This is the Christmas Special, for both 'The Perseus Attraction' and 'How To Bake Bread etc.' It'll hopefully feature you're favourite characters from both stories, and I really hope you enjoy it. It's going to be a special long story, and merry Christmas to all!

Oh, and it's an alternative universe. Tell me what you thought, please and review, so I know people have actually read this!

Katniss finished her Christmas list and put down her pen, making sure it rested in the little holder, because, since she'd won the Hunger Games, she was rich enough to do that.

Anyway, it was a couple of days from Christmas, and she'd just finished her list. She looked down on it and frowned. She had two problems; one, it was only a couple of days until Christmas and second, no-one could afford all her gifts: the perfume, new bow, jacket, boots, hat, gloves, books, hot tub etc. Unless… she smiled to herself, thinking it was time to visit the bakery.

She stood up, making her way through the corridor as Prim shot out of a doorway.

"Hey there, little duck!" Katniss cried happily.

Prim looked at her disdainfully, making Katniss flush a little.

"Have you gotten your Christmas list together?" She asked.

Katniss backed off a little. Prim was a strict overlord, and she had put up a notice ordering Christmas lists in before the 1st of December. Katniss was very late.


"You're late."

"I'm giving it to Peter…" she said, timidly.

"Peeta won't get all that for you. It must be a least a foot long."

"Leave me alone!" Katniss cried, running out into the snow.

Peter Mellark was a Class A stalker, but he was fun and happy and dedicated. She was sure he'd be able to get it all for her.

She made her way into the town, slowing down into a trudge. Woody Haymitch was coming up the path. She hailed him with a raised hand.

"Hey Woody," she smiled.

Woody gave a weird grimace back, before looking at her list.

"Wow, that's big," he remarked.

Katniss shrugged. "Yeah."

"Giving it to Peeta?"

"Peter," Katniss corrected.

"Good luck," he snorted. "I tried to use some buddy action for some bread."

Katniss frowned at him. "Been gambling again?"

He looked shifty. "Just a bit," he took a swig of some Red Bull.

She sighed. "That stuffs bad for you."

"It gives you wings," Woody argued.

"Yeah, but not luck," Katniss countered. She started walking on. "You have a good Christmas," she called over her shoulder. "I'll drop you off some bread."

Woody raised a hand, before getting blown over on his arse.

Katniss made it to the bakery, decorated with snow and lights, warmth spilling out, so it looked like a haven, and walked in, pulling her hood back.

Peter was singing when she got in to 'Fairytale of New York'.

"They got cars big as bars, they got rivers of gold, but the wind goes right through you, it´s no place for the old".
Katniss coughed to alert him before continuing the song. "When you first took my hand on a cold Christmas eve, You promised me broadway was waiting for me."

Peeta grinned at her.

She held up a hand.
"You were handsome."

"You are pretty," Peter put in. "Queen of New York city."

The joined for the last bit. "When the band finished playing they yelled out for more, Sinatra was swinging all the drunks they were singing. We kissed on a corner, then danced through the night."

Peter turned it off, before turning to her. "So, Katniss… what can I do for you? Do you want bread?"



"Yes, I-"

"We have some new fudge!"

"That sounds-"

"You'll want some wine for Prim, be right back," he strode off as Katniss sighed.

He trudged back in. "There you go," he handed a bag with wine and some cakes in.

"Thanks Peter, but I actually wanted to drop this off," Katniss reached into her pocket for Prim's gifts list (which she should have completed ages ago) and gave it to him.

Peter took it eagerly. "Anything you want."


"Anything," he repeated.

"Yeah, okay, so basically, Prim gave me this list."

Peter stared at it. "I'm not sure… I'm kinda busy here, what with bread and all."

Katniss looked down. "Oh… just, I thought, no, doesn't matter, just," she looked up, taking his warm hands. "If anyone could help me, but no, it's stupid. I'll take it back."

Peter held it though. "Don't worry. I'll brush up some contacts."

She beamed. "Really? Oh, thank you, Peter!"

He smiled to himself.

"Oh, yeah, I need you to pass this to Prim too."

Peter took the next list. "Is it yours?"

"Yeah, and I can't give it over myself."

"Why not?"

"You know," Katniss stated. "The code."

Peeta looked befuddled. "Huh?"

