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I don't know when I fell in love, but it was with the wrong person. I didn't mean for it to turn out this way. I suddenly found myself using any excuse to get close to her. I wanted to know her darkest secrets. From the first time I saw her across the room, my heart tugged me in her direction. I didn't know why, but I was never one to disobey my heart. When the opportunity presented itself, I didn't hesitate. I realize as I write this I use the word "didn't" a lot. Maybe it's my way of reminding myself that I never did anything to let her know how I felt. It's too late now. She left me… us. Maybe if given more time I could have made an us. Why? WHY!? Why did she have to leave me? What did I do wrong? I love her. I love her so much it hurts. Why didn't I tell her when I had the chance?

Tears blurred Minako's eyes as she wrote. The pain of her best friend's betrayal still fresh, she was the one who had found the note. Rei's grandfather was heartbroken that his only grandchild left without a word. Her eyes released a wave of new tears. Minako fell to the floor. Her sides ached and she couldn't see.


I can tell she misses her. Though she tries to hide it, the smallest crack in her mask can show all the pain she feels. I still shiver at the memory of when Minako found out that Yaten threat Rei and that was why she left. It was one of the few times I was happy that the former Miko had so many fan girls. One had left a recording device in her Senpai's locker just so she could hear her voice. The whole conversation had been recorded. But the girl hadn't gotten it out of Rei's locker till it was too late. A year later and I can still remember the expression on Minako's face when she heard it. The eyes that had caused so many to fall in front of her in an effort to get her attention were filled with tears and hate. Hate for the one that had taken away the one she loved. Yes I knew that Minako had loved, and loves, Rei. It hurt but when I saw them together I couldn't ignore the way the raven haired one smiled with the blonde was within touching distance. The way her eyes shown and her posture instantly relaxed. Yes though nether knew it then I could tell. I also knew than that she would never see me as more than another fan girl.

Usgai's pen stopped. She wouldn't continue. She knew what it mean if she did. With a sigh she closed the book and turned to look out the window. The moon shown with a light that was different than all others. Usagi wondered where Minako was at right now. The young blonde had become an idol. She was all ways touring now-a-days. Usagi knew it was just another means of taking the blonde's mind off of her lost love.

Minako looked at the moon. She remembered one night with Rei. The night she realized that she was in love.


"Yes, Minako?"

" Which one is better, the sun or the moon?" Her companion cast her a glance. This wasn't normal for the bubbly blonde. Even though, Rei decided to think a little on the question she had been given.

"The Moon."


" The moon is the under shadow for the sun. It depends on the sun for all its light. Though the light it produces is not its own, it still shines just as brightly as the sun. Even when no is produced it can still be seen with careful eyes. It takes the sun's light and transforms it. The way it lights everything in a soft white glow is the cause of jealously everywhere. The stars support the moon too. At night when it's snowing or when the cherry blossoms are falling, you can see everything clearer. The moon just has a certain look to it that captures my attention. Why do you ask?"

Minako looked at Rei then to the moon. Rei was right. It did have a beauty to it. She looked at her friend again and a gasp escaped her. Rei was outlined in the moon's light. To her it was more beautiful than snow or cherry blossoms. Rei. The name caused a shiver to run through her heart as she stared at her friend. I love her.

The memory brought tears to her eyes. She quickly rubbed them away. She wouldn't cry now. She had thought that since it had been a year the pain would have dulled a little. She had to find Rei. That was why she came to America. Maybe Rei would be here.

"Miss Aino? It's time for your show."

Minako flashed a million- watt smile that she hoped would hide her pain. The guy blushed and escorted her out.


The crowd cheered for their idol and Minako smiled when she came on stage. The performance went great. Minako let out a breath as she got ready to sing her last song. The one she hoped would get to her Rei.

"You all have been great tonight now I have one more song I want to sing to you. It's for someone very special to me that I haven't seen in a year. Rei, I hope you can hear this. I miss you and I know why you left. But please come back. This one's for you." The crowd awed at the idol's comment but got quiet when the blonde started to sing.

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka?
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?

