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Where am I?

In the darkness, something stirred within Kurosaki Ichigo.

I- I don't feel right.. som- something's wrong with my body. Why cant I move..?

I feel… light? Like I'm floating away. My body feels numb. What is this?

Where am I?

The darkness eventually consumed Ichigo and he fell unconscious. Leaving him vulnerable in the cold.


Karakura Town

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez grinned maliciously as he fought head on with his nemesis, the ever-so-famous Kurosaki Ichigo.

"Ya sure that's all ya got?!"

Grimmjow launched an overly powerful Cero at Ichigo, who barely dodged it, causing him to stumble back. Blood staining his skin and flowing everywhere, the Shinigami knew that if he did not call out his Hollow, he would soon lose this battle. Having suffered cuts to his face, chest and arms, not to mention the gaping wound in his abdomen, he also probably broke a few ribs.

Damn this Espada. I can't afford to lose this battle! There is no way he's gonna win me just by that!

"You sure that's all you got?!"

Ichigo taunted as he called out his Hollow mask.

Grimmjow's eyes widened at the appearance of the Shinigami's newly attained power, leaving him momentarily stunned.

"I'm stronger than you now, Bastard! Getsuga Tenshou!"

A wave of black and red hit Grimmjow straight in the chest, as he was not quick enough to dodge the unexpected sudden attack from Ichigo. Crimson red blood dripped from his chest as he heaved.

Damn. How'd I let that hit me? Fuck that Kurosaki.

Grimmjow wiped off the trail of blood casually and gripped his Zanpakuto tightly and was about to release it when a dimensional rip appeared, and Ulquiorra stepped out. He simply glanced at the blue haired Espada, void of emotion in his eyes.

"That's enough, Grimmjow. The mission is complete. Aizen-sama wants us to report back."

"Like hell I'm letting you leave in the middle of a battle! Grimmjow you bastard!"

Ichigo, in complete anger and rage, charged toward Grimmjow and Ulquiorra as he shouted "GETSUGA TENSHOU!"

Ulquiorra quickly dodged and they both disappeared into the portal back to Hueco Mundo.


Ichigo spit out blood, and gripped Zangetsu.

I'll get you next time, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

"Aizen-sama will be surprised about this."

Ulquiorra let out an almost unnoticeable smirk.

Hueco Mundo

Aizen is making the necessary plans for the upcoming Winter War with Soul Society, in which he plans to take over the world.

Ulquiorra entered the room, Grimmjow following suit. Ulquiorra gave a formal bow and the other just smirked and kept silent.

"Aizen-sama, I have returned to report to you about the target, Kurosaki Ichigo."

"Welcome back, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow. Now what do you have to report?"

Grimmjow let out a laugh and shoved his hands into his pocket.

"Now ya see here, since I was the one taking on that bastard Shinigami, I should be the one giving the reports now, shouldn't I?"

Aizen raised his eyebrow slightly in amusement.

"Continue, Grimmjow."

"The thing is, that Shinigami brat seems to have attained a new power, and has become stronger. When I was fightin' him he seemed overly confident of himself, and I found out why. See, he has Hollow abilities. I don't know how that brat got hold of it, but he has certainly gained enough control of it already."

"Interesting. It seems our dear friend Ichigo is no longer a Shinigami. He is a Visored. A race thought to be nearly extinct, created by the Shinigami themselves. This will prove to be useful in my new experiment."

Aizen turned to face Grimmjow, and smiled, with a sadistic look in his eyes.

"Bring him to me. Alive."

Ichigo's room

Ichigo, having just recovered from the battle with Grimmjow, can barely walk without needing the support of nearby tables and chairs.

Fuck. Everything hurts. I hate this. Not being able to protect my friends. Hah, what am I saying? I can't even protect myself. I'm a worthless bastard. I should've just died. I'm a disgrace to my family and to my friends who have fought so hard trying to protect me.


He leaned into the white sheets of his bed, trying to forget the pain, the humiliation of being injured like that so easily, even after all that training with Shinji and the rest. He placed his arm over his eyes, and sighed.

-knock knock-

"Ichigo, you in there?"

The door handle turned, and Rukia stepped in.

That's right. After all this shit I've been through, it seems Rukia always has been here for me no matter what. I don't deserve such kindness.

"You awake? I brought some wet towels. You look much better already!"

A warm sensation was felt on Ichigo's bare chest as Rukia was slowly removing his bandages and cleaning his wounds. She replaced the worn bandages with fresh ones, and looked at him with softly.

He had been like that for the past week. She knew that this was worse than that time with Orihime. No beatings would wake him up. He simply refused to talk anymore. She hadn't heard him laugh, or even speak, most of the time he just looked emotionless and empty. Sure, she was sad, but if he didn't want to help himself, she couldn't do anything either. She just hoped to hear his laughter again. She missed his voice.

"R-Right. I'll be going now. You hungry? I'll bring something to eat okay?"

Rukia turned around and was about to take a step forward when something grabbed her and flung her tiny body across the room, and into a wall. She hit her head hard, and was falling unconscious.


She saw a blue haired figure bind Ichigo's wrists and forcefully knocked the daylights out of him. Then they both disappeared as her vision faded and she fell into the never-ending darkness. The last thing she heard was a frantic cry and someone repeatedly calling out "Rukia! Rukia! Save me!"

Who was Rukia? She thought as she fell limp.

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