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/ Kid's you can't imagine how happy I was when it was time for lunch! /

As I walked to lunch I kept getting butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to finally be with Laura again! She just made me, I don't know… melt? Yeah that's the word, she made me melt. It's just, she's so perfect. Her curly brown hair always lying loose over her shoulder, her beautiful brown eyes… anyway let's move on.

As I walked in the canteen I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous! I had the feeling that everybody was watching me when really, no one even cared to look up from devouring their food. That's when I saw Laura. She was sitting on a table laughing at a redheaded boy who had a cheese stick stuck up his nose. Next to him was a short girl with curly black hair. She seemed to be enjoying the moment because she was laughing really hard… I was surprise no one had heard her, then again this is high school. That when I felt someone taping my shoulder and I saw Rydel looking at me with a devilish smile.

'Hey Ross you already got a girl what a player! – She teased but smiled- come on go over to her- she said and walked off with a few girls.

I was happy that she already found friends, and then I noticed that Laura really was staring at me. When she saw me look at her, she blushed and signaled for me to come over. Once I arrived I saw that curly girl screaming at the boy.

'Dez- she yelled and I guessed that was his name- that was my Cheerio (A/N IDK if that food exists but just pretend it does ok?) Give it back!

'But it's in my tummy- Dez protested, his mouth full of food

'Uh guys- Laura spoke up as I walked over to them- This is Ross, the new guy I told you about?

Raini giggled and at that moment I wondered what she had actually told the curly girl…

'So Ross how was your first day? - Raini asked as she nibbled on an apple

'Uh, it was Ok I guess.

'Where did you go to school before you came here? - Asked Laura and I suddenly felt uncomfortable.

'Yeah, did your parents move here or something- Raini asked and that's when I lost it. I mumbled a quick 'Gotta go' and ran off.

I ran and ran 'til the school was far behind me. I ran and sat on a grass field. It was a beautiful place, with a little river and trees. Birds were chirping and I couldn't help but smile. That peaceful looking environment gave me memories of me and my dad on a fishing trip.

I stayed like that for a while 'til I heard someone sit next to me and comfortably patted my back and from that touch I got shivers I turned my head only to see Laura sitting there looking beautiful.

'How did you know I would be here? – I asked

'First, sorry that I followed you and second, um you seem like and outdoors type and I know that this is one of the most peaceful places around the school so I figured you'd come here!

I wanted to be mad at her but I couldn't.

'It's ok, and I am sorry for running off like that it's just… well the "parents" topic isn't one of my favorite ones.- I sighed

'Ross- she started as she took my arm and laid her head on it- I know this may sound strange to you, but from the moment I saw you, I knew you were something different, something special. - I couldn't help but blush- and now I am here, in one of my most favorite places on earth with not just anyone but you- she looked up to meet my eyes

'Laura, do you believe in fate?

'Uh I guess, why?

'Just asking, because I know I do

'Wonna cut class and just hang here for the rest of the day? Then we could go to my house and work on the song. What do you say?

I know if it were just any girl asking me out I'd think she is a total slut and just wants to get laid but there was just something in Laura's eyes, the way she looked at me. I had forgotten how to say the word no, so I just nodded. Best decision I have ever made.

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