Hello again people. I loved the idea that ernatoddisles sent to me. In fact I loved it so much that as soon as I read the review the whole thing started to take shape. But it turned into a sad story so yeah… Let's not get sad just yet! Okay I might get a little sad… but that's how I write. I apologized for any mistakes. I don't have a proofreader or whatever you call them.

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The sun was beating down on her. The white and red robes that she wore were drenched in sweat. The only relief she felt was the shade of the huge cherry blossom standing tall and proud above her. The woman was unaware of the blonde standing behind the bushes beside the great tree. The blonde sighed in content happy to watch her girlfriend work in the summer heat. The woman working suddenly stopped.

"Minako." The word was barely said yet the blonde could feel her cheeks heat up. The way the woman said her voice was too intimate for public.

"Minako. I know you are there. You might as well come out, there's no point in hiding anymore."

Minako blushed at being called out. She knew that her girlfriend was psychic but it still creped her out. It sucked when trying to buy presents.

"Hello, Rei." Minako said sheepishly. Said girl looked at the blonde and narrowed her eyes.

"What have I said about spying on me while I am working?"

"That it is an evasion of privacy and that it is unbecoming of a woman of my status or any status." Minako managed to say that with a straight face.

Rei's eyebrow twitched at the blonde's imitation of her. A slight creased appeared between her eyes and a frown snaked upon her face. A sigh escaped her lips.

"You sure sigh a lot Reiko." The blonde made the comment with a mischievous smirk placed on her lips.

"I didn't sigh this much until I met you. I also didn't frown this much until I met you. I'm starting to think getting together with you was possible the worst mistake I ever made." The fact that the ever stoic miko sounded serious while saying this made the smirk slip off Minako's face. A worried look replaced it, "Are you going to break up with me?" Her eyes watered as she asked this.

Rei was quick to try and disperse the blonde's discomfort, "I would never do that! I was kidding! I love you too much to ever consider that. I was joking! Oh, My little dove*, don't cry please. I can't stand to see you in pain."

The blonde's eyes instantly brightened at Rei's words. "O.K. I would hate it if you broke up with me on the day of our 2 year anniversary."

"You little faker. You had me worried for nothing. You really enjoying seeing me squirm don't you?"

"Yes." The answer was quick and simple. Rei let out a small groan and went back to sweeping the temple steps. Minako pouted at losing the attention of her girlfriend. She produced a small package from behind her back.

"I don't want it Minako. I told you not to get me anything for our anniversary."

"I hate it when you do that!"

"Get used to it cause I can't turn it off."

Minako let out a small sigh. "I know."

Rei sensing the distress of her companion asked, "What did you get me?"

Minako instantly brightened and precede to hand Rei the box. Inside was a small card that said, one get rid of Minako for one day. Rei looked at the card, than at her girlfriend, than back at the card. Gripping the card between her hands she ripped it down the center and let the pieces flutter away into the wind.


Rei winced at the shrill tone Minako had taken to, "I have no use for that card. I would rather have a day just full of Minako. In fact for tonight I placed a reservation at the new restaurant you wanted to try. Then we'll head back hear for some dessert." Rei said the last part with a suggestive wiggle of elegant eyebrows. A full-blown blush grew on her girlfriend's face and Rei let out a small giggle, "I know now why you like to tease me. Blushing does make a person cuter."

"It's no fun when I'm the one getting teased though." Minako pouted. "But I do look forward to this dessert. Knowing you it'll probably be the sweetest thing I've ever tasted."

"I WANT SOME DESSERT TOO!" A new voice interrupted the two's innuendos. A look of horror mirrored on each other's faces as they recognized the voice.

"Chibiusa." Rei slowly turned her head towards the top steps of the shrine to locate the owner of the voice.

"AUNTIE REI!" A pink blur attached herself to Rei's side. Rei grunted at the unexpected weight that blindsided her.

Minako looked on in amusement but with a slightly hurt look. "I don't get a hi too, Chibiusa?" The blonde questioned. The pink haired girl barely glanced at her, "Hello Minako."

