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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a princess named Quinn. With her long golden hair, and sparkling hazel eyes, Quinn was by far the most beautiful girl in all the land. And like the stories that she had been told as a child, her beauty came at a price. The day of her birth an evil witch cast a curse upon her so that she would not be able to enjoy her beauty. Her father sent his best knights to go forth and slay the cursed woman, only to learn that the curse remained even after her death. And with that singular action, he unknowingly sentenced his daughter to live a short eighteen year life.

Our story starts when Quinn is seventeen, and only a month away from her untimely demise. She's lived a good life, albeit not a very long one. She has two loving parents, a best friend that she cares for deeply, and a kingdom that adores her. She may not be ready for her life to end, but Quinn knows that she can go peacefully with the life that she's led.

A knock on the door brought her out of her musings. "Come in," she calls. The door swung open to reveal the tiny form of Rachel Berry, Quinn's personal servant and best friend, although she tries not to see her as the former. The two of them have known each for as long as either of them could remember, and Rachel had been Quinn's friend first before coming into her family's service.

"My Lady, I have your breakfast done, would you like me to bring it up?"

"Rachel, how many times have I told you? Just call me Quinn. Nothing's changed between us."

"But your parents insist that I-"

"And I insist that you don't," Quinn interrupted. "When my parents are around you can call me 'My Lady' or 'Princess' or whatever else they deem appropriate, but when it's just the two of us call me Quinn… like you used to."

"If that's what you wish My- Quinn. Would you like me to get you your breakfast?"

"Rachel that's not necessary, I can get it-"

"No, no," Rachel hurriedly says. "You rest, I'll go." She darted out of the room before another word can be thrown into their argument. Quinn sighed. She missed the days when the two of them would play carelessly in the fields; the days before Rachel was hired to be her personal maid. They would lie in the grass for hours, watching the clouds or go out and have adventures in the kingdom.

But now all Rachel does is scurry around the castle tending to Quinn's every beckon whim, not that she has many. In truth, Quinn has none save one, but that request is one that Quinn would never give. She would never abuse her power like that; never take advantage of Rachel like that.

The brunette soon bounced back into the room, carrying a tray of food in her arms. On top lies a pile of pancakes with a side of bacon and eggs and a large glass of orange juice. It's Quinn's favorite breakfast. She layed it out in front of the blonde. "Here you are, Quinn. I hope you like it."

"You know that I do." Rachel bowed slightly as she nods. "Rachel you don't have to do that." Rachel nods again, head still bowed. "Rachel," Quinn sighed. The brunette slowly got into an upright position. Quinn patted the spot on the bed besides her, "Sit; come eat with me."

"Quinn, that's not necessary. I can make my own breakfast," she said, already backing away.

"Rachel, please. For old time's sake," she pleaded. Rachel stopped in her tracks. With a grateful smile she retook her steps and sat down next to her best friend. "That's better." Quinn wrapped her arm around Rachel, pulling her in close and then retrieved her breakfast and placed the tray across their laps. She cut apart the pancake and offered the brunette the first bite. She's hesitant, but gives in and lets Quinn feed her.

An almost immediate, "Mmm," escapes Rachel's lips.

"Forget how good of a cook you are?" Quinn teased.

"Actually, yes," Rachel answered, her mouth still full. Quinn laughed at her garbled words, which makes Rachel giggle as well. Quinn got back to cutting up her pancakes and starts to stuff her face as well. If there's one thing about Rachel being her personal maid that Quinn's grateful for it's her cooking skills, especially breakfast (and seeing her best friend every day, but they used to see each other every day anyway so she doesn't really count that).

They only have a single set of utensils so Quinn alternates between feeding herself and Rachel. She doesn't mind; it's the closest she'll get to kissing her best friend. But when she sees Rachel taking a sip of her orange juice, she scratched that thought out. Without being too obvious, she takes the glass and took a drink from the exact spot Rachel had. If Rachel noticed, she didn't comment and for that Quinn is grateful.

Quinn is careful with how she feeds Rachel, since the smaller girl won't eat the bacon or eggs. She gives her the majority of the pancakes. Rachel doesn't protest, either because she doesn't notice or because she's easing back into their friendship. Quinn hopes for the latter. She stabbed her fork through another bit of pancake and brought it to Rachel's lips.

"What do you want for your birthday?" Rachel asked after she's done with her bite.


"No, don't," Rachel quickly interruptted. "Don't act like that. Don't act like you're going to…" She doesn't say it. She can't say it. Quinn knows the feeling, but she's come to accept it. Rachel hasn't. "You're going to get through this, okay? You're going to get through this and then we'll grow old together, and our kids will become as best friends as we are."

"Rachel, you know I want that as much as you do. But it's not going to happen."

"It can," Rachel insistted. "There's still true love's kiss. It can save you."

"Not it won't."

"Why not?"

Quinn could only sigh. "I've had suitors coming to my door since I turned sixteen. Most of them have been nice, but none of them know me. None of them love me. Some of them just want to marry me because of my father's wealth!"

"Then we'll find another way," Rachel continued on. Quinn knew better than to interrupt when Rachel got like this. The brunette was always so determined to get what she wanted. And she'd go to any lengths for her friends.

"Okay, then. We'll try." Rachel smiled. "Let's get back to my birthday, shall we?" Rachel nodded her agreement. "What do I want? What do I want?" she mused aloud. Beside her Rachel is practically bouncing out of her seat in anticipation. "I think I want… you."

"Me?" Rachel asked, pointing at herself.

"Yeah, you. I want to have my best friend back for the rest of the month. I want us to have the adventures that we used to. I want to get out of these walls and just… get out. Explore the kingdom again and maybe even go out of it. I want to be free and not have to worry about anything. I just want this next month to be me you and the world."

"That sounds nice, but will your parents approve."

"I'll talk to them."

It takes some time, but they relent. There are still a few suitors awaiting a chance to break the curse, but both Russell and Judy know that it's futile attempt. Quinn has rejected all of the dozens of other men that had courted her in the past. They send out messengers to halt the incoming noblemen. They have one last meal as a family (with Rachel at the table as usual, of course) and let the two girls go off to sleep.

The following day, they go off with the promise that they'll come back before Quinn hits eighteen. Rachel and Quinn take their horses, Star and Buttercup respectively, and exit the place grounds. Quinn starts to head off in the direction of market square where all their childhood adventures had always started, but she is soon cut off when Rachel reaches for her arm.

"Let's go this way," she suggested, pointing off in a different direction. Quinn quirked an eyebrow but followed anyway. Something makes her believe that Rachel's hiding something, but she trusts her with her life. Her people greet her as they slowly make their way towards the outskirts of the kingdom.

Out here, her face is not as well-known although she is still as beloved. Quinn likes the change of pace. Just because she enjoys the feeling of being loved by her people doesn't mean she wants them worshiping the floor she walks on. Here she's just a face in the crowd, but she still has her royal seal in case she needs it.

As they go further, Quinn starts to wonder what Rachel's plan is. She decided to voice her concern, "Rachel, where are we going?" Rachel turned to her with an uncertain look on her face, and that's when Quinn knew that she was up to something. "Rachel, what's going on?" Rachel bit her lip nervously.

"I heard a rumor the other day when I was in this part of the kingdom." Quinn nodded, urging her to continue. "It was about a fountain of youth. It could save y

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