"In the Seam, we had a code." This was bullshit, but how else was she supposed to get Peeta to see her list, so he'd then take it upon himself to get all the stuff like the committed lover he was?

Peter nodded. "Oh yeah… heard about that. I'll, erm, pass it on."

She looked away as he slipped it into a box to hide it for later.

He turned back to her. "Still," he grinned. "That list. Pretty big. Must be a foot long!"

"Two feet," Katniss corrected. "Yeah, I'm not sure Prim will be able to get it all… which would be, you know, sad. I think she said she wasn't going to get me anything…"

Peeta looked shocked.

"I wish I had someone like you Peter, to get all of it. You're so resourceful. If you got it all, well, I'd have to kiss you," she said brightly.

Peter was clenching the table now, desperate to get the stuff.

"Anyway…," Katniss continued. "Bye," she made to make her way out, before Peeta stopped her. "Need anything else?"

She looked at him. "I didn't want to… maybe some bread?"

Peter ran back with it, hot from the oven.

"I wanted that bread," Woody cried, coming in to see the last loaf go, with a generous dusting of snow on his arse.

"Fuck off Woody," Peter snarled.

"You want to go?" Woody cried.

Peter ignored him.

"Give it to Woody," Katniss told him.

"I'll make more," Peeta cried, running off.

By the time Katniss left, she was carrying a whole basket of bread, assorted cakes Prim loved, and loads of other stuff she didn't even know about, but they looked nice.

Woody trudged with her, before they reached their houses, and Katniss continued alone happily, thinking how sweet Peter was.

Best bit, since she was a victor, she actually had a chance of getting presents, so she was feeling quite happy. What she didn't like, was the fact that Peter Mellark, not Peeta by the way, and Gale would be in the same room, which would equal all types of nasty.

She walked into her house, taking off her scarf and putting it up as her mother made her way in.

"Hey, Katniss, hi, you have a visitor, yeah, and-" she said, shiftily.

She was interrupted by a man in a suit making his way in.

"Miss Everdeen, he'll see you now."

She frowned, because this had never happened.

She was led into the study, and she had barely time to look around before her attention was caught by the man in the red jacket.

"Santa!" Katniss cried, running up, and planting herself on his knee, before reciting:

"I'd like a new jacket, and a bow, two dozen arrows and I need a muffler for Peter, because God knows he's freezin-"

She stopped short as she saw that it wasn't Santa; it was President Snow, looking down at her.

"Erm, hey President Snow…," she mumbled.

He smiled down at her.

"Hello Katniss. Have you been a good girl?"

"A bit."

"A bit is better than nothing. Why, I remember when I was a young scamp like you. Yes, I was a jolly little chap, running, playing, getting into-"

"Sir?" The suited guy interrupted. "You need to tell Miss Everdeen the news."

Snow looked at him. "You mean the egg nog?"


"Her present?"

"Bit more about visitors."

Snow looked down. "Oh…"

Katniss and the guy looked at him awkwardly as Snow started snoring.

"Sir?" Katniss gently tapped his shoulder.

Snow woke up. "Oh, good gracious, did I doze off?"

They both smiled at him nervously. He nodded, smiling. "Right, what was it, ah, yes," he turned to focus on Katniss. "Katniss, you'll be catering to visitors. Say they came all the way from another parody…"

Katniss frowned. "What do you mean?"

Snow looked at her. "Well, they claim to be from a… hmm, yes, a Camp Half-Blood."

Percy, wrapped in winter gear, sat next to Annabeth, looking out of the window at the snow as they trundled along a path towards District 12.

Annabeth had been steadily shifting up to him throughout the ride, until she was right next to him, but she was sure he hadn't noticed. He had.

Percy looked away and hit Annabeth's head, she was so close.

"Back off, Annabeth," he remarked as he looked at her eyes, centimetres away.

She looked hurt. "Why?"

He just realised he was in a bad situation. "Erm, not, because-" he turned to Chiron, at front, driving the bus. "Chiron, how far are we?"

Chiron turned back. "I don't know, maybe a couple of minutes."

"Great… also, how are you driving this bus when you have no feet?"

Chiron rolled his eyes. "Stop asking rubbish questions, Jackson."

Percy, reprimanded, looked around at his fellow passengers.