"Chibiusa, I thought I told you to wait for me?" A new blonde joined the little gathering at the top of the shrine. Usagi smiled at her daughter then sent an apologetic look towards Minako, "She still thinks you stole 'her Rei'. No matter what I say I can't convince her differently."

Minako laughed and looked at her girlfriend, who was struggling to remove the 5-year old from her side, and then back at Usagi, "it's ok."

Rei, who had finally managed to remove Chibiusa, joined into the conversation, "Not that I'm not happy to see you all or anything but why are you here?"

Chibiusa smiled up at her idol and said, " You are going to watch me while Mommy and Daddy go out on a date." She looked proud at herself for managing to say the whole sentence without stuttering. The same could not be said for Rei. Her face remained calm but on the inside she was fuming, "Usagi?"

Said person slowly turned to face the priestess. Her eyes widened when she looked into Rei's eyes. An audible gulp was heard from Sailor Moon, "Yes my dearest, most loving, and kindest friend?"

Minako placed at hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles. She knew where this was going and she wished she had a video camera cause Usagi was gonna get it.

"Is what Chibi just told me true?"

"It depends on what she told you."

"She said and I quote, 'You are going to watch me while Mommy and Daddy go out on a date'. Now when and where did I agree to this?"

"Well we were going to get Ami and Makoto to look after her but she wouldn't have anyone but her Auntie Rei look after her."

"Usagi do you know what today is?"

"The 28th."

"Do you know what is so special about today?"

"It's you and Minako's anniversary" Usagi paled at her own words. It …was…their… anniversary. Oh crap.


The object of Rei's fury shrunk back with every word thrown at her. Damn why didn't she remember what today was.

"Well… you see…I was planning on…"

"I don't want to hear your excuse you sorry excuse for a friend! I promise you I will use my flames and burn you to a crisp. If anything is left after that I will…"

Rei felt a tugging on her robe and looked down at Chibiusa, "What is it Chibi-chan?" Rei's voice now sounded like a mother talking fondly to her child. The change did not go unnoticed by Minako and Usagi. The young girl looked at the ground sheepishly and said at to Rei, "Are you mad, Auntie Rei? I don't like when you're mad. I just wanted to see you." Chibiusa looked up at Rei with tears in her eyes, "I can go stay with Makie and Ami if it makes you happy. Please don't be mad." Red eyes were pleading with Rei not to make her go.

Usagi secretly smiled, she knew she had won when Chibiusa pulled out the eyes. While the fiery priestess was distracted she slipped down the steps unnoticed and joined her husband in the car. A nod told him to drive and they were on their way. Minako was having a hard time controlling her laughter knowing full that her Rei could not for the life of her resist puppy dog eyes.

Rei on the other hand was in a corner. She could tell Usagi to take Chibi home and get her own date but risk making Chibi cry. Or she could call a rain check on the date and look after Chibiusa for this one night. A groan escaped her mouth as she made her decision, "Minako?"

The blonde with the bow looked at Rei, "Yes?"

Rei smiled sheepishly, "Would you be willing to take a rain check on that restaurant date?"

"Of course."

Rei turned to where she last saw Usagi, "O.k. Usagi, you w… wait where did she go?"

Minako's laughter was back in full force, "She left while you were pulled in by the puppy dog eyes."

Minako didn't think there were that many shades of red but her girlfriend proved her wrong. She turned one…two…three… four….five…different shades of red.


Chibiusa looked at Rei and said, "I get to stay with Auntie Rei! YAY!"

Minako glanced at the pink haired girl, "Chibiusa, you might want to pray for your mother."

Chibiusa looked at Rei in fascination, but remained silent.

Yeah. I'm sure that you would want to spend your anniversary babying siting. No matter how cute the kid was.

Rei: Agreed.

Minako: What would you have done if there was anything left of Usagi after you burned her?

Rei: Well I would… (voice turns into a whisper)

Me and Minako: (paled faced)

Me: (Backs away slowly) Well I gotta go. Ya'll have fun doing what you want to. BYE! (runs out the door)

Minako: WAIT FOR ME!

Rei: What did I say? Oh well. Reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks For reading. J