Ima made watashi no kokoro wo umete ita mono
Ushinatte hajimete kizuita
Konna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita koto
Konna ni mo egao wo kureteita koto

Ushinatte shimatta daishou wa totetsumonaku ooki sugite
Torimodosou to hisshi ni te wo nobashite mogaku keredo
Maru de kaze no you ni surinukete todokisou de todokanai

Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerare
Kokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredo
Omoide ni nokoru anata no egao ga
Watashi wo itsumo hagemashite kureru

Mou ichido ano koro ni modorou
Kondo wa kitto daijoubu
Itsumo soba de waratteiyou
Anata no sugu soba de...

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka,
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?
Itsumo no you ni egao de ite kuremasu ka?
Ima wa tada sore wo negai tsuzukeru.

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka,
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?

The crowd was silent as they didn't understand what she was saying. But one person in the crowed felt tears run down her cheeks. Minako stopped playing for a bit then began to sing again.

I'm wondering where you are and what you're doing now
Are you at the other side of this blue sky?

There used to be something filling my empty heart
Now that I've lost is I can see it was You
How you had always been the one that could cheer me up
How you had always given me so many smiles

The price I must pay for what I've lost
Is much too big and impossible to bear
Though I reach out the furthest that I can
And try to bring back a life I would've had
As if it were wind it slips right through my hand
And although I see it I cannot reach

Not knowing what to do and no one I can turn to
Slowly I feel how my heart starts to fade
But all of your smiles that I have in my memories
Cheer me up like you did before

And once again I'll go back to those days
I know that this time I won't make mistakes
I promise that I'll show nothing but smiles
Standing high right by your side

I'm wondering where you are and what you're doing now
Are you at the other side of this blue sky?
Promise me that you'll show me your timid smile
I had never hoped for anything more...

I'm wondering where you are and what you're doing now
Are you at the other side of this blue sky?

More than that one person was crying now. Minako felt her own tears coming now. She grabbed the microphone and whispered, "Rei where are you?"

"I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! PLEASE REI COME BACK! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE. I CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!" The idol was shouting now tears visible to everyone in the crowd. A figure broke through the people in her way.

"MINAKO!" The figure yelled. Said person looked up and she couldn't believe her eyes.


Rei pushed past the guards and jumped up on the stage. Without wasting a second she scooped the idol up in a hug.

"Never leave me again please. I love you. I love you so much your memories have kept me awake for the past year. Please never leave me again. Please."

Rei wiped a tear away from the idol's face. "I won't I promise." They sank back into the embrace deaf to the screaming of the people around them.

Nothing could describe how Minako was feeling. She had waited a year for this, to see Rei's face and just stare. She had waited longer to tell the miko how she felt. But at the same time… she was wary. The miko had been gone for a year. What about her had changed since the last time Minako had saw her? At glance to her left showed that in looks wise she had just grown more beautiful. But what of the inside of the mystery wrapped up into a human's body?

"What are you thinking Minako?" The question caught the blonde off guard as she had been to absorbed into her own thoughts.

"Uh?" The question caught the blonde off guard. The raven-haired one let out a laugh and in that moment all the tension in the room was disperse. The memories that had remained hidden chose that moment to resurface. Tears bubbled up in Minako's eyes but she didn't get a chance to wipe it away. Her companion lifted a hand to her cheek and wiped it for her. Minako fell into Rei's arms. The blonde cried for the time they had lost. And for the fact that they had found each other.

"Geez Rei! Do you see what you do to me? I have done nothing but cry since you left!"

"It's mutual. I felt like I had left my soul back in Japan."

"But it's here now. Right?" The uncertainty in the blonde's voice made Rei look at her.

" Look at it this way. It certainly isn't with Usagi but with another blonde. One that just happens to wear a red bow."

"Would her name just happen to be Minako?"



"Kidding. Of course it's you."

Minako smiled and leaned back into Rei and said one last thing. "I'm serious. Never leave me. If you do I'll find you and bring you back to me hog-tied."

"You've spent too much time in the south."

"I love you though."

"I love you too"

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