Silence, a Luigi's Mansion fanfic

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King Boo: This game is miiiiiiiiiiiine-no wait-everything is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine haaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-*is bricked by Nintendo Agents 1-2948*

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A flashlight beam played over the walls, ceiling and floor of the dark mansion. To many, the place seemed to be deserted; already giving it a haunted air. Some, like the toads and Mario, had excused that. There were no such things as ghosts, right?

Wrong. There were. After all the childhood teachings about things that supposedly 'weren't real', like monsters, ghosts, the bogey man, and UFOs, you grew up to find that all of those things were real and that you had been taught lies. And that was the reason that Luigi, who absolutely despised almost any form of ghost, was trekking through the mansion with no weapons but a vacuum cleaner, a flashlight, a Gameboy Color, and an extra sweater to take out the whole mansion full of ghosts.

…oh wait, he'd left his extra sweater back at E. Gadd's again.

So here he was, battling ghosts of all kinds, clearing out haunted (and freezing) rooms to turn the electricity on, and collecting Boos so that he could save his brother from King Boo, presumably. Exactly how he wanted to spend his weekend.

In between ghost battles, Luigi was left pondering things that he normally would not be thinking about. Like how the Boos claimed to be ghosts, but you could physically injure them, contradicting the whole 'I-am-a-spirit-and-you-mortals-cannot-harm-me' façade that many of the 'residents' showed to invited and uninvited guests.

Or how a vacuum could hold spirits that could deal bodily harm on various levels, but supposedly mortal people couldn't touch?

And why couldn't he just slam the Boos into the wall or crush them by jumping or hammer like he had before? Seriously, what exactly happened?


Luigi vacuumed up a ghost bat that had tried to make a 'nest' in his hair...or cap, whichever. The green plumber shoved the nozzle back in its position and continued on down the hallway, once again sinking deep into thought.

For a haunted mansion, this place is pretty new. Then again, I suppose it did just appear in the night.

To Luigi, that was a rather puzzling concept. How could something like that magically pop up onto the hill with only some ghosts for an excuse? Was it possible for ghosts to even conjure enough power to create this place? If not, then how did it even exist? Was this just an illusion? Was he dreaming? What-


The source of the bomb was taken out in a mere three seconds, along with a few more bats and a random blue ghost mouse looking for bread crumbs.


Well, maybe cheese, too.

Luigi sat down and sighed. A few minutes of rest would be nice. He straightened his hat for what seemed to be the hundredth time that night and stared down the dark hallways, worried but mostly terrified. Would he ever come to the end of this place? Would he make it through alive? Were there any allies in this place at all, besides the occasional Toad? (He still could not believe that one Toad had dropped a key in the toilet. He'd made sure he washed it off really well when the Toad wasn't looking) As he slumped further down the hall, almost asleep, something happened. A foreign melody drifted through the night from one of the rooms. Luigi sat up, eyes still glazed with weariness. The music sounded strangely familiar, and for some reason, he felt compelled to follow it. Without thinking any further on the matter, he got up and tried to locate the sound. He didn't notice that no ghosts bothered him on his quest, or that his hand went through a wall that he brushed into. The thought of the musician being an enemy did not even cross his mind as he grew nearer and nearer.

Finally, he came to a stop in front of a plain but slightly fancy door. There was a small, golden label next to it.


Luigi shuffled through his various keys (it was a wonder that they didn't make an annoying cacophony that attracted every ghost in the Mushroom Kingdom) to find one that would fit in the door. About ten keys later, he found a match and entered the dark room. It generally wasn't unpleasant, but the music had stopped. The green-clad man nervously surveyed the room, before noticing some of the instruments. He stopped for a moment to consider what he should do, but instinct took over faster than thought, and he walked over to the closest instrument (a xylophone) and began playing it. When he left it several minutes later, the sticks kept playing to a vaguely familiar tune. This Luigi could not understand, but though he checked it with his Gameboy Horror, he could detect no ghost. However, it in no way made him suspicious for reasons that were beyond him at the time. Luigi walked over to the drums and tested them, getting the same result (though they mysteriously kept in time with the xylophone music). After testing the harp (with similar results), Luigi relaxed a little. The musical instruments were-hopefully-safe to play. So Luigi forgot about his troubles and got lost in the calming, happy world of music, possibly the only 'safe haven' in this terrible mansion. He had absolutely no idea how he'd learned to play them all, but those thoughts, too, were in the back of his mind.

Finally, he reached the piano. He sat down on the bench, and as soon as he did, he felt a sort of…'tug' inside him relinquish its grip. But as he reached out to touch the keys, a spectral—somehow, familiar—presence became known to him. A beautiful spirit materialized on the other half of the piano bench (why had he sat down on just half of the bench?) and started to play the piano. It now occurred to Luigi that the only other instruments still playing were the harp and xylophone, the others most likely quieted when she appeared. The piano took the lead, the other two simply accompanying the ghost's odd, peaceful song. Luigi didn't move; afraid to break the music's spell. It was unlike anything he had ever heard before…

It did indeed seem to have put a spell on him, as he soon realized that he felt too…calm; he'd forgotten his very mission in coming here and practically anything else. Fear sparked inside Luigi, but he could do nothing but lift his eyes from the keyboard and try to make eye contact with the ghost. To him, those glowing orbs had always been a good window to the soul, but alas, his 'friend' had hers closed as she played the piece. But the music got ever a little softer, and Luigi's attention was quite literally spirited away to the ghostly music.