Luke Castellan, Grover Underwood, Tyson Jackson (annoying little brother had forced himself on through the big brown eye to a caring Annabeth) and Annabeth Chase. They were off to go meet the characters who were stealing their author's attention, so they'd assembled the most popular characters on the poll to do it.

Luke saw him looking. "Hey Percy, what are we going to say when we meet these dicks?"

Annabeth looked at Percy. "Yeah, what are we doing?"

Percy looked at them. "Well, I don't know. Ask the Oracle," he pointed at the hippie mummy riding cool in the back seats. He frowned. "Wait, Chiron, why did we bring it again?"

Chiron kept his eyes on the road. "We're taking it out for some fresh air."

"Yeah, and we can burn it in the coal fires I heard this District has," Tyson muttered behind Percy and Annabeth.

Percy glared at him. "Ha, ha, very funny, little shit."

Tyson sat up in his seat. "You can talk, wankmaster. Trying to joke around Annabeth, makes me sick."

"Hey, fuckstick, you're only here because-"

"Guys! You have already totally failed the first questions on Bro Pros, so don't screw up the rest," Grover cried, pushing back his bobble hat.

Percy groaned. "I thought the Kate Moss quiz was the only one you had. Don't tell me you have another."

Luke leant in. "Let's see it."

Grover held it up. "This is from Brad himself."

"I don't dare to ask," Tyson put in.

Percy waved a hand. "What have we failed at now?"

Grover looked down. "Well, you're supposed to cuddle Tyson every-"

"Stop there," Tyson laughed. "This Brad doesn't have a clue what it's like to have a brother, does she?"

"We're here," Chiron called out. "Get ready to fuck off soon."

Grover ran to the window and looked out. "Eurgh, What. A. Dump!"

They all looked out of the window at the horrible, snow covered mining town as the bus pulled up.

Annabeth followed Percy off, taking his hand so she wouldn't slip, drinking in the way his hair blew back as the wind hit them. Soon it was dotted with piece of snow, and Annabeth scowled as Grover slipped behind her and nodded at Percy.

"Shut it Grover," she hissed.

They all piled off, Chiron being helped down by Luke, until they hit the snow. The bus drove off and they stood there waiting.

"Hey, get back here!" Chiron demanded at the bus. He turned back to the PJO characters. "Damn Oracle took our bus. Knew we shouldn't have made fun of her and cut her out of 'The Perseus Attraction'."

Grover shuffled his feet.

A car pulled up, and a woman, white as the snow, in purple winter stuff, got out and toddled over to them.

"Oh, hello, hello, hello! Isn't this brilliant!" she exclaimed.

"I think I need a shit," Chiron announced, to no-one in particular.

The woman scowled at him. "I'm Effie, and I'll be escorting you to-," she fixed her eyes on Percy and stopped. "Oh… wow."

Annabeth had been happily drinking in the mood of the lady, before she started eyeing up her sort-of-boyfriend. I mean, everyone knew the Perseus Attraction (Percy's incredible attraction) kinda made it impossible to expect anything else, but she was still getting pissed.

She scowled as Effie made her way up to Percy.

"Hello there," she simpered. "What's your name?"

Percy smiled, adjusting Annabeth's luggage into his other hand so he could shake hers.

"Percy Jackson, pleased to meet you."

Annabeth's nostrils flared.

Luke moved closer to Grover. "We have a code jealous," he trilled, covering his mouth. Grover nodded in response.

Effie led them all over to the cars.

"Percy, will you take my arm," he asked as she trod on the snow.

Percy, wanting to please the natives, held his out.

She wrapped her arm around it. "Oh, you feel so strong. Do you work out?"

Percy was looking awkward now. "Err, well-"

"Help a disabled guy in," Chiron demanded, banging his wheelchair against the side of the car.

Annabeth moved up to Percy. "Perseus," she kissed him on the cheek in front of Effie to mark her territory, and pushed him over to Chiron. "Help him in. I need to talk to Effie."

As Percy and Luke tried to negotiate how to get a man who turned into a centaur when he got out of magic wheelchair into a car, Annabeth pulled Effie to one side, Grover coming up behind them.

Annabeth smiled at Effie. "We need to talk?"

"About what? A big, big, big-"; Percy, over by the car, was knocked back by the power of the word 'big' and Tyson fell on his bottom in the snow, before crying, "big, big, big, thing!?"

