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Konoha-Hokages office.

It is late in the evening with the tell tale signs of a storm coming in, the wind is picking up at an alarming rate with the cracks of thunder being heard in the distance, despite the noise those in the Hokages office were greeted with an uneasy silence as the Lady Hokage looked over those before her.

Propped up on the wall to her far left was the temporary team seven captain Yamato who had a serious look plastered on his face, a couple inches to his left was Sakura Haruno the second apprentice to their Kage Tsunade Senju and one of the last two remaining original members of team seven, she had a look of worry and slight caution.

To her right stood Sai with his usual poker face standing silently, if he was troubled at all by what may happen he sure didn't show it.

Off to the far right was Kakashi Hatake who to the shock of anyone who knew him could be seen with a look of just as much seriousness as Yamato in his one visible eye, between them all is our blond hero Naruto Uzumaki who had before being dragged here by an ANBU was enjoying a nice big bowl of Ramen from his favorite place in the village.

Standing directly to the Kage's right is her first apprentice Shizune who could be seen holding her pig ton-ton with an expression similar to Sakura's.

They each stood in silent attention as Tsunade leaned back into her chair and gave them one more look before explaining the reason for their summon "Apparently, the Raikage was attacked last night." she stated in a neutral tone.

This earned a look of shock from everyone in the room, it would be mad to directly attack a Kage in their own village especially one with as much strength as the Raikage.

"Naruto, Kumogakure has identified you as the attacker." she said with a little more force in her tone than usual.

"I-I didn't Do anything!" exclaimed Naruto.

For a moment Naruto tried to wave it off with a forced laugh thinking this was a trick "You must be joking, Tsunade baa-chan-"

He was quickly interrupted by Tsunade "Three Jounin from Kumogakure and two from Iwagakure have been killed." she said with a tone demanding his attention "Kirigakure and Iwagakure sent us these." she then removes two papers from a drawer in her desk and slides them across revealing two badly drawn faces of Naruto on wanted posters.

At this point Narutos jaw could have hit the floor with this much shocking information being sent his way all at once. "No way!" yelled Sakura from the back "Naruto would never do something like that!" she continued with just as much shock as Naruto "There must have been a mistake, Tsunade-Sama!"

"Silence!" yelled the Kage.

"But-" before Sakura could finish Tsunade interrupts again "This is something that could affect our relations with the other villages." she explained a bit softer than her previous shout but with the same amount of seriousness.

Sakura remained silent after hearing this not wanting to make things worse "It wasn't me!" Naruto yelled desperately as he turned to face his sensei "Kakashi-sensei, you gotta believe me!" he says "I had ramen at Ichiraku's yesterday, and then..." he continues while taking a quick thinking pose "Then I spent all night playing shogi with Shikamaru!" he finished hoping they believe him.

"Naruto, until you're proven innocent you will be incarcerated at Houzukijou." said Tsunade gaining back his attention.

"What's Houzukijou?" he asks as he turns to face his Kage.

"It's a shinobi prison in Kusagakure that's jointly run by all the villages. explained Kakashi.

"Anyone can get in there, but not everyone can leave." continued Yamato "It holds criminal shinobi on behalf of all the villages." he finishes.

"I'm telling you I didn't do anything!" Naruto yelled again getting really nervous "This is some kind of plot to get me away from the village." he says waving his arms around in panic.

"Enough!" yelled Tsunade and as if on cue Naruto drops his hands into a familiar sign "Kage Bunshin no-" he never got to finish his jutsu in time before he hears "Mokuton Shichurou!" from Yamato as beams of wood erupts from the floor and wrap themselves around Narutos neck and arms while it also creates a cage around him.

"H-hey, wait!" he yells as Tsunade hops over her desk and places a seal on the cage keeping him in place, as she finishes with the seal she also reaches inside and removes Narutos leaf village headband before taking a step back from the cage "It wasn't me!" he pleaded from within his binds

"Take him away!" the Lady Hokage yelled and on cue several leaf Jounin enter through the doorway and life his cage "I didn't do anything!" he yelled one last time before the leaf shinobi carried him away.

Moments after he was gone everyone in the room let out a sigh as the lights flashed on and they looked between each other "Man that was close!" said Tsunade as she slumped back into her chair "Hey, did I do alright?" asked Sakura franticly.

They each stopped and looked out the window of the office to see Naruto being carried off through the village, as this happened groups of civilians could be seen cheering from the sides of the road and from within their homes that the 'Demon' was finally being taken care of.

