Fire and ice

That was them.


So different and yet so similar.

He was fire. Tall hulking, tanned, hair as blond as the sands of District 4 with icy blue eyes like those of the blue of the sky on a cold winter day. Cold as ice and unforgiving and cruel.

He had a permanent, arrogant sneer that made every girl want to know him and guys be in a mixture of awe and fear. Every girl but her.

He was popular. Always with a new girl. Friends. Never alone. Ever.

He didn't torture his victims. Just got it over with it. He didn't carve patterns into their skins. Uneven and messy

He hated knives. He couldn't throw. He used brute strength. Never speed, wit or cunning. There was skill involved, but not as much as her art. his temper was one to be feared. He lashed out. Didn't think. No one could calm him.

Except her.

Only her.

She was ice.

Small petit and delicate.

She had the darkest hair you have ever seen. A black rainbow of browns, blacks, blues, violet and indigo swirled into one.

A dark rainbow.

Her hair hair cascaded down her back like a dark waterfall.

Her eyes the colour of the burning coal embers from District 12.

She was as pale as the first snowfall.

Fields of white with a sprinkling of freckles.

An arrogant smirk. She was an outsider.

Never with friends or boys.

She wasn't social and hated people. Hated everyone but him.

She couldn't use swords. They were to heavy and didn't require too much skill or speed or cunning.

She loved knives. She never missed.

Relied on speed, cunning agility and skill. She was smart to. Always used her head.

She loved carving patterns on to her victims skin. Precise and somewhat clean, despite al the blood.

Cobwebs of blood.

She held her temper until she was alone before letting it run wild. Kick scream and throw knives. Didn't care who she hit. She didn't care about anyone. Anyone but him.

They saw killing as an art and they were the masterminds. The true artist.

And although they were different they couldn't be more alike.

It was like a semicircle, it wasn't complete, only when you put it together did it become a whole.

And that's just them.

Two pieces of a whole.

Cato and Clove.

Fire and Ice.