Annabeth shook her head to recover. "Yeah, a bit." She looked over at Tyson, who Percy was now trying to placate as he promised to get him new trousers in District 12, and Luke was whacked by a stick as he tried to shove Chiron into the car.

Annabeth whacked Effie over the head, knocking her to the ground.

Grover let out a shocked squeak, putting his hand to his mouth. "OMG, Annabeth, you just knocked out the escort!"

Annabeth lifted her, growling. "Yeah, I know. Give me a hand. We'll stuff her in the trunk, and say she wet herself out of excitement. No-ones getting near my Percycakes."

Grover whimpered, now very firmly an accessory to kidnap, as he lifted Effie into the boot and locked her in.

"We're, like, criminals," he whined.

Percy poked his head around, frowning. "Come on, guys. We need to get going."

"Right there," Annabeth smiled to herself.

Katniss and President Snow ate cookies together in the study.

They looked up at each other, smiled, and helped themselves to more cookies as Christmas music glared out.

"Where's Peeta?" Snow asked.

"Peter," Katniss corrected. "He's out doing whatever he does."

"Are you two a couple?"

"Be quiet Snow."

"I'll keep myself to myself," he replied, primly.

Suddenly Gale, garbed in a snow jacket, came tearing in.

"Katniss! You have to see this!"

She frowned. "It's not another 'Get Rich Quick' scheme, because that last one sucked."

Gale frowned. "Hey, the Fat Bike was a great idea."

Snow frowned. "What's that?"

"No, no, no-,"Katniss started, but Gale leapt in, his face alight.

He used his hands to explain. "It was this bike that when you cycled, pipes injected fat into you! That way, the more you worked out, the fatter you got! It was, no, it is genius! The Capitol still hasn't rejected it yet."

"Why does someone want to get fat when working out?" Snow asked.

"That was the flaw in an otherwise shit idea," Katniss put in.

Gale scowled at her. "Someone's too skinny. You're happier when you're fat. Anyway, some weirdo's making a snow angel outside your door!"

She stood up. "That'll be Peter," she said, resigned.

"No," Gale shook his head. "This guy is taller, and better looking."

"Who'd be as much a weirdo as to do that?"

She started walking to the door as Gale fell beside her. "Don't know, but he threatened to drink snow if I didn't get you."

"Sounds like Peter."

"No, he says his names Luke-"

She opened the door, looking out to see this 'Luke' lying in the snow, waving his hands, smiling happily. Peter, dressed in a pink snow coat (Katniss' coat she forced him to wear), was staring at him. He looked around as Gale and Katniss came out.

"What a weirdo, right?" He pointed.

"I'm happy!" Luke cried.

Katniss started as a load of figures made their way up.

"Good work, Luke, just ruin our reputation, make us look stupid before we've even opened our mouths," a girl called, her arm linked with- oh, fuck.

Peter bounded over to Katniss, wrapping his arm around her, smiling as he looked at the new people walking up.

"Katniss?" he asked, as he saw her blank face. He looked over at the group and spotted the most beautiful male he'd ever seen. Black hair falling down his face, grown out for the winter, slim and strong, his face looking like a God had made it.

Peter hated him instantly.

Woody Haymitch came trudging up, slipping in the snow.

He took a swig of Red Bull. "I was told to be here, to meet some losers from another story?"

Gale glanced at Woody. "They were talking about you."

"I, am, in, misery!" – 'Misery', Maroon 5

Woody's sighed as the single song line that defined his life rang out.

A boy with brown curly hair bounded up, pointing at Woody.

"Eww, it's grotty."

Woody looked down at his coat, which was a little stained. So what?

He looked up. "So I spilt a few Red Bulls on it-"

"Not the coat, that!" He pointed at Woody's beer belly.

Woody sighed in misery.

"I, am, in, misery!" – 'Misery', Maroon 5

The Godlike boy stepped up. "Shut it Grover."

Peter looked at him with hate. "Control your friend," he growled. "Woody's nice, if a little fat."

"I'm not fat!" Woody protested.

"Yeah you are," Gale told him.

"I, am, in, misery!" – 'Misery', Maroon 5

Katniss pushed Woody back. "We'd hate you to judge us all on him."

"It's not even worth the song coming back on," Woody sighed. "I've heard worse."

Gale held out a hand to the Godlike boy.

"Gale Hawthorne. I'm the good looking one here, so take your beauty elsewhere."

