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Chapter 7: Don't Hurt Me

Rukia's POV

The night was dark, and Rukia shifted nervously as they stepped through the Garganta. Hitsugaya Taichou and Renji stepped through with Shinji and Hiyori. They made their way towards Las Noches swiftly, disappearing into the night.

Wait for me, Ichigo, I hope I'm not too late.

Grimmjow's POV

I stiffened as I felt a spike in reiatsu nearby. There were three… no; five intruders.

"Ulquiorra. We have guests." I grinned feral.

"Understood. I will handle it. Syazel, come with me." Ulquiorra motioned for Syazel to follow, then disappeared.

"Grimmjow? What's going on?" Ichigo whispered, as he gripped onto the back of Grimmjow's white jacket.

"Yer Shinigami friends have decided to grace us with their presence." I growled, instinctively wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him towards me.

"W-What? I have to go see them!" Ichigo yelled, struggling away from my grip as he reached for Zangetsu, which was propped up on the wall.

I sighed and let go of him, but placed a hand on his shoulder.

"If you really must go, ask yourself this. Where were they when you needed them most?" I furrowed my eyebrows in worry, as Ichigo tensed at the question.

"I-I know. But I need to see them, to at least hear their explanation." Ichigo said, but it came out barely above a whisper.

Ulquiorra's POV

These Shinigami fools seemed to have teamed up with the Visoreds. Smart choice. However, anyone that threatens the safety of Hueco Mundo will be taken out.

"State your intentions, Shinigami and Visoreds."

The short one with white hair stepped forward with caution, but he didn't seem like he was about to attack.

"Hitsugaya Toshiro, Captain of 10th Division. We are here to rescue Kurosaki Ichigo, Shinigami Substitute."

Hm. I scoffed inwardly, but never let it show. Maintaining my poker face, I blinked then spoke.

"Rescue? Fools. Kurosaki-sama does not need to be rescued by you."

"Sama?" The woman with short black hair asked.

"Yes. I do not owe you an explanation." Szayel answered, stepping a foot in front of me.

"Szayelapporro Granz. Eighth Espada. You'd do well to answer us." The Visored with short blonde hair threatened.

"I do not answer to you." Szayel was getting more and more infuriated, first they come barging into here like they own the place, and now they demand answers?

Szayel drew his sword and this caused an immediate chain reaction. All five of the intruders drew their Zanpakuto, and were poised to attack.

Szayel charged towards the blonde Visored, and was about to stab him in the chest when a Zanpakuto blocked his. Looking up, he immediately withdrew, realizing that it was Ichigo.

"Kurosaki-sama, I apologize." He muttered as I just stood back. No point getting involved in all this.

"I told you, just call me Ichigo!" Ichigo joked, smacking Szayel on the head.

"I-Ichigo!" The woman with short black hair shouted. This was getting too noisy for me. And I hated meeting new people.

"R-Rukia!" Ichigo exclaimed. Ichigo ran forward and enveloped her tiny body into a hug. Oooh. Interesting. Grimmjow is going to be so jealous if he sees this.

"We're here to rescue you!" That boy, Toshiro, was it? He was about to make a move when Ichigo interrupted him.

"If you're here to bring me back to Soul Society then I'm sorry. I'm not going back there." Ichigo said, smiling at Rukia.

"Why! You don't belong here with these people! They're h-hollow!" Rukia all but shouted at him.

Ichigo's POV

I was annoyed. She just referred to hollows like they were worse than alley cats! I scrunched up my fists in frustration and said, trying to steady my tone.

"So what if they're hollow? If they're scum then what am I?" I said, my heart breaking a little when I see Rukia's hurt expression.

"I-Ichigo! You're different! You're a Visored and-" She tried to reason with me, but I raised a hand and said, raising my voice a little.

"I'm not a Visored anymore. I'm one-hundred-percent Arrancar."

"How?" Toshiro narrowed his eyes, and placed a hand on the hilt of his now-sheathed Zanpakuto.

"How? You don't get to ask that. Not after you left me to die under Aizen!" I shouted at them in fury, tears threatening to fall.

Renji spoke for the first time, looking at me with anger in his eyes.

"It's not like we knew you were here all this while! Rukia lost her memory and she just got it back! I'd expect you to be a little concerned for her!"

I was stunned. Just because Rukia lost her memory? Just because of that, they didn't even notice my missing reiatsu, nor did they realize my presence was gone. What friends they were.

I snapped. I was absolutely furious. I appeared in front of Renji in an instant and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him up with my strength.

"Is that even considered as an excuse? None of you noticed how I was missing? Really? I was gone for more than two weeks and none of you noticed?"

At this point I was so angry, I was about to shove my whole arm right through his pathetic body. Just then, I felt something pull me back, with a lot of force.

Grimmjow's POV

I arrived at the scene no more than five minutes after Ichigo left, and I sighed. This kid was always getting himself into trouble huh?

"-Gone for two weeks and none of you noticed?" I heard the orange head shout in fury, before my eyes widened at the scene before me. No one realized quick enough what he was about to do.

I rushed forward and pulled him back by the shirt, before he could make that fatal blow. His back hit my chest, and I gripped his body close to mine.

