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Chapter 1: How to Save a Life.

It's a long way down and I don't want you to fall.

Your eyes are shinning with unshed tears. Hurt longing love

The depths of your emotions hit me full force.

Why didn't you say something?

The wind stills and the thunder roars, rain starts to pour

as if the heavens are weeping for what you are about to do.

For what I had driven you to do.

A step forward from me a step back from you a step closer to your death.


The word drifts across to me. Guilt fills me.

Why? Knowing you loved me hurt too much. Rain pours down your face.

Stay away! That's what your scream at me. But your eyes say something else.

Save me.

I had always been faster but just this once I wish I had been smarter. One step was all it took and I was running towards the edge. I had always followed you I would do no different now.

The wind rushed past me. My arms wrapped around your waist.

I Love you.

Tears finally fell from my eyes as our lips met in our first and last kiss.

When I was writing this I had always imagined Rei following Minako. It could work either way I suppose. I hope you enjoyed it. Please review this is my first story. Oh I do take requests. Thiss will be a series of one-shots.