Please note that the character Nicole Murphy is created by me!
History: Dade Murphy and Kate Libby married in 1995. They got one daughter, who they named
They work as computer programmers and haven`t been hacking since their daughter was born.
Location: 2011, New York
Place: Murphy`s apartment
,,What about tonight?"Dade asked as he put his arms around Kate.
Kate leaned closer to him and smirked.
Dade smiled and kissed her passionately.
Suddenly the front door burst open and a young girl walked in, carrying a schoolbag.
,,Mum, Dad! I`m home!" She threw the school bag in the corner and walked in the kitchen.
Dade and Kate smiled at her as she sat down at the round kitchen table and gave them a look. She
looked exhausted and didn`t want to be bothered.
,,So, how was school today?" Dade asked and sat next to her daughter. Kate joined them.
Nicole looked at him for some seconds. ,, always."
Kate gave her a pat on the shoulder and said:,,I wonder why it does not surprise me."
,,Wanna talk about it, Princess?"Asked Dade again and took her daughter`s hand.
Nicole pulled her hand quickly back and leaned against the kitchen table. ,,No!"
,,Ok,"Dade said and looked questioningly at her wife. Kate shrug the shoulders and looked at her daughter.
,,What`s wrong, tell me! I`m not asking you, I`m telling you!"
The girl burst into tears.
,,I want to move!"
,,What?!"Kate and Dade were shocked.
Nicole stopped crying and said seriuosly:,,Just Brooklyn."
,,Aw, Princess!"Kate hugged her, ,,you know that we can`t do that. What about our jobs and apartment then?"
Dade nodded in agreement and wiped away his daughter`s tears.
Nicole yelled:,,We have to move!" She pounded the table.
Dade stopped her. ,,Hey! Calm down, don`t break the table!"
His daughter stood quickly up and hugged him tightly and didn`t let him go. ,,Daddy! We have to...
Please? Just one more time! And I promise, if we will move to Brooklyn, I will study hard, especially
,,But what about your school? We would have to check you out and you would have to go to a new
school..."He gave her a big hug.
,,I don`t care!"Nicole sobbed, still in her father`s arms.
Kate stood up and poured some orange juice in the glass. ,,And you don`t have any friends there!
Wouldn`t you feel lonely there?"
Nicole held her father even more tightly now. ,,I don`t care! Daddy, please!"
(Background Music: 4 Strings ,,Take me away (into the night)")
Kate sipped her orange juice and said calmly:,,Okay...we will move to...Brooklyn."
Nicole lightened up and ran to give her mother a big hug.
,,But Kate? What about the club? And Nikon, Phreak, Cereal and the others?"Dade was surprised.
He looked into his wife`s eyes, just to see that she was darn sure about the whole thing.
Kate gave Nicole a hug and smiled. ,,What about them? It`s getting boring here anyway."She put
the empty glass on the table and walked out of the kitchen after Nicole.
,,I`m going to pack!"Nicole shouted to her father.

To be continued...
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