Chapter 8


After Sasuke had dropped me off, I called Ino on her cell phone to tell her I was home, and she probably didn't even hear me because she was chattering on and on about how she saw me walking with Sasuke. She wanted to know everything. From how I met up with him to why I was carrying the little girl that was in Starbucks. I didn't tell her though. I actually kind of hung up on her – the tantrum Sarah had gave me the BIGGEST headache of my life, and Ino wasn't helping at all. The fact that I could barely move my arms didn't assist in making me feel better.

I decided I'd had enough of walking around and trick-or-treating, so I got dressed in my pj's and watched Halloween specials with Samuel on my lap.

But as I was watching TV, I noticed something smelled different. And I didn't know what it was until I realized that the pj shorts I was wearing were the ones that Sarah borrowed the first time I had babysat her.

But it didn't smell like pee or anything – because that would be disgusting – it smelled like Sasuke's clothes. And it's not like a I'm a stalker or anything – I only know what Sasuke's clothes smell like because I've been in his room and he's been very close to me many times. I guess the house staff use the same detergent to wash everybody in the household's clothes.

And then I noticed that not only did the pj's smell very good, but they were also very soft. Fabric Softener? I think so. But what scent was it supposed to be? Lavender? No, that would be to girly... though it had some sort of a floral smell...

Samuel fell off of my lap and meowed angrily as I suddenly stood up, wondering what the hell I was doing. What sort of loser analyzes their pj's? Apparently me, but I blamed it on the headache. So I took some extra-strength Tylenol, and hopped into bed (Sam following, apparently he forgave me).

As I lay there, I couldn't help but laugh at myself (with Samuel looking at me strangely) – the position I must have been in to be able to smell and feel the pj shorts must have looked hilarious if anyone had seen it. And, just before I fell asleep, I almost secretly decided that these pyjamas were my favourite.


"Sasuke?" Mrs. Carter knocked on his bedroom door and entered. Sasuke, who was playing one of his videogames lazily after eating all of Sarah's pancakes, paused his game and then looked over. Not only had his adoptive mother entered, but so had Sarah again – and she looked like she was about to burst with happiness. "Remember the conference that Phillip and I were supposed to go to in two weeks?" Marie asked, and Sasuke gave a nod. "Well, its been moved up to this weekend, and it would be too much of a hassle for all of us to go, so would it be okay with you if we left you two at home? The house staff can watch Sarah most of the time, so you can go to your parties and have your fun, but it would be a reassurance if you could watch her some of the time?" Sasuke thought first, and nodded again – did he really have a choice in the matter? He felt he had to-

The latter was proven when Sarah dived forward and clung to Sasuke, saying, "Hooray! Me and you for the whole weekend, together!"

Somehow, Sasuke slightly regretted his decision.


The next morning as I was driving to school my car made the weirdest noise ever. It was like a muffled ticking that then turned into what sounded like a Champaign bottle being popped – then it went back to normal.

The next day the same noises happened, except this time the ending pop was so loud that it 'scared me shitless' for a lack of a better phrase. I ended up jumping, screaming, and then swerving to the side of the rode almost hitting a car and an old man. Luckily I got control in time and braked before anything serious happened.

So instead of going to school that morning, my dad and I took the car to a repair shop, and then he took me out to lunch.

"Puriti is coming down for the Christmas break," he said as the waitress came with our food.

"Really? I haven't seen her in so long! She usually visits more often," I replied excitedly. Now there will be someone to hang out with during the break.

"Mhmm," my dad nodded while taking a bite of his lunch, "But that means you can't use her car – you know how she gets if even one mile is added to the meter."

Damn. I forgot about that, so then how will I get around to places? I voiced my question out loud.

"You can probably take a taxi to the farther places, but other than that, I guess you could walk," he replied.

"Walk! But that will take so long, and what if I go shopping? How will I carry the shopping bags all the way back home?" It's going to be hell without my car, I can already tell.

"You could catch a ride from Ino or one of your friends. Or you could ride your bike."

"Ew- Dad, I'm not going to ride my bike everywhere – I'd look like a total loser!" I exclaimed. Ino would make fun of me for the rest of my life if I rode my bike everywhere. Not that there's anything wrong with bikes or biking – it's just not that popular among the students at my school, and most of the kids who do ride their bikes, get picked on. I mean, I don't do the picking on, but that's the way the social structure works.

"Then I guess it's a taxi, or walking – but I can drive you to school after we finish," He said after laughing at my reaction.

"Fine." I grumbled, and continued eating my lunch.

"Absolutely not." My mother firmly said.

I let my head rest in my hands as I sat on the living room couch – watching my parents bicker back and forth. It was later the next day and in the evening; and they had already been arguing for 20 minutes.

"But mom! That's so not fair!" I protested, though I was too lazy to lift my head again.

"Ssshhh Sakura, let me handle this," my dad said, and then turned to my mom, "I think it is only reasonable that since Sakura's car is currently in repairs and she can't use Puriti's, then it is only reasonable to let her take a taxi."

