Hi, Midori desu^^ First crossover fic.

This is like a side fic to "Eternally". I thought Rikkai and Teiko meeting would be really amusing.

Disclaimer: Don't own either. But I wish.

Warnings: Language, OOCness (naturally), character bashing, and maybe some boyxboy hints.

Note: Set somewhere slightly before Nationals for the POT verse and somewhere during their 3rd year in Teiko for KnB verse.

A team of 8 young boys looked up at the building in front of them. One was standing to the side. One was holding a chain connecting the other six in a straight line.

"Woah…this is the prettiest building I've ever seen…"

Marui Bunta, 3rd year, nicknamed "Tensai (Genius)" and regular of the Rikkai Dai tennis club. He looks very adorable with those large, sparkly lilac eyes. His reddish-pink hair only adds to his attractiveness and contrasts nicely with the green apple bubblegum he chews nearly all the time. Plays doubles with Jackal.

"Marui-senpai, you don't call buildings like that 'pretty'…you call them fantasticohyeahbaby!"

"…does a word like that even exist?"

Kirihara Akaya, 2nd year, sophomore ace and regular of same club. As the youngest of the team, he comes across as immature and childish most of the time, with a hairstyle that looks like something found under the sea. However, when those emerald eyes turn red…it's a warning to run – preferably away from him.

"Apparently it does, since the kid is too stupid to even check the dictionary. Say Yagyuu don't you think the building will look nice with one side painted yellow and the other black?"

"O-Oi! Who are you calling stupid?!"

"Niou-kun. I believe it is rude to tell that to Kirihara-kun so bluntly. I can't deny it will look brilliant but please do stop having homicidal thoughts about Venetian architecture."

"Yagyuu-senpai! What do you mean by that?!"

Niou Masaharu, 3rd year, nicknamed "Trickster/Illusionist" and regular of same tennis club. One glance at his silver disarray of hair should be enough for one to know he's not a simple person. Another glance at those unreadable (and possibly smirking) sea-green eyes would tell you that he's probably the one behind the powder you're trying to clean off your clothes. Plays doubles with Yagyuu.

Yagyuu Hiroshi, 3rd year, nicknamed "Gentleman" and regular of same club. He is practically the epitome of a perfect gentleman- hence his nickname. His purple bangs never go out of place, not even when it's a hot day in class or after tennis practice when he is sweating buckets. His thick, rimless glasses shroud him in mystery, but don't be fooled – he's quite the tennis AND golf player. Plays doubles with Niou.

"Tarundoru (It's enough)! We came here for lessons, not to admire the architecture…and Niou! Don't even think of vandalizing public property!"

Oh if only he had his hands free he would…

"Now now, Sanada. It's not everyday you see such a magnificent building, even if this is Tokyo. It deserves some appreciation. And Niou I heard that. You shouldn't say that to Akaya…he is just retarded for his age is all. Oh and do go ahead with the painting – I'm sure it will look magnificent."

"But Yukimura…! Their behaviour is unacceptable."

"Buchou (Captain)…how could you…"

"Genichirou, Seiichi is right. The architecture is brilliant, and there is a 98.27 percent chance that it is Venetian, judging by the details…"

Sanada Genichirou, 3rd year vice-captain, nicknamed "Koutei (Emperor)" and regular of Rikkai Dai tennis club. One of the "Sannin Bakemono (Three Demons)", he is a powerful player who is strict with both himself and all his teammates. His black cap is perpetually on his equally black hair and his golden brown gaze serves only to intimidate you further than his presence already would.

Yukimura Seiichi, 3rd year captain, nicknamed "Kami no Ko (Child of God)" and regular of same club. One of the "Sannin Bakemono". He may look more like a fair maiden than a sportsman with a voice to match, but there is a reason he is captain. Dark blue waves frame his slim jaw, and his green headband accentuates those amethyst eyes that glint with sadism one moment and seriousness the next.

Yanagi Renji, 3rd year treasurer, nicknamed "Data Master" and regular of same club. The last of the "Sannin Bakemono". He's the typical smart boy with a normal haircut and sky high grades, but that just means he's all that smarter in calculating his opponents' moves in advance without the help of a calculator. Many have never seen his eyes however, considering they are perpetually closed.

"Marui…are you sure you and Akaya should be…"

"Take this!" *punch* - Marui

"Take that!" *punch* *punch* - Kirihara

"Oh no you don't!" *punch**punch**punch*

"Trying to up me are you?" *punch**punch**punch**punch*


Kuwahara Jackal, 3rd year, nicknamed " The Man with Four Lungs/ Iron Wall of Defense (Why are they so long?! – Jackal)" and regular of same club. A half-Brazilian with amazing stamina, he is quite the defense player in doubles. He is arguably the sanest of the group and is often called to watch over the youngest regular, Kirihara Akaya. Plays doubles with Marui.

