eyes. "As if I'd run into your 'waiting arms' any time soon, you moron," she muttered with a smirk, but suddenly felt her cheeks warming up. The navigator touched her blushing cheeks, remembering the moment when he held her under the mast, shielding her.

Zoro snuck a glance at the orange head. She was watching him. He cursed at how obvious he had just made something. He needed to show he still had his cool. "Hey! Witch!" he called down. "You forgot something on the library balcony!"

Nami remembered Franky's book. "Dammit!" she hissed and hurried down the stairs, as well, but once on the lawn deck, the navigator looked up at the swordsman. She discovered he was watching her. Nami came to a complete standstill. She made sure he was still looking down at her and deliberately made a hugging motion with her arms. The navigator then cheekily blew him a kiss before turning and running again.

"Crazy woman," a shocked and rattled Zoro mumbled as he stopped climbing, to watch her. "Should have kept that crab around," he said with a groan.


A/N: Ooh, I'm celebrating my birthday today by spreading some ZoNa around. Yes, I am giving and not just receiving, hehe. :)

I don't know about Nami's modesty after what she did in the bathhouse in Alabasta, but in my story, she'd rather die than have any of her male crew members – besides Zoro – getting a look at the goods. Okay, if anyone thinks this story should be rated M then let me know, lol. Yes, I'm paranoid.

The spider crab in the story is actually something that exists in real life. The Japanese spider crab. I find it fascinating and extremely scary, lol, that something like that exists. Apparently its legs can grow to reach the height of an average human's waist! So, thank goodness, Luffy didn't see it!