I woke to the sound of Dahvie Vanity singing softly in my ears. I grunted and rolled over, burying my head in the pillow. 'Get up sleepy head!' chimed Dahvie's voice, as he shook me gently. I ignored him and continued to try and get back to sleep. He through back the covers and I was instantly met by the cold of the morning air. 'Davhie Vanity!' I shouted rolling over. He looked at me wide eyed and innocent. 'Sorry Jayy.' He said looking down. God he's so adorable! 'It's ok Davhie.' I said forcing a smile. He grinned and bounded across the room to the door. 'See you downstairs in a sec Jayy! Poptart?' I nodded and rubbed my eyes.

I went downstairs after dressing in the usual - black shirt, buttoned down low and black skinny jeans with lots of rips, I like showing off my skin. 'Dahvie?' I called. He was no-where to be seen. I sighed, typical. Suddenly I was attacked from behind. I squealed, a noise I swear will never leave my lips again. Dahvie was giggling uncontrollably, rolling around on the floor. 'Oh God, Jayy, that was, that was, so, hilarious!' He managed to say between outbursts of laughing. He can be so childish sometimes. 'Never do that again.' I said, trying my hardest to be stern. Dahvie was still laughing; 'I can't promise anything.' He chuckled.

We slowly ate and I noticed Dahvie had curled up next to me. He lent his head on my shoulder. Why did I feel so funny about this? He did this often - I mean we've always been close, so why did I feel something so... special about this? 'I love you Jayy.' Dahvie whispered seductively in my ear, I closed my eyes and hung on to every word. 'Love you too Dahvie.' I felt so happy here, just the two of us, close, together. Was I falling for him? No don't be silly - he was like a brother to me, and he was straight any way. I must be tired still.

I looked down at Dahvie who looked up at me with his adorable eyes. I lent down and kissed his forehead. Why did you do that Jayy? I asked myself angrily, but I needn't have worried, for he lifted his head up and kissed my cheek. I swear I felt my heart burst. He started laughing under his breath. I instantly came crashing back to reality. He was straight - my best friend, nothing more.