"Think, how expensive it would be to take a taxi all the time?" she argued.

"It wouldn't be that expensive." I grumbled.

"Sakura," my dad warned again, "though she is right honey-"

"Don't honey me," my mom interrupted.

"Taking a taxi is basically the same price as paying for gas for her car," he continued.

"But why is she even taking a car? She's a human being, she can walk – and I was against getting them cars in the first place." My mom said – in my opinion, her argument was lame, and she definitely agreed to get us cars.

"We both agreed to get them cars, it was not only my decision." he maintained. See? I was right – my mom is just making up stupid things to get her way – and I think she's only doing it to piss my dad off. "And that's not what we are discussing now," he continued.

"Fine then, she can't take a taxi because it's too expensive." she replied.

"We just talked about this – paying for gas and taking a taxi are basically the same price." He said once again.

"It still costs a lot more, and I'm not willing to spend any more money on something that is avoidable." My mom stood up as she said this to make her point more clear.

"Oh, and this comes from the person who takes three grand and disappears for five days," my dad shot back, standing up as well. "Was that not 'avoidable'?" he said the last word while making quotation marks with his hands.

Obviously this argument was turning in a direction where the topic was not about me, so I slipped away to my room and closed the door to muffle their shouting. A couple of seconds later I heard Samuel scratching at my door frantically. I let him and he ran into my closet, probably terrified of the yelling.

I mean, honestly, they're acting like children. Even I'm more mature than them at times. Actually – scratch that last point – considering I just turned on my computer to play online games, I'm still on a lower level of maturity (though to me, my mom seems to be lowering down to my level).

I beat my high score three times before I finally heard the yelling stop. I then heard one person slam the front door while another trudged slowly up the stairs. Then there was a knock my door.

"Sakura?" It was my dad.

"Yeah?" I answered, exiting the internet window on the computer.

"Sorry, but I guess you'll have to be walking," he said while opening the door.

"No taxi?" I asked, and didn't make a big deal – my dad looked upset.

"No, sorry babe." He replied and then closed the door and I heard footsteps go down the stairs.

I shuddered at the last thing he said. 'Babe' reminded me of what Naruto called me- and hearing it from my dad made Naruto seem more and more like a brother-type person. ( A/N FYI- when Sakura's dad said 'babe' its not pedophilia/incest at all- its just another word for honey, or sweetie, or those other names that dads give u, got it? cuz after reading it, it did sound a little wrong...and I wanted to clear things up)


Sasuke woke up to the sound of his door opening and then closing, though he didn't open his eyes. He then heard soft footsteps and the latter that lead to the loft creak. He turned over onto his stomach with his head faced down into the pillows when he heard some of the mattresses near him squeak. Then he felt a presence very near him, and though he still feigned sleep, he knew what was going on.

Small hands were placed on Sasuke's side and they slowly turned him over so he was on his back once again. It was when he felt breath on his face that he, with his eyes still closed, shot one arm out and grabbed the intruder's hand, which was only inches from his face and holding an open black marker.

A sharp gasp came from Sarah, and as she tried to free her arm, whined, "Sasuke! How did you know?!"

"Hn." He smirked, and opened his eyes, "You're not a very good secret agent."

Two minutes later, Sarah walked out of Sasuke's room, not looking very happy with a drawn-on black moustache, goatee, and glasses to adorn the frown on her face.


I slept in the next morning until 11:30 since it was Saturday. When my mom came home last night, another argument had ensued and I hardly got any sleep. It wasn't until after making breakfast (which was more like brunch) when I remembered that Naruto and I were meeting at Sasuke's for Biology- and now I was late. In a hurry, I grabbed the first things I saw in my closet and shoved them on (one of which was the green skirt my mom got me). I then ran around the house looking for my car keys, only to remember that my car was in repair and that I had to fricken walk because my mom wouldn't let me take a fricken taxi. This would make me even more late (I didn't call for Naruto because I was still a little weirded out with the 'Babe' thing last night). I grabbed a jacket on the way out just in case – the sky was really overcast and there was a cool breeze.


After showering and dressing, Sasuke walked down to the kitchen to have his breakfast prepared. While he was eating, one of the house staff approached him with a message. Apparently Naruto had called saying he couldn't come that day because he was sick so they should cancel, but Sasuke knew that the idiot actually had a really bad hangover from the party the previous night.

Sasuke hadn't drunken that much knowing they had to work the next day, but Naruto didn't take such precautions – and also not knowing (more like not caring) how much alcohol his body could take, he drank the night away.

So Sasuke now had a free Sunday, but had wasted what could have been a good Saturday night of getting hammered and laid – assuming that Naruto had also called Sakura and told her not to come.

Haruno Household

"You've reached the Haruno household, sorry we're not in right now, please leave a message at the sound of the tone and we'll call back as soon as we can."


"Hey Sakura? It's Naruto. Just calling to tell you that I've gotten sick and that we're not getting together at Sasuke's today. I'll call you later when I'm better and maybe we can have another date or something. Bye!"