"Ichigo, are ya stupid or what? Ya almost killed yer friend back there!" I growled, as he struggled against me.

"Let me go! You're so annoying why'd you have to pull me away!" He bit down on my arm and my eyebrows twitched. He was so going to pay for this later.

I ran a hand through my hair and let him go, and he stumbled out of my arms.

"As I was saying, you have no right to blame me for what happened to Rukia. I-"

But they didn't even let Ichigo finish, before I felt cold steel pressed against my neck, and a very angry redhead glaring me down. Or up. Considering how I was taller.

"GRIMMJOW! You'll pay for what you did to Rukia!"

"Renji!" Toshiro shouted, but it was too late. That blade was swung down quickly, and just as everyone braced themselves for the impact, a calm voice was heard.

"You will cease this at once, Abarai-fukutaichou. "

Kuchiki Byakuya, looking stoic as ever, appeared before us, and behind him was Soi Fon, Zaraki, and Yachiru.

Renji stilled at the voice, and lowered his Zanpakuto.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, your presence is requested by Sotaichou." Byakuya ordered, with a look that basically said 'if you say no I will rip your head off in a graceful manner'.

Ichigo scoffed, clearly not taking the death glare seriously.

"What if I say no? I'm sick and tired of being ordered around by all you people who I expected to stand by me! All this while, where the fuck were you guys?"

"If you do not come with us, I will be forced to take extreme precautions." Soi Fon said, as she stepped forward with a needle in her hand, with some sort of liquid that looked like the color of death, if death had a color.

"No! I am not goin-" I cut Ichigo off and dragged him by the arm.

"We're goin'. Now stop struggling ya idiot." I mumbled, "Szayel and Ulquiorra you two stay behind and keep the place together."

Before anyone else could argue with me, I shoved Ichigo into the Garganta I made and we appeared in Soul Society.

Ichigo instinctively grabbed hold of my shirt again, as we walked towards the Sotaichou's meeting hall. I ran my hand through his hair and rubbed his neck trying to relieve some tension, I knew the boy was scared of what might happen.

We entered the hall, with Soi Fon and Byakuya following suit. All the captains were present, and some looked cautious as I stepped closer. My hold on Ichigo tightened, as I felt him tremble slightly.

"It's okay Ichigo, calm down." I whispered, looking at Sotaichou.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, what is the meaning of this? You claim to have been held against your will at Hueco Mundo but it does not seem as such." Sotaichou bellowed, his voice booming around the grand hall.

Those words sparked Ichigo's anger once more, as I stood back and watched the boy lash out his fury.

"Do not accuse me of lies, where were all of you when I needed you?" Ichigo asked, once more, this time in the presence of all the captains.

They all looked at him, some with regret on their faces, some with anger.

"We had come to a decision that entering Hueco Mundo would be too dangerous. We apologize, but it seems that you are fine now." Sotaichou said, as the hall quieted down. "It has been decided that you are forbidden from entering Hueco Mundo. This is for your protection and safety."

"My safety? Oh, so now you're concerned about that! Unfortunately for you, I cannot abandon Las Noches now." Ichigo stomped his foot; yes he stomped his feet like a little child. I smirked in amusement.

"You are aware of the consequences of your actions? By acknowledging that you prefer Hueco Mundo over Soul Society you are in fact deemed a traitor; and as such will be executed by law." Sotaichou seemed to get angrier by the second, his reiatsu already putting pressure on everyone.

Ichigo's POV

"Now, now. No need for such extreme measures. I'm sure Ichigo here has a reasonable explanation for us, right?" Kyoraku said, a hint of worry on his usually smiley face.

I clenched my fists in anger. How dare they accuse me of being a traitor? They don't even know shit about what I've been through.

"Traitor? Who's the traitor here! Why didn't you send help in time? Do you even know what I had to go through? The only reason I survived was because Grimmjow here actually stepped forward to help me! I ask once more, where the fuck were all of you when I was getting raped by Aizen?"

Everything was a standstill at that moment. The words seemed to register into their heads as Toshiro looked at me in concern.

"Raped? Ichigo, I'm sorry we didn't-" I cut Toshiro off before he could finish, as I glared at all of them.

"Why was I left there to suffer alone?" I bellowed, lashing out my reiatsu in fury.

"K-Kurosaki, that reiatsu… It's more Hollow than anything else!" Sotaichou exclaimed, "What have you become?"

"In those weeks you left me there to die, I'm so sorry to disappoint, but I have gotten much stronger." I said menacingly, as I let them see my true form for the first time.

Part of my Hollow mask now covers my left eye, and there is a red line extending from under my eye to my hairline. I let all of them stare at me in awe, and then in shock, as I stand by Grimmjow, and take his hand.

"I am one of them now, seeing as how all of you failed to rescue me, I might as well take their side, huh." I narrowed my eyes in anger.

"You are now officially a traitor of Soul Society, and will be treated as such; Arrancar." Sotaichou heartlessly gave out the kill order for Grimmjow, and me and before anyone could react, a sickening sound came from next to me, and Grimmjow heaved.

I whipped my head the right, and let out a cry of rage as I saw Soi Fon had stabbed Grimmjow in the stomach. Falling forward, Grimmjow landed on his hands and knees as he struggled to form words.

"R-Run, Ichi."

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