"Percy," Percy shook Gale's hand. "Sorry. It's this weird attraction I have around me. Everyone will get used to it soon. I think?" He looked at the beautiful blonde girl, who nodded, stepping forward, and looking at them all with her grey eyes.

"Annabeth Jacks- Chase, I said, Chase," she correctly quickly.

"You got your name wrong," Woody scoffed.

Peter glared at him. "Your real name is Haymitch Abernathy, Mr-I-had-to-change-my-name-due-to-bad-gambling-habits."

Woody sobered up.

Annabeth pushed forward. "We don't know why, or how, but since in all the PJO books, Percy is hit on, by that Amazon in SoN, and by Rachael, Hazel says he looks like a God etc. we worked out he has some weird sort of hotness around him. It wears off eventually. Or if you're in love, then you can fight it quite well. You'll recover at some point."

Gale still looked miffed that he was now second hottest person in the group, but kept quiet.

Chiron was pushed forward by Luke and they all introduced themselves.

"I have a question," Katniss asked.

"Is it about Percy?" Peter growled.

"Quiet, you," She pushed his head away. "What are you doing here?"

"Good question homies," Chiron answered. "We actually came here to meet you, but that was it. You know, exchange information about ourselves, our stories, etc."

Peter nodded. "We can go inside, then you can all leave."

Percy beckoned him over. Peter trudged over.

"What?" He asked brusquely.

"What's wrong?" Percy whispered. "You don't like me?"

"Look, it's hard enough to win Katniss' heart without abetter version of me coming up."

Percy winced. "I'm really sorry."

"Yeah, all those years of following her for nothing."

Percy frowned. "You stalked her?"

"We don't like to call it that," Peeta answered.

"But Peeta-"

"Peter," he corrected.

"Yeah, Peeta-"


"You said 'we'. Are their more of you?"

Peeta was spared answering by Chiron who rolled up.

"I'm hungry. I want something to eat. You," he pointed at Woody. "Push me."

Woody came up. "Are you Chiron, famous mentor!?"

"Yeah… who's asking?"

"I'm your biggest fan! I've read about you and seen all your heroes! You're a legend among the Mentors of the Hunger Games."

"Who's Hungry?"

Woody frowned. "No-one. It's a game."


"In an arena. With kids. They kill each other."

Chiron rolled back. "That's sick, Woody!"

Woody drew himself up. "I didn't make it, did I?"

"Let's go in," Katniss grabbed Chiron and pushed him in, while he protested.

Peter moved closer to Percy.

"Back off, or you'll pay. Listen to what I say."

Percy held up his hands. "Chill, dude. It's cool."

"Chill, like Frosty. Frosty. The snowman."

Percy was amazed at this guy. He was obviously intelligent and his heart was in the right place, but what a weirdo. In fact, he looked at them, they were all weirdo's. Not normal like him and the others.

Luke ran up. "Hey, they have Santa in Katniss' house!"

Gale crossed his arms. "I think we're forgetting someone."

As everyone walked in, Peter walked up with Katniss.

"What do you mean?" Peter asked.

Gale looked at him. "We're forgetting the other two protagonists of our story. The sexier pair."

Katniss snapped her fingers before pointing. "Cato and bitchface. Thought we'd forgotten someone."

Peter looked in the direction of District 2, their holiday retreat.

"Wonder what they're doing right now?"

Cato poured the wine into a cup for himself and Glimmer.

He looked out of the window, snow falling heavily, before picking up a sheet of paper. It contained a poem he and Glimmer had been working on together. Cato was a poetry nut, and Glimmer was into blood and flesh. So he'd only had to dump in a few lines on death, and they were having a whale of a time.

Glimmer came through into the living room, dressed, like Cato, in one of his mother's homemade jumpers. The good thing was that they were warm; the bad bit was the fact that Cato's Rudolph looked like it was having a seizure on his chest.

Glimmer threw herself down on the sofa, which Cato was quite glad about; her jumper did little to hide her figure, and he wasn't quite sure it was the right time for stuff like that.

"Just us," Glimmer sighed, her District 1 accent clipping the 't' of 'just'.

Cato nodded. "Yeah… no Peeta to annoy us, no Gale to try roping us into one of his 'Get Rich Quick' ideas. That Fat Bike was so bad…"

"The 'Live the life as a Victor' for a day was worse."