"Man, Naruto is going to be so heartbroken at the end of all this." stated Yamato while each of them looked down depressingly "Well I guess I'm going to end up treating him to Ramen when he gets back." said Kakashi trying to lighten the mood.

"So how long do you think it will take before we can go get him out for the plan?" asked Sakura all eyes on Tsunade.

"It shouldn't be more than a couple weeks before 'they' make their move and when they do we will be ready." she says before dismissing them all.

'Just hang on for a while Naruto-kun, we will be there soon.' she thought before turning to the bane of all Kages, paperwork...

Down in the streets of Konoha.

The people of the village had all stopped to witness the 'Demon brat' being carried away in a cage, at the sight of this the large groups started cheering "The demon is finally leaving!" "Finally we can all sleep soundly at night!" things of this nature could be heard from the crowd, as soon as the cheering people also started throwing trash and random objects at his causing the ninja who were tasked with carrying him to step up their pace.

'I just need to be strong!' he thought to himself 'They will see that this is a set up and i will be back home in no time!'

As he was carried off he was quiet until he saw something horrible, in the crowds of people cheering for his grim fate was the entire Konoha nine along with Teuchi and his daughter Ayame people he considered his family were now cheering with the rest of the village Kiba was even throwing stuff with them while the rest settled for glaring at him of jumping for joy.

You could practicly hear his heart completely shatter like glass into thousands of pieces with this sight, all of their faces of hate and joy at his fate burning them selves into his mind forever.

He honestly thought he was past all of this, when he was a little kid similar things have happened to him but it was never this bad and it never hurt as much, being an orphan he never had to worry about the hate of anyone but the villagers but now here he is being carried away for something he didn't do while his 'family' cheered for it.

It took about twenty minutes to get to the front gates of Konoha where a group of prison guards were waiting for him, as the leaf village shinobi placed him down one of them signed a transfer paper and they left for the new escorts to pick up his cage and was once more carried away.

The last thing to cross his mind as he left the land of fire was what he could have done to kami to diserve this.


The trip to his prison had been less than enjoyable after they left the land of fire, since Kusagakure was overseas they had to go through wave country to get on a boat that had several other criminal shinobi being sent away from their respective villages, on their way they had passed the village Naruto had saved in his youth with his friends and sensei and as if Kami just loved to kick people when they were down Tazuna and his grandson Inari had seen Naruto caged and being carried off.

Unlike those in Konoha the people of this village loved Naruto as their hero none of them hearing about his apparent assassination attempt on the Raikage, the guards escorting him had kept them both away from the 'prisoner' the several times they tried to get close to see what had happened, the one thought that went through Narutos head was of how much Inari had grown since he last saw them all.

After a quick break in the land of waves they made their way to the port town and boarded the ship to Kusagakure, Naruto had no idea he could get this sea sick as the violent waves crashed against the boat for nearly all the trip there since their departure, it was a rough three day trip before they finally reached their destination and even though where he was headed saddenedand angered him right now he was just glad to be back on land.

It took about fifteen minutes to get from the beach port up to the prison and the entire way there his thoughts lingered to his friends if they ever were that in the first place, every fiber of his being wanted this to be some kind of cruel joke he wanted his friends to still love him like he thought they did but the looks on their faces as he was dragged away told him that it was real and that hurt him more than a chidori through the chest.

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed he was already inside the prison with the rest with his cage being set down, at the front of them were several guards one of which rather large around the middle and had the worst haircut he had ever seen in his life a close second to the shared style of Lee and Gai "Quiet down scum! The Warden is about to speak!" yelled the man as a tall and rather skinny man with long black hair stepped forward "My name is Mui and I'm in charge around here-" he was interrupted as Naruto chose this chance to speak "Let me out! I'm innocent!" he yelled

as the other prisoners looked at him like he was either brave or just an idiot, at this Mui stepped down from his platform and proceeded to the cage Naruto was in, once he got close enough he had removed the seal binding the cage and Naruto fell limp to the ground having been in that one position for almost four days caused him various limbs to go numb.

As Naruto began to sit up he was instantly slammed in the chest "Katon: Tenrō!" yelled Mui as Naruto flew through the air and slammed into the giant gates behind them, the other prisoners stood wide-eyed as Naruto rolled around in pain "This is a sealing Jutsu passed down through my clan and is the main reason we have remained in charge here, this jutsu will keep you from molding chakra and cancels all chakra based enhancements and will only allow you to keep enough to live." he paused for a moment to let them all soak in the info before he continued "This is a fire based jutsu and as such you will combust if you are a certain distance from me, now remember this because it is a fire based jutsu it won't work under water but if you try to escape into the ocean the strong currents will sweep you around and drown you before you have the chance to mold any chakra." he paused once more before finishing "There are only two ways to get rid of the seal the first being if I remove it and the second is if you die."

