Hello loves. I send batches of festive cookies to you all with my mind. Feel the cookies, FEEL THEM!

Anyways, i have consumed far too much sugar today, and as a result, am bouncing off walls, door, my friends, and any other vertical surface i come into contact with. This includes my computer and the result is this: Another chapter for all my wonderful readers out there on the interwebs.

Well, enough of me rambling, let's get this show on the road, but first, a brief word from our sponsors as to my(occasionally depressing) lack of ownership:

Spock: I do not believe that i am owned in anyway, and if i am, it is entirely without my knowledge and i disapprove most assuredly.

Uhura: "There is no way I am owned, and also no one should own another person or be owned."

Gaila: "I'm cool with it ;)"

Uhura: "Gaila. Down girl. Don't sexually harass the author."

Kirk: "You could own me anytime you like."

Spock: "Cadet Kirk, you are not even in this installment so your presence here is not only disruptive, but illogical. Furthermore, I believe we are holding up the show."

Gaila: Pouts


Disclaimer: Me no own.


At last,

The sun peeks out from behind the cloud where she has been hiding.

After three hours of waiting,

The rain has finally ceased.


The campus comes back to life,

Students leave their dorms,

and teachers their classrooms.

A girl with a mass of red hair darts from the library,

Across the lawn to her dorm

Glad to be free of the stuffiness,

and the rain.

The girl at the window makes her way downstairs,

She has places to go, people to talk to,

And she is now determined to ask the Man

Why he walks in the rain.

The girls pass each other at the door way.

The red head makes a playful jab at the Girl.

She just rolls her eyes at her Friend.

And walks into the sunshine.

The Man is in his room.

He realizes that he has papers to file before class tomorrow,

But he will accomplish nothing,

While soaking wet.

Now dry,

He makes his way back across the campus

Towards the lecture halls,

And a waiting stack of essays.

He runs into the Girl just outside his classroom.

She smiles at him,

And tilts her head to the side,

He remembers that his hair is still wet.

She laughs at the face he feels himself make.

He opens the door and gestures for her to come inside.

He wished to talk to her as well.

About her reasons for dancing in the rain.


Just maybe,

The rain has done everyone on campus some good.

Only time will tell.

And there it is, ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, THE END!

whoot whoot.

i know it was short, please don't kill me, i still have homework i need to finish.

ANYWAYS! I have another story for these guys in the works, this one is actual prose.

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