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Love can be the death of you.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything just to see them smile? I get the feeling that's why I'm standing at the airport waiting for my flight to America. I didn't tell the others. I left a note for them to find. For her to find. Why am I standing here? I don't want to leave! But it hurts too much to see her. I will not be the cause of her unhappiness.

_Flashback 2 years earlier._

Eyes widened when the blonde walked in. Her golden hair surround her like a halo, blue eyes that put the sky to shame, perfect skin not a blemish in sight, and a smile that could blind people. She was instantly behind a wall of people blocking her from Rei's view. The raven haired girl tried to keep her emotions from showing on her face and returned to her manga.

"I'm Usagi. It's nice to meet you. What's your name?" Another blonde was saying only to be corrected by the blue haired girl standing near her, "Usagi, give her some room to breathe. I'm Ami." A tall girl with brown hair joined the group and laughed, "Ami you should know by now that once Usagi sees someone new she's gonna be all up on them before you can say curry. I'm Makoto." Silence came for a short moment giving the new girl to speak, "I'm Minako. I came from England. Please treat me kindly." The girl gave a small bow preceding her words. Ami looked at Makoto and Makoto looked at Ami. Usagi was quiet for a second then started laughing. Tears were rolling down her face and Makoto shook her head with exasperation. "Usagi leave the poor girl alone. Can't you tell she's not from japan? I'm sorry for Usagi; she can be a bit…" Makoto struggled for the right word, "Insensitive. You just said, 'I have a potato, Minako. I came from cheese please show me to the nearest restroom." Minako's face reddened with embarrassment. She had just blown her chance at making friends. First day at school and she had already embarrassed herself. A quiet laugh was heard over the commotion of the room. Amethyst eyes met cerulean. Rei quickly looked down at her book hoping that the blonde wouldn't come over to her area. The gods must have been laughing at her misfortunate. The new girl walked over and asked, "Which Bleach is that?" in English. Rei having been schooled in multiple languages answered back in almost accent free English, "The one with Soi Fon and Yourichi." Minako looked mildly surprised that a Japanese girl could speak perfect English. Usagi migrated over to them and tried to understand what they were saying.

'OHHH. That's my favorite one. I hope they get together. They would make a perfect couple." Minako almost busted Rei's eardrum.

"I think that story is one that describes most love ones. It is a beautiful one. The fact that one could leave for over 100 years and the one who cares so much about her was wanting to surpass her in hopes of one day meeting again." Rei's eyes closed as she finally found someone who she could discuss her views on manga with. Rei was almost able to ignore the other blonde trying her hardest to figure out what they were saying.

"REEIIII-SAN. You never talk this much with me." Usagi put on a cute pout, but she was just ignored by the object of affectation. Rei gathered up her stuff and walked out the classroom just as the bell rang. Minako scrambled to catch to her newfound companion. Once outside the campus her effort paid off, Rei was standing at the sidewalk looking at the sky but as soon as Minako neared she returned her graze to earth. Minako happily skipped alongside of her.

"So where are you from?" The question broke the silence.


"Why did you move?"

Before Minako could answer, a loud group of boys approached them, "Looks like we have a new girl. Do not hesitate to ask one of us for help; we would be happy to help you in any way."

"Umm thanks. I'll think about that."

Rei had walked ahead and was shaking her head. Once Minako had ditched the boys she caught up to Rei.

"I'm sorry." Rei said.

"For What?"

"What happened back there."

"What did they want?" Minako's eyes narrowed in confusion. Rei gave her a look that said You got to be kidding me. Giving up the topic Rei stayed silent. Her eyes traveled to the sky and a small smile graced her features. Minako followed her gaze and breathed out in awe. The setting sun had turned the sky a mixture between Red and orange.

"Orange is my favorite color." Minako shyly said. Rei turned her smile onto the blonde beside her, "Red is my favorite color." Minako meet her eyes and returned Rei's smile. The two sets of eyes soon turned back to the sky, watching the sun.

"Umm… Rei?"


"I don't know the way home from here."

"REEIII! We're going to be late for being early!" A shrill voice was heard throughout the shine where the priestess lived. Rei calmly emerged from behind the owner of the voice.

"Minako in all the months you have known me, have I ever once been late?"

Minako jumped at the sound of the voice letting out a small scream. "For the love of all that is evil and corrupted DON"T DO THAT!"

An elegant eyebrow arched and Rei made her reply, "It's "good and pure" not what you said."

"What's wrong with what I said?"

"Other than the fact it made no sense whatsoever, it would mean that the world is coming to the end of time and all life would end."

"What's so bad about that?" Minako's look was one of pure innocence. Rei could feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. "That means no more shoe shopping." Rei walked out the shrine leaving the blonde in utter despair. 3…2…1… "HINO REI, THAT IS THE WOSRT JOKE EVER KNOWN TO WOMANKIND!"

