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I stare out my dorm window.

The rain slaps hard against the glass.

Streaking my window pane.

It has been raining for hours now, and the campus is still.

Lazily, I draw a heart in the fog on the glass.

Suddenly a movement on the other side of the lawn catches my eye.

There is a man walking across the campus.

His hands are clasped behind his back, the way they always are.

But his head is not bent, the way it usually is.

He has his face turned skyward, soaking in the the late afternoon rain.

I duck my head, even though there is no way he could see me.

I am on the third floor.

I watch him now.

As I watch, a familiar longing feels my chest.

I want to reach out and run my fingers along his rain soaked cheek.

I want to kiss his mouth, sweet with rain.

I want to know what it is that compels him to walk alone in the rain.

What it is about it that makes him more free.

I want to walk with him in the rain.

I want . . .

But it is irrelevant.

The gap between us is to large, we could not cross it if we tried.

Not here.

Not now.

I look back out the rain streaked window.

But he is gone.

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