The one is based off a poem I wrote a long long time ago. Here's the poem:

Fallen from the heavens

My world comes crashing down.

I have lost this battle

But I can still gain the crown

The wounds sear deep inside

I feel as though I could die.

The wind refuses to support a being from the sky.

Disclaimer: It will be a cold day in Hell when I own Sailor Moon.


"Ow." Minako's body hit the ground with a thud. Her wrings were stretched out behind her laying limp. She shook her head; her golden hair replacing the halo she had lost in this decision. Her mind replayed the last event with her goddesses, Aphrodite.

"Minako, do you know why I have called you here?" The goddess of love asked.

Minako bowed her head with wings dropping. " My charge, your Highness."

"What about your charge Minako." Eyes as cold as ice stared down at her subject.

"I have fallen in love with her." Minako stared at the ground.

"Exactly! That was the one rule I give my followers. Do not fall in love with your charges. You could have all the affairs you wanted but you chose to disobey my one rule. I will forgive you but you are going to get a new charge and you cannot see your old one."

"What will happen to Rei?"

"She will be assigned a guardian from Ares' planet."

Minako's eyes widen. A feeling coursed through her as the depth of the punishment was realized. She lifted her eyes from the floor and glared into Aphrodite's own eyes, "No, I won't let that happen." Her voice was quiet with determination.

"How do you plan on doing that exactly, Minako?" Aphrodite's voice was full of venom.

"I quit. I leaving this planet and I'm going to Earth. I refuse to let you tear me from my love. You're supposed to be the goddess of love and yet you forbid it. This is the last time you will see me. Good bye Mother." With those words Minako stormed out of the Great Hall Of Aphrodite, leaving her mother with tears threatening to spill with her only daughter leaving her court forever.

Minako shook herself out of her memories and folded her wings up. She headed to the shrine, to see the reason that she had left her home.

The stairs brutal, she didn't know how many times she almost flew up them. The top loomed in view and Minako saw her. Raven hair blowing gently in the wind, eyes the deepest purple narrowed in thought. Her hands were gripping her broom in a choke hold.

"Rei" The word was barely a whisper but it held a deeper meaning. Minako started up the stairs with more energy then before. But just before she reached the court yard, a blonde blur blindsided her Rei, knocking her down.

"Rei, hurry up it's about to start and you know I don't like to watch scary movies by myself." The blonde whined and Minako had to resist covering her ears to protect them from the sound. Then her Rei smiled at the thing on top of her.

"You are such a scaredy-cat Usagi."

Usagi pouted and moved off Rei. "You're so mean to me Rei. Why do I put up with you?"

"Because you love me and no one knows you better than I do." Rei got up and whispered something in Usagi's ear causing her to blush. Rei giggled, a sound that was music to Minako's ear, and then kissed Usagi. KISSED HER! Minako stared in horror at what was happening. It wasn't a friend kiss, it was oh-my-god- I-want-to-moan-and-continue-this-in-the-bedroom kiss. Minako was frozen when the kissed finally end they both went back inside. Minako finished her walk up the stairs. She hide in the bushes forever goddess knows how long and waited. Usagi finally came out of the shrine and kissed Rei goodbye. Usagi left and Minako limped up to the shrine. She didn't even have to knock before it opened.

"Usagi what did you forget this time…. Oh Hello." Rei trailed off as she saw Minako's stated of dress. "Oh my god are you okay, come in come in." Minako allowed herself to be ushered in. Her mind was in a hazy, Why? Why? Why? WHY?! She had left her home to be with the love of her life and she was with someone else.

"Rei." Once again the word was a whisper but the priestess heard it and turned around. "How do you know my name?" Minako started to shake at first it was a kind of laugh then it turned to full blown screams and tears. Her knees wouldn't hold her up and she collapsed. Before she hit the floor Rei was there holding her. Her strong arms were wrapped around the crying young woman.

Minako clung to Rei with all her strength, begging for the pain to go away. She cried for the person who didn't remember the love they shared. Rei was finally able to sense of the rambling of the girl she held.

"Why don't you remember? How can you forget? Is it really that easy to forget years of shared nights, sharing secrets, of loving one another? Is it Rei? Can't you remember me? Can you remember the way I loved you? Can you?" Minako continued to cry as Rei tried to make sense of what she was saying.

"Who are you?" The question was what broke Minako even more she stopped crying and a wild light came in her eyes.

"I am Minako. I am the one who has protected you all your life. I know everything about you. When you mother died that night when you went to sleep I was there singing to you. I held you while you cried. You finally calmed down and asked me to stay with you forever and I replied I would never leave you. Every night after that we played. As you grew so did I. When your father abandoned you I moved with you. When you came to me I listened to you rant. I waited for to stop and came to you. You fell into my arms much like I did. You didn't cry though we just sat there and I held you. Five years ago you came and I was waiting like always you asked me, " Why are you always here?" I looked at you and the woman you had become; I let my actions speak and kissed you. It was your first real kiss. I told you after It was because I loved you and we kissed again. For the first time in my life I felt like someone cared for me. I realized that I had always loved you at first it was like a mother for her daughter, then it was as a sister, and finally it was as a lover. Do you remember now Rei? Please tell me you remember?"

Minako quit speaking and looked at Rei with pleading eyes. Rei had remained still as she listened to Minako talked. She remembered. Minako's eyes filled with hope when Rei looked at her.

"I remember." Minako barely heard the words but she did. She was happy. Rei remembered that was all that mattered. They could live happily. Minako leaned up to kiss her but Rei stopped her.

"I remember all that but I also remember that you left me after that night. For two years I waited for you to come back. I went to bed earlier and earlier each night but you never came back. I was lost and you weren't there to guide me. You left me to face the world on my own. I moved on I'm sorry but we can't go back to the way before. I'm with a perfect woman now."

Minako stared and pushed past Rei's hands to capture her lips. Her hands pinned Rei's above her head. Rei struggled but Minako kept pushing and pushing. Rei moaned, she didn't mean to it just happened. Minako smirked against her lips and pushed her tongue into her Rei's mouth. A moaned was heard again but this time from Minako. Tongue pushed against tongue and Rei stopped struggling and but the pain she felt into the kiss. Nothing mattered but her and Minako. Neither heard the door open but both heard the gasp. Breaking the kiss Minako glared up at the distraction. Usagi was staring down at the two of them with one hand covering her mouth and tears filling her eyes.

"Rei how could you?" Usagi ran out the shrine before Rei could defend herself.

Minako stared shrugged and tried to kiss Rei again but met a cheek. She pulled back to see Rei glaring at her, " My girlfriend just walked in on you kissing me and you are trying to kiss me again. What the Hell is wrong with you?"

Minako eyes remained hard, " I don't care about her I'll erase her memories and she'll never know y'all went out. You'll be mine again. I won't anything stand in my way." Minako's eyes darken to black as the lust she felt resurfaced. She unfolded her wings paying no attention to Rei's gasp of shock. Her wings once as white as snow were now black as night.

"I will never leave you again. You are mine. You have always been mine." As Minako said this Rei's eyes became hazy once again.

"I am yours."

Minako smiled and nodded. She leaned in again and kissed Rei's neck leaving a tiny mark the made the symbol of Venus.

"Mine" Minako said smiling a dark smile. She would deal with the one called Usagi tomorrow. Now her and Rei had some catching up to do. She carried Rei to her room and closed the door behind them.

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