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Rei's eyes drifted closed as she struggled to pay attention to the monotone voice of her teacher, he was saying something about triangles and their equation. Either that or tricycles. Her head dropped to rest in the palm of hand. She was just about to give into the temptation of sleep when something hit her head. Rei's eyes snapped open and she noticed a folded sheet of paper on her desk. Looking around for the culprit, her eyes landed on a smiling face giving Rei a small wave. Minako. She should have known. With a sigh Rei opened the note to read what the energetic blonde had written. Shaking her head, Rei scribbled down a reply. She tossed the note back and waited. It didn't for paper to land back on her desk. This continued for a while until one of the things Minako wrote made Rei face turn five different shades of red. A small shriek escaped her lips before she dropped the note. Many wouldn't have noticed the sound but the keen ears of the teacher noticed the disruption of his class.

"Miss Hino! Would you care to share what is so important that you had to disrupt my class?" The teacher questioned.

Many of the students were looking around confused. What had Rei done to disrupt the class? More importantly why had Rei been called out? She was called the perfect student. She never got in trouble. Eyes were now focused on Rei causing her blush to become more prominent. She shook her head showing her teacher that she did not in fact wish to share. The teacher stared at her for a moment before giving a nod of his head and returned to teaching his class. Rei shot a glare that would have killed a lesser being but her target just suppressed a laugh and looked at the note with meaning. Rei's eyebrow twitched and she swore she would get the blonde back. A plan began to from in her mind and a mischievous glint came into her eyes. Minako noticing the miko's stiff posture tensed herself. A couple minutes past before Rei's reply came back. Minako raised her eyebrows wondering the raven haired-beauty was going with this. Answering the question that had been directed at her Minako thought that Rei was acting a little strange. Once the note was back in Rei's clutches a rare smile graced her feature. Giggling a little Rei asked the next question. The reply was a little rushed with a question that Rei was meant to answer. Rei ignored the question and spent her sweet time in writing what she was sure would get the blonde seductress back. 5…4…3…2…1… Right on time a shriek loud enough to wake the dead was heard from Minako's direction.

"AINO MINAKO! Someone better be dying for you to make that loud a scream!" The teacher was red faced with fury at the fact he had been disrupted twice from teaching in less than an hour's time. The girl in question was holding a hand over her mouth staring at the note like it was toxic. The teacher stomped over to the blonde's desk and made a grab for the note but before he could get it Minako's hand snatched it off the desk.

"Mr. Aya, you don't want to do that. Why don't you just go back to teaching and we can forget this ever happened?" Minako gave her best puppy eyes and batted her eyelashes. She prayed to whatever god was listening that he wouldn't take the note. Please. I promise I will be the perfect girl. I'll bring my grades up, I'll stop shopping ,I'll give to the needy. I'll do anything just please don't let him take this note! The blonde's hopes were dashed as the teacher shook his head.

"Hand it over Miss Aino or I swear to god I will see you expelled!"

"For what!?" The blonde was furious. It was just a note. No need to get her expelled because of it.

"For inappropriate behavior. Now hand it over before I get the head master involved." Mr. Aya was bluffing but Minako didn't need to know that. While she was preoccupied He got the note from her. He beady eyes scanned each line. When he got to a certain line his face became red but he continued to read. By the end of the note he was redder then a tomato. A hard blush was on his face and he was struggling to meet Minako's eyes, who for her part had the grace to look guilty. Rei was staring wide eyed as her plan back fired and the teacher was reading what she had written.

"Minako, Who were you writing with?"

"R..Rei. Sir."

"Would you and Miss Hino please step outside for a moment please?" Mr. Aya's voice had taken a polite tone and was eerily calm considering what he had just read.

Minako and Rei stepped outside.

"You do realize that we…." Rei didn't need to finish the statement.

"Yep." Minako popped her 'p'.

"In class…"


"And you're not the least bit bothered by this?"

"Nope. Besides you were the one who let it go over board."

"M…Me!? You were the one who started this whole thing!"

"Yeah but you're the responsible one. You're supposed to keep me from doing this kind of stuff." The two locked eyes and busted out laughing. The teacher chose that moment to exit the room and stared the two shaking his head wondering what the world was coming two.