Recently Kindle Worlds authors got an announcement from Amazon—they will be shutting down the Kindle Worlds program, and our rights to our fanfiction will revert back. (And forgive me for typos—I'm typing this on my iPhone 7, and it likes to over correct me.)

When I took All This Time down from the site to publish it, I did it because someone had decided to plagiarize my work. This means some editing of my other books to take the title off my "other works" page in the books I have published, but for YOU guys, it means I will be posting the story back on the website as soon as it is taken off of Amazon, where it will stay.

I briefly thought about turning it into an original story, but I'm not willing to change too much of it, and I have enough on my plate with my New Adult romances and my MFA Creative Writing Thesis. It was an incredible honor to have my fanfiction on sale on Amazon on Kindle because it gave me the courage to start self-publishing, and to apply to Southern New Hampshire University for an MA in creative writing, and it is later I got accepted in SNHU's new 100% online Master of Fine Arts program.

Enjoy rereading, everyone! As a good faith promise, I am uploading the first two chapters in a few minutes. Again, I'm gonna be doing this from my phone, so bare with me!

And no—unfortunately, I do not have updates on Petrova Blood. Taaroko and I have been busy with life and it's hard to coordinate when we can talk to each other.