Rei chuckled at her friend's reaction. She stops to think of the word… Friend. Yeah that's all that Minako is. Nothing more and nothing left. The blonde had made a new impact in her life. Once Minako became her friend more people had followed. Because of the blonde's natural charm she had a large group of fan boys/girls. But the friends that followed were ..Unique. Makoto, she was tall and tough but when it came down to her heart she was a hopeless romantic. Her girlfriend, Ami, could testify to that. Ami was nothing short of a genius. The girl's grades were higher than most college students, but because of how smart she was she was quiet and shy. Usagi was just Usagi. There was just no words to describe her, well maybe stalkerish and obsessive. The girl would not leave Rei alone. She even had her schedule memorized. Other than that she was a super happy girl who loved food but no matter how much she ate she didn't gain a pound. Then there was Minako, other than her beauty she was the girl everyone wanted to be. She was popular, sporty, beautiful, talented, nice,… wait where was Rei going with this. She had known the blonde for about 3 months and she realized something in the second month, she was falling in Love with Minako. Rei signed, she couldn't think about this know. Minako had caught up to her and was walking with her. Rei had to use all of her self-control not to put her arm around the other's waist. It didn't help when Minako intertwined their fingers. Rei looked down at their hands but didn't say anything. If this was what she could get then she was happy.


There's Usagi. Rei released Minako's hand and moved behind her slightly. Ami and Makoto were in a strange position, Makoto had Ami's hands pinned above her head and it looked like they had been doing something and were annoyed by the interruption. Minako ran ahead, "You know Usagi, I'm not invisible. Or do you just want to get Rei's attention?" Usagi blushed. She leaned in to whisper in Minako's ear. A small shake of said girl's head left Usagi crestfallen. Rei joined the group a couple of seconds later, curious about the exchange but not saying anything. Giving a nod to Ami and Makoto, Rei walked ahead of the group. Makoto shook her head, "You would think that after two months of friendship she would be more comfortable walking with the group." Minako smiled and replied, "Reiko is just a grumpy bear!" At the mention of the horrid nickname, Rei turned around. She didn't even get the second part till a tiny bit later. "Minako, if I told you once I told you a million times. Please don't call me that…. And I am NOT a GRUMPY BEAR!" Minako laughed Makoto chuckled and Usagi looked stunned that her idol could explode like that. The group continued the walk to school Usagi in the front, Makoto and Ami next, and then Rei and Minako. The moment the group entered the school grounds they were surround by both genderd.




The voices were heard from both genders. Rei sighed while Minako smiled and flashed a V victory. "Don't encourage them. It's bad enough that I have to deal with them on my way to my classes. Do you know I was almost late to class yesterday?" Minako just laughed and continued blowing kisses into the crowd. A guy broke away from the crowd and ran up to Minako.

"Hey Babe." The other blonde flashed a cocky grin and pulled Minako in for a mind-blowing kiss. Rei blocked out the sounds of people screaming out in encouragement, her teeth were clenched and her fist was tightened and shaking. Ami noticed this and placed a comforting hand on the other girl's shoulder. Rei looked back into Ami's understanding eyes and gave a nod indicating that she was fine. When the couple finally came up for air, Rei could feel the blood running down her hands. Minako smiled at Yaten and he smiled back. Rei pushed out the crowd and headed to class.

When school was over Rei was at her locker when she heard her name being called. Expecting Minako, she was truly surprised to see Yaten instead.

"What do you want Yaten?"

He flashed his trademark grin and leaned against her locker, " Is it wrong to want to talk to my girlfriend's best friend?" His eyes said different and it wasn't fooling Rei.

"What do you really want?"

"I'm hurt. Do you not trust me?"


Yaten's eyes narrowed but his smile stayed in place, "Well if you must know… I want you to stay away from Minako."

Amethyst eyes widen, " You want me To WHAT?!"

"You heard me. I want you to stay away from my girlfriend."

Venom laced Rei's voice, "You do know that she was my friend before she was your girlfriend. And she is not something that you talk about like you own her."

" I don't care I don't like you hanging around with her. You're all she talks about."

"Then why don't you break up with her if it annoys you so much?"

" Because I she's mine and it's good for my reputation."

"And If I don't?"

"Then I'll tell Minako that you tried to make a move on me."

Hatred was easily read on Rei's normally emotionless face, "That's a lie! I would never want you."

"Who do you think she would believe? The friend who leaves every time I'm around? Or her boyfriend who makes every effort to become friends with said best friend?"

Rei was speechless. He had a point. Doubt had seeped into her veins as what he said sunk in. "What do you want me to do?" Rei had never given up. But the one she loved heart was on the line. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

"Leave this place. I hear a school in America had sent you an offer. A full ride scholarship. Take and Minako will think you were fulfilling your dreams."

"Flight 73 now boarding. Please make your way to the loading plane. Thank you and enjoy your flight."

My memories were interrupted and with a sigh I picked up my stuff. Taking one last look around, I whispered, "I love you, Minako. Please forgive me." I walked to the plane and never looked back.

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