Cato raised a hand. "I think you're forgetting the Fabric Fireplace."

Glimmer raised her hands, smiling. "I know, right? Who wants a fireplace which will burn when you switch it on?"

"I don't know," Cato smiled, shaking his head.

Glimmer grinned at him as she made her way onto the sofa and closer to him.

"You're parents are sweet," she told him.

Cato made a face. "If sweet is defined as dumbstruck."

"I'm a very attractive figure," Glimmer informed him.

"See, I don't think you needed to tell me that," he smiled.

"Better than mine, at any rate."

Cato frowned. "No cards?"

She looked away. "No, there were cards. It's not like they are trying to break any relation; it's just that I don't want one."

Cato pushed the hair back from her ear. "You might want to give them a chance. The reaping isn't exactly a good setting for family love."

"You're parents didn't promise you'd never get reaped," she told him.

"No, they volunteered me."

She smiled. "At least they were honest. You needed to make some friends."

"About that: how do you think I'm doing?"

Glimmer held up her glass of wine, inclining it to him, before drinking it until was empty. Cato was very aware of the Christmas music coming from the CD player in the corner as she put her glass down. One thing he'd learnt about her was that she was a far better drinker than him.

He picked up his glass, thinking of his parents, before drinking. His head went a bit fuzzy, but he blinked to dispel the feeling.

"Only a few more sleeps until Christmas," Cato told her.

She frowned. "I wasn't under the impression we'd be sleeping," she grinned wickedly.

Cato was pushed back onto the sofa as she crawled on top of him. Cato wondered again whether his mother had meant to make Glimmer's jumper so… well fitting.

"What will be doing then?" Cato asked, as his hands were led down her body.

She raised her eyebrows. "I'll give you a taster…"

The doorbell went.

"If it's Peeta, tell him to fuck off," Cato growled. Glimmer was looking furious too. For normal people, a doorbell wouldn't be too big a thing, but it was fair to say Cato needed anger management at times, and Glimmer was vicious, mainly the two reasons they had won their games.

She took a deep breath, regaining calm.

"Calm down, dear," she told Cato, before moving off him.

Cato clenched his fists.

"Hey," she took his head in her hands. "Calm down spiky." She brushed her hand through his hair, before moving to the door.

She walked down the hall, spotting at a mirror to check her appearance. She brushed down her jumper, before running her fingers through her hair. Satisfied with her appearance she opened the door.

Peter was there, but he was accompanied by a teenager who defined beautiful. Tall, slim, wearing a black jacket that fell to his knees, his black hair unruly, falling into his eyes. He was smiling at her teasingly, as if he knew things she didn't. Then there was Peeta; average, average, and more average, grinning at her. Peeta wasn't bad looking, but wavy blond hair didn't compare to smooth, glossy, god like jet black hair, artful messy.

The boy looked taken aback too as Glimmer looked at him.

Peter looked between them, before clapping the boys shoulder. "Yeah, Percy, might have forgotten to mention that she's stunningly beautiful." He looked around quickly. "Yeah, besides Katniss of course."

"Nice cover," Percy grinned at him.

Glimmer shook her head. "Hello? Want to fill me in? Peeta?"

"Peter," he corrected. "But anyway… this beautiful person is Glimmer, no second name, because only those of District 12 seem to have surnames."

Percy smiled. "Your names 'Glimmer'? What is that? A nail varnish?"

Glimmer flushed. "Sh-"

"That's what I said the first time," Cato's voice came from the house. "Of course, appearance isn't everything."

Glimmer grinned at Percy. "Now you're in trouble."

Cato emerged from the house, straightening up.

Percy took a step back.

Peeta was having fun. "Oh yeah, Cato's built like a brick shithouse!"

"Kindly don't insult Glimmer," Cato smiled grimly.

Percy held his hands up. "Sorry, the name isn't… common."

"I hate it," Glimmer stated.

He nodded. "Right." He frowned. "You're… sorry, but if I asked you out to dinner, what would you say?"

Cato moved forward. "What are you saying?"

Glimmer held Cato back. "No, I barely know you."

"You're acting so normal," Percy wondered.


Peter moved forward. "Super attraction, long story, we'll let Annabeth explain."


"Long story," Peter said slowly. "Look, we need to talk."