All too soon, the song ended, and the ghostly musician turned to him and finally returned his curious gaze. She seemed like a genuinely good being, from what he could tell. As the trance-like state lifted form his mind, Luigi thought about what he should do next. He wasn't quite sure, actually. Should he flee, or stay? It seemed rude to capture the ghost who had given him a much-needed break…

That piece…do you know what it's called?

Luigi was slightly startled by the question, but decided that it was safe to answer.

"No…I haven't. But it was beautiful."

The ghost smiled at him.

It's a piece called Oranyos. Not many have heard it, and those who have passed away long ago. You are, perhaps, the only one who shall hear it, for the last one who remembered it lived almost five centuries ago. The green clad human said nothing, so the ghostly musician continued. I keep a copy of this music on my piano so that I may keep the song alive even when nobody else retains its beauty.

She gestured toward the shelf of music next to the piano. I have always loved music. It brings me peace, something that the other supposed residents of this place do not seem to appreciate. The female ghost sighed before she straightened up and resumed talking.

My name is Melody Piantissima. It bears similarity to both my love of peace and my love of music.

Luigi racked his brain to try and remember where he had heard her name, but nothing came to mind. He had no time to continue his thoughts, however.

If it is not too much trouble, may I ask of your name?


"My…my name is Luigi."

Melody looked somewhat surprised.

Luigi…that was the name of my music partner…

The musician turned away, suddenly sullen. Luigi considered saying something to her, but couldn't think of anything that might help. Instead, he tried placing a hand on her shoulder. Despite him being a human and her being a ghost, Luigi's hand didn't pass through the spirit. Normally, he would've taken time to question this more seriously, but now was not the time to consider that.

It felt like hours had passed before Melody once again turned to Luigi. Her eyes glistened with both gratitude and memories long forgotten.

Thank you for listening to me. For a moment, Melody stopped speaking; then decided that she would continue. You are, perhaps, one of few people to show me true compassion. I thank you for that.

Luigi with about to open his mouth to reply with something along the lines of 'You're welcome', but the ghost musician shushed him.

I can understand that you might not like the result, but you must return me to a painting if you wish to progress through here. There can be no exceptions, for if even one spirit remains in this place, more will flock to it. Unlike the other ghosts, I will not hate you for sealing me away. I have been alone for longer than anybody could wish. Before you give me peace, however, would you please make two promises to me?

Half curious, half sympathetic, Luigi nodded.

First, take the music on my piano and preserve it. I do not want the piece that I have protected for this long to be forgotten again.

He nodded again. "I promise. What's the second one?"

Melody once again turned away to stare at the piano keys, leaving Luigi mystified. The two on the bench were drenched in quietness, with only the sound of occasional whispering in the background (one would never know whether it was from ghosts or the wind). The quietness ended abruptly when a clock somewhere in the mansion announced that another hour had passed. With this, Melody 'stood' up, took the sheet music off the piano, and handed it to Luigi.

Time is passing quickly. You must continue your quest before you grow weary. Please finish me and be on your way.

Luigi looked up at her from the sheet music. "But what was your second promise?"

It is not as important as-

"Please tell me! I need to know!"

The ghost musician was startled out of her calm demeanor for a few moments; then regained her composure. This human's determination reminded her of someone she'd known very well…With that bittersweet memory resurfacing, Melody couldn't help but tell him. Okay, since you really wish to know. I ask that every once in a while, you would visit my painting in the Professor's lab.

Luigi smiled at her reassuringly. "That's no problem. I promise you."

Thank you for your kindness. I could not have asked for more. Melody waved her hand toward the Poltergust. Now, I am truly finished with my work. Please remember me, and good luck on your quest!

The conservatory was once again silent as Luigi replaced the nozzle to the Poltergust. The last of the familiar presence had left the room as the lights had come on. The green clad man stared wistfully at the piano as the rain poured down hard outside (pity the Toad in the outhouse). One person—well, ghost—that had been nice to him was gone. He fingered the key he had just gotten.

He had to move on now. He had to save Mario. But he couldn't forget to keep Melody's promises. Luigi gently folded up the music and placed it in a side pocket on the Poltergust so that it wouldn't get lost or damaged. The hero set out into the dark mansion corridors once more, having tackled one obstacle and ready to move on to the next. One thing still eluded him, however.

No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't put his finger on where exactly he had heard Melody's name before…It sure sounded familiar…too familiar to be a coincidence…

Luigi then remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He could think about that later. Maybe he could ask E. Gadd or Mario.

But as he had folded the music up, he'd missed a set of names written at the top of the page.

Written and Composed By: Luigi and Melody Piantissima

End Notes: I am really, really glad I edited this. I can't believe this thing got as much love as it did in its original, terribly underwritten state, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Although I absolutely love mysterious endings, I may someday end up posting one or two that carry on with this AU-like thing.

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Random Trivia: The title of the Piantissima's piece is a spinoff of the ancient Greek word THAT FANFICTION WON'T PROCESS COMPLETELY (pronounced Oy-ran-os), which means 'heaven' or 'sky'. Although I used it elsewhere to stand for 'sky', in this instance it stands for 'heaven'.

Random Trivia 2: I find it strange that the whole thing with Luigi reminds me of Cinderpelt/Cinderheart in Warriors (by Erin Hunter) and the Wolves of the Beyond series (Kathryn Lasky), but that I hadn't read Warriors in over six months when I wrote this and that the books in WotB that dealt with that kind of interest hadn't even come out yet. I don't even know how I made that connection because this would be only partially similar and a few of the qualities remind me of the Sinjoh ruins stuff in Pokѐmon (about the Creation trio's spirits never dying; though I'm not sure if that's ever been confirmed).