Just a quick one-shot for Valentine's Day. The other will be coming soon.

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"Rei!" The voice of Minako carried to the sacred fire where her friend was mediating. The young Miko sighed and tried staring at the fire once again in hopes of getting a little more peace before the blonde destroyed her quiet.

"REIIIIIIIII! WHERE ARE YOU?! I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!" The blonde was certainly energetic today. I wonder what's so special that Minako would show up at… 7:00 in the morning!? The ravened haired girl went in search of her best friend. Rei didn't have to search long. She found her friend at the cherry blossom hill behind the shrine.


"I'm behind you. There is no need to yell." Rei whispered into Minako ear causing the blonde to jump and yell some more.

" REI! You know that I hate it when you do that." Minako pouted at her friend and hopefully a little more if her plan worked. Rei laughed at the expression and a light shown in her eyes. The blonde instantly brightened at the sound and then proceed to sit down. She sent a requesting look at her companion and giggled when the Miko made a big show of sitting down. Minako slide closer to her friend. Not a lot but just a little, it was all part of her master plan.

"Rei," She questioned. "Do you know what today is?"

"Thursday, why do you ask?"

"Do you know what is special about this day?"

"Does the fact that you aren't going to be late to school count?" The question was innocent enough but her companion was thoroughly offended. Rei was rewarded with a punch in the shoulder.

"No, that doesn't count. It's the 14th. Does that date mean anything?"

Rei let out a groan, "it's Valentine's Day."

Minako frowned, "What's with the groan? It's Valentine's Day."

"For me that means turning down a whole lot of chocolate and love confessions from almost everyone in the school, and the nuns breathing down my neck about getting people's hopes up when I am not going to go out with them."

The blonde's frown deepened, "I'm the only one who gets to declare their love for you today."

Rei turned to look at the blonde beside. Minako's face was too serious for her own good. Rei wasn't sure she had heard her right.

She was even more surprised when Minako pulled a small box from behind her back.


"Be quiet, Rei." Minako pressed a finger to the Miko's lips, effectively cutting off Rei's speech. "I want you the have this. I look forever for something that could show my true feelings. I love you, Rei. I hadn't planned on telling you this this way but desperate times call for desperate measures." Minako handed her silent companion the box and watched closely to see her expression. Rei opened the box and let out a small gasp. Inside was a necklace. It was the symbol of Venus. Inside the heart part were letters that said forever yours. The necklace was silver, but the symbol of Venus was gold with the letters being red. Rei looked at her friend and was shocked to see emotions so clearly on the goddess of love's face. Rei looked down at the necklace. Then turned her back on Minako.

"Rei.." Minako was a little scared she was pretty sure that this wasn't a good sign. But Rei eased her worries with a smile over her shoulder. "I believe that you're supposed to put the necklace on me." Minako returned the smile and moved to put the necklace on her love's neck. Rei turned back around to face Minako. She was surprised at the close proximity of their faces.

"So I take is that's a yes" Minako asked. A light brush of their lips met her question. Rei smiled, "does that answer your question?"

" Happy Valentine's day."

"Happy valentine's day."