After a few moments of extreme pain Naruto passed out, with a wave of the hand a couple guards lifted the blond shinobi from the ground and the group went inside to get screened before being assigned a cell, after waking up and being stripped down to be checked for any hidden weapons he was brought to his cell which had two others inside as well each looking hungrily at him like wolfs who haven't eaten in a week.

That night was probably one of the worst he has ever had in his life, the beatings could be heard from half way across the cell block and he was just to tired to fight back or defend himself.

Time skip-One month since arrival

It had been a while since he was brought to the prison and in that time he quickly began to see what hell was like, it seems that the seal that was placed on Naruto the first day did more than just seal away his chakra it had also sealed away his enhanced healing, he realized this in his fourth day when the wounds from the first had still yet to heal which was weird to him since wounds like those would normally be better by the next day, not used to his chakra being so low with the reserves he had it left him physically weak to the point he had trouble defending himself for more than a few minutes from the daily and sometimes nightly beatings he received from his cell mates.

Looking himself over in the mirror he had noticed a few changes in his appearance, one of the most noticeable was a scar on his forehead from when his head got slammed onto a large stone in the courtyard after being ganged up on by six other inmates for accidently bumping into one of them and since everyone here is a shinobi he not only got beat but he got beat by people who knew how to make it hurt like nothing the villagers in Konoha had ever done to him in the past.

There are dark bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep he got along with a single black left eye from todays beating which brings him to the room he is in now, Naruto left the mirror and went to a weight set to begin a workout he figured since he couldn't mold his chakra he may as well build up his physical strength so he may better defend himself during his stay here, as he finished up this days workout he decided to head to the cafeteria for some food which was actually pretty damn good in his opinion atleast better than the rations he had to use during missions.

As he entered the cafeteria he ignored the glares he got from some of the other inmates including those he was bunked with as his thoughts were drawn to a different matter, after sitting down and beginning his meal which consisted some soup and a half loaf of bread he had been thinking of his home, he hadn't heard a single thing since he got here about the progress of his case but with the exit he had from the village he figured they all just didn't care enough to find the real culprit.

He wondered how his life will be when he returned home, back to the people who seemed to relish the idea of him being gone how would he deal with his old friends and the people of the village? Would the council even allow him back home even when he was proven innocent he just didn't know what to think about them anymore he couldn't even order the prison ramen because the food reminded him to much of his days at the Ichiraku ramen stand laughing and being happy with his 'family'.

He finished his meal in relative silence before heading back to his cell to get ready for another pain full sleepless night.

One year-Eight months since arrival

Naruto had just been released from the prison infirmary with a bandage across his head covering his left eye much like his old Sensei had done in the past, while the prison medic-nin were good not being able to heal from all wounds was a huge disadvantage for the blond but he was making up for it with his training and workouts, the cause for the bandage happened the day before in the showers he had been cleaning himself before everyone but him silently left the wash room as twelve others made their way inside, it seems his two bunkmates 'sold' him to the leader of one of the stronger prison gangs who happened to have a thing for blonds and in his attempt to escape he got a prison shiv to his left eye followed by being 'claimed' and left on the floor of the showers broken and bleeding, his attackers were smirking and laughing the entire time.

He made his way to his workout room and after a quick check to see no one was around he begun his now doubled routine of weights, sparring with wooden posts ,pushups, sit ups, laps around the courtyard and ending with some meditation which today was particularly painful for him, during his meditation his bunkmates had made their way into the workout room and spotted Naruto sitting in the corner "Oi, Uzumaki how was your night?" asked the taller of the two he had large muscles with dark skin and white hair similar to those of Kumo "Yeah, sleep well?" continued the smaller of the two who had almost as much muscle as the first he was of light skin with black hair.

With his thoughts returning to reality Naruto stood from his meditation and glared at the two before him and as if on cue they both rushed him and unfortunately for them he was ready this time, after hearing that they sold him he spent the day in the infirmary thinking of what to do to them when he got out and none of those thought were pleasant, as the duo drew closer Naruto quickly grabbed one of the smaller weights of about thirty pounds and smashed it over the head of the smaller one with a sickening crunch of bone and flesh he wasted no time in doing the same to the taller whom he tackled to the floor and continued to repeatedly smash the weights down onto his face before he caved the entire head in on itself leaving a very gruesome mess.

