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Edward never remarried. He never even thought about dating after Bella had passed.

Rosalie and Alice hated the idea of their father growing old alone, but they understood. Bella was their everything.

Edward mourned the death of his first and only love for the next sixteen years until he died at the age of seventy-two.

But while Edward mourned, he also lived.

Alice and Jasper had Carmen four years after Maria. Alice was always tired of the two of them yelling at each other, Carmen "borrowing" Maria's clothes, and Maria always coming in after curfew.

Jasper was in heaven, though. There was nothing better than his two healthy, beautiful, spoiled brats and their mother, who still was never the first to admit when she was wrong. She was, however, the first and last thought on Jasper's mind when he began and ended his day.

Rosalie and Emmett had four of their own kids: Edward Masen (but he went by Masen), Jason, Riley, and Isabella.

Much like the woman she was named for, Izzy was the light in everyone's eyes. Her older brothers were blind to her faults and ran off every boy who even thought about asking her out. Isabella worshipped her older brothers and cockblocked every chance she could.

Edward would have died for any of his children or grandchildren, and he spent the sixteen years after Bella's death showing them how much he loved them all. To him, there was no better way to honor Bella than to love and cherish his family as she would have.

Every Christmas was spent at Edward's house. He had weekly lunches with Alice and Rosalie. He even took up golfing, a sport he hated, so he, Jasper, and Emmett could spend time together and talk about "guy stuff." He spent the rest of his life attending football games, school plays, family camping trips, playing tea party, and telling his grandchildren about their grandmother.

There was always a moment to share, a memory to re-live. Story-telling often began when someone asked about a particular photo in the house or someone said, "Oh, my God. Do you remember the time she…?" or Edward sat next to Bella's empty chair on the back porch. While Bella may not have physically been in her grandchildren's lives, they knew her because her husband and children loved her so much, refusing to let her memory simply fade away.

The last years of Edward's life found him happy, loved, and so full of amazing memories. He knew he was lucky. His family was healthy, he had known love in its truest and purest form, and he regretted nothing. Not many people were gifted with such a wonderful life, but Edward was, and he was grateful.

When Edward passed, his children mourned. His grandchildren mourned. His friends and colleagues mourned. They recounted his good heart, strong work ethic, and dedication to his family. Mostly, though, they talked about how much he had loved Bella.

And because there was there no other way it should've been, Edward was laid to rest next to Bella.