Yanagi looked at the scene of Marui playing the punching game (however he could with those handcuffs) with Akaya and Jackal trying to stop them, the scene of Niou discussing with Yagyuu their big plan of destroying Venetian architecture and the scene of Sanada trying to impress upon Yukimura the fact that 1)There was no need for these lessons and 2) There was no need to appreciate Venetian architecture.

At the least, Yanagi himself was trusted enough to be released from his handcuffs back at the station.

How did this all happen, really?


Yagyuu Hiroshi was a true gentleman. It was always pleasant to keep girls happy and impressed with his ways. After all, a gentleman always treats a lady with due respect.

Quite unfortunately, Rikkai's tennis regulars were rather lacking in the art of rejection.

Like Kirihara-kun.

"Why the heck would I date someone as ugly as you?"

Not only was he rude in his rejection, he openly insulted the poor girl.

Like Sanada-kun.

"Tarundoru! We are too young to date and you should be focusing on your schoolwork instead!"

Well technically there was nothing very wrong. But it would have been more appropriate if he removed those two exclamation marks and that 'Tarundoru'. That and his statement needs to be less blunt.

"…thus, Yukimura-buchou. I think etiquette lessons would be necessary for our team."

The bluenet thought for a bit.

"But how does this relate to tennis, Yagyuu?"

"If this goes on, our popularity as the top sportsmen in Rikkai would dro-"

"Ok how do we sign up and when is it?"

It took only a few minutes of discussion and a phone call to organize everything perfectly.

"Since I forsee that most of the regulars would find this unnecessary and skip out on it, I think some precautionary measures are in order."

Yukimura said as he gave the other a piece of paper. Yagyuu skimmed through it.


"Do you know any other way to get Marui's attention?"


"I believe that is self explanatory."


"…right, that might present a bit of difficulty…"

"…chlorofoam. And this much?"

"Well considering it's the fifth time we've used it since this year I thought a bigger dosage would be needed."

"…ok. And buchou…handcuffs?"

"The kind that connects the whole group together. That way they can't escape."



"…I never thought you had it in you, Yukimura-buchou." – Marui

"So Yagyuu…which part of all this were you in charge of?" – Sanada

The Gentleman turned to look away. Only five minutes later did he turn back.

"The 'I think we should go for etiquette lessons' part."

"What took you so long to say something so simple?!" – the rest

Amidst all the chaos, Kuwahara Jackal praised himself for being able to keep his sanity.

"Ano Minna…I think the actual question here is how we actually managed to VIEW the flashback via this mysteriously put up SCREEN?"

Well that was enough to get everyone's attention. After all, a typical classroom projector screen sitting oh so innocently on the left wall of the main building entrance wasn't the hardest thing to miss in the world. Yukimura waved from where he was using his laptop.

"I asked Niou to help me put it up beforehand."

"That he did. But for some reason it had trouble sticking to the wall so I used two pails of white glue to-"


Twenty minutes and a great deal of cleaning up later, they entered the building.


"We're here."


"Yes, this is the right place."


"Are you all questioning my judgement?"

*frantic shaking of heads*

"Well good. I take it everyone is in agreement?"

*frantic nodding of heads*

And thus, one redheaded captain of one Teiko Basketball Club brought his entire team to the front of the building and sat them down just to the left of the main entrance before taking out his red scissors and passing them over to his pinkheaded manager.

"You can release them now. And Satsuki, don't forget Tetsuya this time."

Akashi Seijuuro, 3rd year point guard and captain, and regular of the Teiko Basketball Club. At 173cm, he is in fact the second shortest of the team. His heterochromic eyes of red () and yellow peek out from beneath his fiery red bangs, and see practically everything. His leadership is not to be belittled, and few have gone against him and escaped unharmed.

Momoi Satsuki, 3rd year manager of same club. A cutie with luscious, long pink hair, dark pink eyes and F-cups thrown in for good measure. An ideal manager for any male team, but not for her looks. She is after all the one that makes them FEAR women's intuition.

Anyone who had just walked by the building at the moment would have seen a whole group of 6 boys and one girl, all with different coloured hair. On closer inspection, they would see that five of these boys were blindfolded, gagged and tied up while being led by handcuffs connecting each of them to the one in front of them – much like prisoners. They would also notice the sinister smiles on the faces of the only two that were not tied up, and promptly proceed to the nearest mental asylum for a thorough checkup.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Teiko team were just happy to regain their right of human freedom.

"What the heck, Akashi?! Did you seriously have to treat us like escaped convicts?!"

Aomine Daiki, 3rd year power forward, and regular of same club. At 192cm, he is the third in terms of height in his team but probably first in terms of ability. His short, dark blue () hair and dark blue eyes together with his tan makes him quite the imposing one. At the same time, his temper is the shortest and he is probably the most reckless of them all.

"Akachin…will there be snacks where we're going?"

Murasakibara Atsushi, 3rd year center, and regular of same club. At 208cm, he is the tallest in the team. He may tower over you, but he is just a teenage boy who loves his snacks. Purple () hair and purple eyes only make you notice him more. His passion for the sport is questionable, but one should not try to test that in a game.

"Hidoi, Akashicchi…did you have to tie the gag SO hard?"