Naruto did the same to the shorter one to make sure he was dead before he stopped and was panting heavily, after a few moments his stood and looked at himself in the mirror, the sight before him would have caused most people to vomit he was covered in blood,bone and brain matter from his waist to his face but he didn't care at all in fact he didn't feel a single thing to what he just did, in the past he would be horrified by his actions and have nightmares over it for months to come but that was the old him, after his incident the day before he was changed no longer the happy loving blond he was.

After his ordeal he once again went to the cafeteria not even bothering to clean himself, as he entered the room fell silent a lot of them having horrified looks on their faces at the gory mess before them while others remained neutral either out of respect for the blond for finally protecting himself or fear at how far he took it, Naruto scanned the room with an eye that was blank and dull no longer full of the life it once held which caused a few of the weaker inmates to shutter, after a moment of motionless he just walked his way to the cooks who at this point were shivering before him while he calmly ordered his food and found a table to enjoy his meal in the silence that didn't stop until he left twenty minutes later.

This was the most peaceful night he's had since he got here now that his bunkmates were no longer an issue, he thought about what he did for most of the night before finally slipping into a dreamless sleep.

Four years-three months since arrival

It has been four years and Naruto still hasn't heard a single word from Tsunade or anyone outside the prison for that matter not that he really cared anymore since he figured everyone had forgotten him by now, since his incident three years ago Naruto was kept in a single man cell which to him was perfectly fine as he didn't enjoy the company of the last group very much, it is early in the afternoon and Naruto was relaxing in the courtyard after his laps when a taller man in a long coat with yellow stripes approached him "Hello Naruto-san" the man said with a cheery tune as he smiled down at the resting Uzumaki "Hello Maroi-San" Naruto replied in a neutral tone as stood to his feet, Narutos appearance has changed a lot since he first came to Hozikijou While he was only slightly taller than before having gained a couple inches he made up for it in muscle while not bulging or anything they are a lot more visible than before, his hair was cut shorter and styled so that the spikes pointed forwards instead of all directions with a chin strap beard, his clothing no the jumpsuit he always wore now consisted of black baggy ANBU styled pants tucked into black shinobi sandals along with a black sleeveless hooded jacket with orange trimmings on the hood and the kanji for Fox on the back in burnt orange he left the jacket open with no shirt on under it.

While all of this was a drastic change from his old look the most noticeable change to his body was the countless scars covering his arms torso and a few on his face the worst being the one around his eye when it was removed, after he killed his former bunkmates he was constantly being ganged up on by other inmates wanting to make a name for themselfs in a gang or whatever other reason, while most of the ones who attacked him lived they would spend months in the infirmary at a time with the things Naruto would to do them.

It was a couple months after this started that he met Maroi and slowly began to trust him over the years, Maroi had told him the real reason he was here for a mission gathering information on a group of shady ninja who helped run the prison as well as his relationship with Mui if you could call it that, after hearing the explanation Naruto felt he had to no reason not to believe the man so he just accepted it for what it was and it was nice to have someone to talk to every now and then.

After a comfortable silence it was interrupted by a guard approaching the duo "Uzumaki, you have a visitor!" the guard called earning him the sight of a shocked Naruto with his one functional eye widening, this has never happened before maybe they finally found the culprit who framed him those years ago "Lets go Uzumaki!" he was snapped back to reality and followed after the guard while putting his hood up, he followed the guard for about ten minutes into a large room with other guards in each corner and a table in the center with two chairs one of which was occupied by none other than Tsunade Senju who he noticed hasn't change a bit since the last time he saw her.

Upon his entry she eyes him quickly before looking to the guard "Who is this? I asked for Naruto Uzumaki." she asked looking between the two when Naruto just eyed her with his now usual dead eye "It's nice to see you Hokage-sama." he said in monotone as he romoved his hood revealing his blond hair and whisker marks to her.

"Naruto?" she asked with a shocked tone as he was brought to the table and sat down across from his Godmother.

All he could do was nod as his mind raced a mile a minute thinking of why she was here, most of his thoughts hoping that she was here to take him back to the village but at the same time that same thought scarred him, he has changed and there was no denying it at this point and he doubts things will ever be the same for him back in Konoha.

After a few minutes of a very uncomfortable silence Tsunade decided to start "How have you been Naruto-kun?" she asked hoping for the same energetic response she got before.

"I have had worse days Hokage-sama." he replied with the same emotionless tone while he gently rubbed his closed left eye which got a saddened look from Tsunade which he caught "But it hasn't been completely bad, the food here is pretty good." he said trying his hardest to sound kinder for the woman he used to consider a mother figure.