Everyone: Chiron, Luke, Peter, Katniss, Woody, Gale, Grover, Tyson, Cato, Glimmer, Percy and Annabeth sat round a table in Katniss' house, having talked about their respective lives.

Luke checked his watch. "Well, that's all we meant to do, so we'll probably have to get going soon. Should be getting an Iris message soon, as a matter of fact…"

Woody looked up. "What's that?"

Gale waved him down. "Don't trouble your tiny brain with it."

"I, am, in, misery!" – 'Misery', Maroon 5

Woody got a close up, his eyes filling with tears.

Grover waved a hand. "There nothing special, not like the new Gucci shows which came out. I could gobble those down with milk!"

Cato, trying to make up for his aggressive behaviour earlier, offered cookies.

"Do you want one?"

Grover looked at them like they were bombs.

"Christmas is already fatty period, and I need to watch my shape. I'll eat large on the 25th."

"What? Carrot sticks?" Woody snorted.

Gale held up a hand for a high five. "This guy!" He pointed throwing his arm around Woody.

The air shimmered in that second, and Gale watched, transfixed as an incredibly beautiful girl appeared in the air.

"Guys," she spoke, her voice seeming to come from the air itself. "You should be making your way back soon. The Christmas party and all."

Luke slapped his forehead. "Fuck me up the ass, I forgot."

Tyson frowned at him. "Weren't you banned from camp? The whole 'bringing a Titan Lord back to life'?"

"Why do they hold that against me all the time? I mean, that was a twenty years ago." Luke cried.

"You got a lot of people killed," Annabeth pointed out.

"Aww, no one liked Beck-what's his face."

"Silena did," Percy pointed out.

"Yeah, that's why we got rid of her too," Luke stated, as if it should be obvious.

Either way, you can't be back in camp," Annabeth stated. "We've really increased security. I mean, sometimes we actually bother to go out on patrol."

Chiron laughed. "We have magical borders! Who can be bothered to guard? This is the Hunger games franchise. No worries."

"Yeah, that attitude nearly got the camp destroyed in the second and fourth PJO books, Chiron," Annabeth flared. "Congratulations. You're now a lazy dick in two franchises."

Percy snorted into his milk.

Gale and the other HG characters were looking at the Iris message's location (gone now).

"Anyway," Luke started. "Who says I'll be going as Luke?" He put a finger moustache in front of his face. "I'm now known as Lake."

Gale threw his hands on the table. "Who's the angel?"

Percy snorted again, losing more milk than he was drinking, but held it to explain.

"Iris messages are our way of communicating. It's a long story, but the Goddess of Rainbows helps us if she's not too busy and you pay up. Of course," Percy remembered something. "I always get it free for some reason…"

Gale waved this away. "Yeah, yeah, that was an angel."

"Even if it was," Katniss interjected. "What would you do? Stop going on about it already."

"She wasn't even the best looker," Grover sighed, filing his nails.

Gale sated at him, a smile lifting a corner of his mouth. "There's more?"

Grover rolled his eyes. "Yeah, there's, like, a whole cabin full."

He turned to Annabeth. "What's he talking about?"

Annabeth shrugged. "We told you. Sons and daughters of the Gods get put in corresponding cabins."

"What Gods are there?" Gale asked greedily.

She frowned at his gaze, but told him. "You have Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite-"

"Who's she? Is she hot?"

"Oh, no," Chiron said sarcastically. "She's only the Goddess of Beauty and Sex."

Gale stood up. "And those are her daughters? How come none of you have tapped that?"

Luke stood up too, looking at Gale. "Hey, those are our cousins. That's wrong."

Annabeth shot up, blushing. "No, only engaging in romantic stuff when from the same parent is weird. No DNA in Gods, so anything is okay. We all have different mortal parents."

Gale nodded. "That's why you're going out with Percy?"

Annabeth muttered something and sat down, as Gale turned back to Luke.

"So? Why have none of you tapped them?"

"Beckendorf did before he died."

Gale was grinning now. "But they're all free game?"

Chiron was staring at Gale. "What are you saying? You w ant to go to camp and sleep with the entire cabin? A whole cabin full of the most sexual, beautiful girls on the planet, and even make some little Gale children?"

"Most of them are girls, right?" Gale confirmed.

Chiron nodded. "Yeah, but the rest are borderline. Besides Piper, who's just a weird oddball."

