"And that's why you're not allowed Tadpoles." Imoen closed the tome with a loud clap.

"That's your idea of a bedtime story?"

"Yup! Next up, Pugtails vs. Hobgobs an' Sahuagin."


She swallowed. "Y-yeah, Jah-ra?"

Jaheira's words were long, considered. "I find it interesting that my voice–"

"Only 'cause you're wise and…"

"S-so y-you a-and Alora?" A small, bright smile.

"That is not the point here."

"Yup! Gettin' late, time ta sleep. You get first watch, big bro."


"Don't let the Doppelgangers bite!" She prodded. "Then again, maybe you should. What with that Solar visitin' an' all."

"I… ergh. Do we have to face Balthazar?"


A/N: Thanks to BlueInkFrost for inspiring me to think about the Mad Scientist archetype.
Tadpoles: coming to a brain near you.