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20th December, 2012

Chapter 11

"Hey, Bells?"

"Yeah, Dad?"

"You're not in New York boarding your plane, are you?"

Shit. Busted.

I guiltily look up at Edward, who's been driving at a snail's pace for the past ten minutes I've been on the phone, and my face colors up in embarrassment. "Uh… I don't know what you're talking about?"

Guess who just won an award for being the best liar ever? Yeah, I wasn't even in the nominations.

He sighs, and I imagine him rubbing his hand over his face in frustration. "There's no flight scheduled to Seattle for the next fifteen hours." He coughs. "Are you even coming home for the holidays?"

"Of course I am!" I shout. "In fact, I'll be there in approximately seventeen hours." The car jerks a little when I say that, and I look up at Edward questioningly, wondering if something's wrong with Blush. He just gives me a sheepish smile, and I shrug, turning my eyes back to the road.

"Are you driving here?!" he yells, and I hear the scrape of wood on tile.

"Yeah, I'm sorta… I…uh…" I sigh. "Yeah, Dad, I'm driving to Forks."

"All by yourself? Alone?"

And here I was, hoping to have a merry Christmas. "No… not alone. I'm with… someone…"

"Who?" he demands.

And I don't think it's wise to tell my Dad that I'm with a guy I met two days ago in an airport, and that he's been my boyfriend for half a day. "Umm… I've been with this guy for about… two months –"

Edward gives me a questioning and slightly worried look, and I mouth 'I'll explain later'.

"What's your boyfriend's name, and why didn't I know about this before?"

I've just about had it with the overbearing nature of my dad. I get that he means well, but come on! I'm not a kid anymore, and I have every right mentioned in that Constitution.

"Because I don't feel the need to tell you everything, Charlie," I snap. When I hear his gasp of shock at my outburst, I immediately feel guilty and take on a softer, but stern tone. "Dad, look, you have got to stop treating me like an irresponsible teenager. I'm an independent woman, and I honestly don't think it's so abnormal for me to have a boyfriend. I've really had enough of your overbearing crap all through my teenage years. This guy… he's special, and I want you to treat him right. In fact, he's coming over for Christmas," I tell more than ask him.

This time, the car comes to a dead halt. I chew on my lip and avoid looking into the golden eyes that I can feel baring a hole in my face.

"Alright," he grumbles, sounding thoroughly chastened. "Tell me his name at least?"

"Edward Cullen," I say, my eyes still downcast, and a smile automatically tugs at the corner of my lips.

He huffs. "He better be treating you right, Bells."

"Better than right, Dad. You'll see," I say confidently.

We say our goodbyes, well Charlie says "Just hurry up and get here already", and then hang up. Since I can't avoid it any longer, I turn my eyes to look up at Edward.

"What?" I say, on seeing a face-splitting grin on his lips, and his brow cocked as if to say 'wanna tell me what that was about?'

"Don't 'what' me, Bella Swan," he says, nudging me in the side with his elbow. My grin mirrors his.

I laugh. "Would you like to spend Christmas with me, Mr. Cullen?"

"You bet'cha, baby!" he exclaims and does a fist pump. His eyes soften, and he takes my hand between his. "I'm special?"

I shift in my seat and wiggle my way into his lap, straddling him. He looks up into my eyes and rubs my back, as I wind my hands around his neck. "And why do you doubt that?"

He chuckles and kisses me on the lips, and then the tip of my nose. The grin never leaves me face when I'm with this man, I tell ya'. "You should know that you're pretty damn special to me too. And I'm so, so glad that abysinnia for Christmas, baby."

I just about die when he says "I'll be seeing you" in that sexy accent of his, and it comes out as "abysinnia". And when he calls me 'baby', I get wet every damn time. Sinful man, this Edward Cullen.

I peck his lips. "I'm glad too, Edward. Now can we get back on the road so that my dad doesn't combust with the waiting, please?"

After he decides that he wants to kiss the hell out of me and have a humping session right there on the side of a highway, we finally get back on the road. I sleep on his lap all through the afternoon, and we stop at an In-and-Out for lunch.

What I told my dad about Edward being special? That was one hundred percent true. Even though I've known him for a mere two days, fuck if I can live without him now! I can't imagine not seeing his gorgeous face, or not being able to hear him call me 'baby' in that British accent, not laughing every time I call him a cutie and he tells me to cut it out, not swooning when he gives me that crooked grin and winks at me, running a hand through his hair, and I sure as hell cannot live without seeing his face as he comes, or kissing my way up his back which is littered with hot-as-fuck black moles here and there.

But above all, I can't live without him telling me that he more than just likes me.

I can't live without Edward Cullen, and fuck if I ever have to!

"Bella?" he says, breaking me out of my reverie.

"Hmm?" I hum, my torso turned toward him as I stare unabashedly at his profile.

He stifles a smirk at my shameless ogling and says, "It's almost sundown. Do you want me to drive through the night, or do you wanna stay in a motel?"

I laugh. This guy thinks he's so suave, asking if I wanna stay overnight in a motel. "I don't know, Cullen. Maybe if we drive through the night, we can reach Forks faster."

His face falls, and he knows he's been caught in the bluff. "Oh, but I don't know, baby. I don't think I'll be able to drive all night. There's a motel coming up in about twenty miles, we should definitely take a room." He nods, satisfied with his response.

"It's okay. I'll take over when you get tired," I say, smirking as he struggles for a response.

"No, Bella," he says finally, "I can't let you drive at night. We're definitely stopping."

"Oh, well," I say, sighing as if I'm doing him a favor by agreeing, "we'll just have to take the room in that case, I guess."

His smirk is now back, and he nods enthusiastically. "O yeah, we definitely should."

Oh, Cullen, I would've stopped us whether you liked it or not.

After all, there's only so long a girl can go before seeing a naked Edward Cullen go down on her, and then pound into her pussy as he growls out her name when he comes.

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