Gale was gaping. "Who's she? She hot?"

"Leave it firerockets," Tyson smiled., "She's got a boyfriend."

"Oh well, plenty of other clunge."

Peeta was frowning. "How hot are these girls?"

Chiron gave a little shrug. "Who's the hottest person at this table?"

"Glimmer," Cato, Gale, Peter, Luke and Grover all said simultaneously.

Glimmer blushed. "Oh, you guys!"

Chiron studied her. "Yeah, who are your parents again?"

Glimmer's face turned dark. "Nothing special."

"Well, they're as hot as you."

Gale looked at Glimmer. "A whole cabin of you…"

Cato waved Gale away. "Turn off the eyes."

He moved away to the door. "I'm off to get to this camp."

Percy stood up with Luke. "Look, the Oracle stole the bus. You can't go off in the snow alone. You don't even know where it is."

Gale pointed outside as he opened the door. "We'll follow that star!"

Katniss leapt up and ran for the door with everyone else. Gale was right; just like the Christmas star, there it was, a beacon in the distance, hovering over Camp Half-Blood, miles away.

Luke jumped happily. "Wow, this is like a Christmas story!"

"Just we're not going for the baby Jesus," Tyson muttered.

Gale winked down at him. "No, but we might be by the time I'm done with the Aphrodite girls."

They all stared into the distance, wondering what to do…

"Let's go!" Chiron yelled.

"YEAH!" They cheered.

Katniss ran out in front as they started walking. "Whoa, wait. First, let's wait until morning, and we need supplies, coats and gloves! I don't want to die half way there!"

"Yeah?" Woody asked. "Where are we going to get all that?"

"I'm so happy you called me, darling. I have fantastic clothes for you, all ready for your little journey. You're like, like, the Three Kings!"

Katniss smiled at Cinna. "Thanks."

Cinna smiled. "You're going to look totally hot in this stuff. I made it to fit your body, and you have a bit of padding to add you shape. I used designs for Jennifer's current winter outfits."

Katniss looked own at the clothes she was wearing; a tight snow coat, gloves, jeans and boots, all in a dark green, her favourite colour.

"You… you mean- like, Jennifer Lawrence?"

Cinna nodded. "Like, totally."

Katniss ran up to Peter, garbed in more male wear, his sunset orange; perfect for being their glowing torch in the dark.

"Peter, Peter, Peter! Did you hear!? Jennifer herself made my clothes!"

Peeta frowned. "I thought Cinna said they were inspired-"

"You're wrong," she snapped.

"Okay," he agreed meekly.

Cinna moved over to Cato and Glimmer, the former in a dark grey coat, huge, with big boots. Glimmer was dressed in tight clothes which displayed her figure, all while keeping her looking fully clothed.

"I love working with you," Cinna told Glimmer. "You have the beauty to pull off anything."

"I love these clothes," she smiled.

"I tried to make you look hot, winter style."

"You succeeded," Glimmer looked at her black leather boots. "What do you think Cato?"

Cato was staring at her. "W- what?" He looked up.

Cinna moved past Woody.

"I had to compensate for your beer belly."

Woody was covered in a huge puffy coat, which caused him to look like he'd gained at least 5 stone.

He moved past Chiron, Luke, Tyson (dressed in cute ten-year old winter gear) and onto Percy, Annabeth and Grover.

"You're my hero," Grover stated, tears in his eyes, dressed in a tactful pink.

Annabeth wrapped her grey scarf around her head, the colour bringing out her eyes.

Cinna smiled at her. "You look cute, but dangerously beautiful," he remarked.

She grinned at him. "Here," he said. "Have my card."

He moved onto Percy.

"Percy, Percy, Percy… how do you do it? You almost put Glimmer to shame, and she's female. She should wipe the floor with you."

Percy was wearing a long coat, the end falling down to his ankles, looking-

"You look really badass," Annabeth told him shyly.

Percy smiled at her. "Thanks." He looked away as she fainted, being caught by Grover in the background.

Gale stepped forward, dressed in his own winter gear, a hat firmly on his head.

"Right troops, it's going to be hard, but he can make it to- oh, fuck it, let's go," he led the way out, Cinna waving a hankie and smiling at them from the doorway as they headed in the direction of the Hot Star.

End of Part One of Two

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