She could only chuckle softly before taking in his new look, it hurt her inside seeing all the scars he has which seem to go on forever over his skin "We all miss you at the village, your friends keep going on about you when I see them after missions always asking if I knew how you were doing." she said with a smile.

At this Narutos eyes went from dead to cold and he gave her a small glare which she was surprized he could even do "Are these the same 'friends' that were cheering for my capture while they threw garbage at me Hokage-sama?" ask asked while spitting the word 'friends' with a bit of venom.

"What?" she asked wide-eyed, she had never heard of this happening from anyone before.

"They were all there, Shikamaru,Ino,Chouji,Neji,Tenten,Lee,Hinata,Kiba,Shino even Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku were there with joyous expressions while throwing garbage at me as I was carried out of the village." he said with a mix of anger and sadness in his voice, even though he didn't raise his voice once it was clear he had some unpleasant feelings for them all, even a couple guards were disgusted at this having gotten to know Naruto over the last four years and seen how kind he is behind the coldness he now showed to others.

Tsunade was furious at hearing this and close to breaking the table under her grip at the edge "Well I promise to get to the bottom of this when I return to the village Naruto-kun." she said as she now thought of how she was going to ask/punish them all "Don't bother yourself with it Hokage-sama." he said now back to his normal monotone voice which cause her jaw to drop "But why Naruto?" she asked skipping the honorific "I'm over it, I have had time to think about what I saw and came to the same conclusion as when I was six." he said as he sat back into

the chair trying to get more comfortable, with a raised brow Tsunade had to know what he is talking about "What was your conclusion?"

After sitting up and leaning down placing his hands across his face with elbows on the table much like she did when assigning missions he stayed silent for several minutes before speaking "I came to think of them the same as those villagers who used to treat me nicely only to hurt me in the end by either leading me to a secluded place to beat me or poison me with food as it was much more satisfying to them to see my hopes crushed." he said staring at her for a moment before sitting back into his chair once more satisfied with the response he gave.

She could only look down sadness apparent on her face with hints of anger and regret, after several more minutes passed Naruto decided to ask his questions next "Hokage-sama." he said gaining her attention, she didn't like how he no longer called her baa-chan as much as she wanted him to stop before it just seemed different without his happy attitude "Have you had any luck with finding the people responsible for all of this?" he asked with sincere hope heard in his normally dead tone.

A smile graced her lips hearing a bit of his old self in the tone of his voice while she nodded "Yes Naruto-kun, we caught the man responsible." she said with happiness at his now wide eye "Aparently he had not heard of your incarceration and used an advanced henge to turn into you in our village no less, this was a week ago." she said letting him soak in the information.

He looked to the floor as a small smile creeped across his face something that hasn't happened once since he arrived here, he looked back up to Tsunade as if asking a question which she caught and just nodded her own smile never wavering "Yes Naruto-kun, I am here to take you home." she said not as the Hokage but as his Godmother and with as much love in her voice as a real mother's.

As if on cue the door opened once more revealing Mui who wasted no time to get to Naruto, he just stood there for a few minutes before a smirk made its way onto his face while Naruto just stared at him waiting for something to happen only to be stood up from his chair by two guards who knew him the best "Congrats Uzumaki-san, you'r getting out today." one of them said in a whisper before they both lifted his jacket up, seeing this Mui goes through several handsigns before slamming both hands into Naruto's chest causing a small yell to escape his lips as the Seal slowly sizzled away from sight allowing for the first time in four years his chakra to flow through him like nature intended.

Seeing his work complete Mui settled for placing a hand on Naruto's should still with a smirk "You are one of the very few to have the Tenro removed willingly, now get out of my prison." he said with a wider smirk than before as he walked away from the group, Seeing him leave the guards all left except for the two who were still holding a heavily panting Naruto, to say the removal process was unpleasant would be an understatement in his mind.

After catching his breath he was surprized when both guards quickly let him go as he was embraced in a death-hug from Tsunade, the events of today surprising him to no end his mind finally gave out under the stress and he passed out while Tsunade chuckled and handed him back to the guards "Would you mind carying him to the boat?" she asked politely to which both nodded and the four left the room making there way to the front gates of the prison and making the ten minute trip down the path where they were greeted by her two probably not needed guards Kakashi and Gai along with Shizune.

Each of them looked Naruto over but before any questions could be ask she raided her hand "Wait until he wakes up, ok?" she said in more like an order than a question. while the guards carried him inside and laid him down on a cot, Naruto was going to be in the surprize of his life when he woke up later.

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