Kise Ryouta, 3rd year small forward, and regular of same club. At 189cm, he is fourth tallest in the team. A part time model, his blond hair and gentle brown eyes will make any normal female weak in her knees. His looks are only part of the package, as he is quite the genius in-game too.

"…Momoi-san. My hands are still cuffed."

The entire team sans Akashi jumped at the seemingly disembodied voice.

"A-Ah! Gomen, Tetsu-kun! I'll get you out right away…"

Kuroko Tetsuya, 3rd year, and phantom sixth regular of same club. At 168cm with teal blue hair and baby blue eyes, he is surprisingly easy to miss. He may be the shortest of the team, but his frame and weak presence are just some of the reasons he is one of them.

"So this is the place you mentioned last week, Akashi. I second Aomine's opinion – the kidnapping was unnecessary."

Midorima Shintarou, 3rd year shooting guard and vice-captain, and regular of same club. At 195cm, he is second tallest in the team. His green (绿) hair and equally green eyes stand him out more than most of the group. The fact that he is constantly holding a "lucky item" however ridiculous it might be only adds to the attention. Although, that luck may just be his secret to those flawless three-pointers.

Now how did the proud first string basketball team of Teiko come to be in this state?

It all started when…


"Neh neh, Akashi-kun!"

"What is it, Satsuki?"

The manager twirled around giddily.

"How about signing the first string up for etiquette lessons?"

At this the captain actually looked up from his shogi set to keep eye contact with Momoi, tilting his head sideways.

"And why would that be necessary?"

Momoi giggled.

"Because, Akashi-kun, wouldn't Tetsu-kun look SOOOO good in a formal suit?!"

"…the heck, Satsuki?! You mean that's the ONLY reason you did this?!"

"Daiki. I believe we should let Satsuki finish her-."

"*Gasps* Akashicchi, Momoicchi! I didn't know you guys wanted to see Kurokocchi in a suit too!"

The rest of the team could only stare at the three with incredulousness, and then at Kuroko with pity. Said boy just shrugged and continued sipping the vanilla milkshake that he had somehow procured without anyone knowing (I got it while Momoi-san was having her flashback – Kuroko), without a care in the world.

"I said…let Satsuki finish her flashback."

Aomine and Kise took one look at the sharp, glinting blades of the scissors their captain held, and both promptly nodded.

"Good. Continue, Satsuki."

Akashi then tilted his head the other way.

"Hm…very well. I shall think about it."

The manager squealed and did a dance of victory.

"Oh my gosh, THANK YOU Akashi-kun! Tell me when you have made your decisi-"


Awkward silence.

"…Akashi-kun, you mean…"

"Exactly what I said. Alright."

More awkward silence.

"So you're sayi-"

"Satsuki…are you going to sign us up or not?"

The pink-haired girl dialled a number and spoke for a little less than ten seconds before ending the call,then handed Akashi a hastily written but neat schedule.

"…perfect. Now, help me prepare. We shall execute our plan of getting all of them present under the guise of extra practice."

He handed her a piece of paper.

"Follow these instructions."

It took many blinks and plenty of rereading before Momoi finally spoke again.

"Ano…I know you are always right, Akashi-kun but…chlorofoam?"

"Exactly like you said, I am always right. Just a small amount would do – we only need them unconscious for the middle part of the plan."

"…right. I shall try to get some. And about the handcuffs…any preferences?"


"You want those with chains? But all of them come with chains…"



"…I am always right, Satsuki."

"Of course. Now about the gags…"


The entire team had lost all colour and were like the numerous statues dotting the nearby landscape. They were still unable to believe how much common sense both their manager and captain lacked and wondered how to break the news to them without getting killed by a training menu or getting killed by a training menu.

…there wasn't much of a difference, was there?

A hand raised at the back of the group.

"Ano, Momoicchi I've been wanting to ask but…how on earth did you manage to set up such a huge projector screen to show us the flashback in HD?"

True to Kise's words, it was indeed a large screen in front of them with Momoi at the back controlling the contents with her laptop. She smiled sheepishly.

"Well since it would not stick I tried superglue…"

"SUPERGLUE?! Get it off, get the screen off RIGHT NOW! What do you think you're doing to the architecture?!" – Kise

"…I knew Satsuki had a screw loose somewhere but to have that proven on such a scale…" – Aomine

"I believe that is rather hypocritical of you, considering your abysmal mid-term results." – Midorima

"What did you say, four-eyes?!"

"I said that your intelligence is questionable. And for goodness' sake I only have two eyes. Use more common sense."

"Why you asdfghjkl…"

It would be forty-five minutes before the team actually entered the building, but at least they managed to somewhat clean off the superglue that their manager had kindly slathered all over the entire section of the wall.


Meanwhile, the poor abused wall on the left of the main building entrance was still covered with remnants of white glue and super glue.

"Why me? Why ME?!..." it thought.


I ought to be shot for encouraging captains to kidnap their teams O.O

Oh, and for using chlorofoam too *shot two times*

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