So I'm walking to Sasuke's and there is this one neighbourhood that you have to pass that is kind of sketchy. As I approached it, hoping to get by as quickly as possible, I noticed ahead of me that there were these two groups of people that didn't seem so friendly with one another. They were yelling and swearing at each other, and then one guy pushed another, and the whole crowd started fighting. I've never seen something so terrifying up close – they were like 20 feet away from me, and I had to walk right by them.

And I wasn't about to do that, so instead I turned a corner hoping to go around them and maybe even find a short cut. But I didn't really know the neighborhood that well, so guess what? I got myself lost.


He had just finished breakfast (which Sasuke found out was more like brunch – he must have slept in) and was walking back to his room when he heard it – a soft sort of whimpering coming from one of the bathrooms. Figuring it was Sarah, he went to investigate.

He guessed correctly – Sarah was in front of the sink in one of the bathrooms, wearing a princess costume and crying quietly out of frustration. Her face and hands were smeared with black, from trying to wash off Sasuke's earlier masterpiece.

"Sarah," Sasuke said, trying to suppress a smirk. She wasn't doing a very good job, which was probably why she was crying, because he could still see most of the marker, while the rest of her face took on a greyish tint.

Sarah turned to him with big, tearing eyes and a quivering bottom lip, which took the smirk right off of Sasuke's face. "I want to be a princess," she said in between small sobs, "but I can't be a princess with all this on me," she continued, showing him her dirty hands. She then noticed that some of the marker-polluted water had dripped onto her princess costume, and let out a soft wail, "I can't do it." She plopped down into a sitting position letting out quiet despair-filled sobs and used her hands to rub her eyes – which just spread the mess around even more.

Sasuke didn't narrow or roll his eyes, he didn't even let out any sort of negative sounds or sighs; he silently walked over to the sink, picked up and wetted a facecloth, added some soap, bent down in front of Sarah, and started washing away all the marker.

Sarah's sobs had quieted to small whimpers by the time the marker was fully washed away (thankfully it was washable marker), and he even managed to get it out of her dress- but her mood was still sombre. Sasuke felt guilty, after all, it was him who drew the marker all over her face. So, checking his watch – it was almost noon – he lifted Sarah into his arms and walked out of the bathroom, then said quietly, almost softly, "Starbucks?"

Sarah nodded into his shoulder, and after making a quick trip to his room to grab his wallet (still carrying Sarah), he headed for his car.


Okay, so I'm definitely lost. I think I'm going to try and retrace my steps and get back onto the main street.


Sarah's mood was slowly becoming lighter as they drove to Starbucks, but she hadn't spoken a word yet. Out of all of the moods Sarah had- from annoyingly happy, to raging tantrum – this was the one he hated the most: when she was truly and genuinely sad. What made it even worse is it was Sasuke who caused it.

"It's raining." Sarah finally spoke, though very quietly. Sasuke glanced at her through the rear-view mirror and saw her smiling slightly with a hand on the window, following the drops that were landing and sliding down the glass.


You have got to be freaking kidding me. Not only can I not find my way back to the main street, but it started raining. Just my luck – the one day I don't have my car, it rains.


Sasuke and Sarah arrived at Starbucks just as the rain started to come down harder. Sarah still hadn't returned to her normal self, but Sasuke had a plan for that.

Since Sasuke had moved in with the Carter's, he had discovered that good looks can get you a long way. For example, when he was in elementary school, he could get out of the toughest situations where he was the criminal or catalyst. He still uses this 'talent', though now it's mostly to get free or discounted alcohol, drugs, get laid, or to just get his way (or, more recently, to fluster Sakura). His plan to make Sarah happy included this 'talent', and the girl working the register was going to be his 'victim'.

Sasuke casually walked over to the counter, leaned his elbows on it, and then said in the same, low, voice he uses to fluster Sakura (yes, he uses a certain voice especially for her), "Grande dark roast, black, and…" he looked down towards Sarah, who's chin just made it past the counter.

"Can I please have lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie please?" she asked, though it didn't hold the enthusiasm it usually does.

"And what size would that be?" asked the register girl, giving a flirtatious smile to Sasuke and then looking at Sarah for her response.

"Um, I don't know," Sarah said, and then turned towards Sasuke, tugging his sleeve to get his attention, "What size should I get?"

Sasuke turned his gaze from Sarah to the register girl, "Venti." He said, and then turned to Sarah, "The biggest."

"Wow," Sarah said, and a small smile formed on her face. She was starting to lighten up, but Sasuke had yet to put his plan in action.

"Okay, that will be 8.15 please," the register girl said and giggled under Sasuke's stare.

Sasuke, holding the register girl's eyes, reached into his back pocket to get his wallet, took out a 10 dollar bill, and held it out for the register girl to take. But when the girl reached out to take it, Sasuke caught her hand, leaned forward, and whispered into her ear something that went unheard to Sarah. Still keeping the girl's gaze, he leaned back and said, slightly husky, "Keep the change."

The register girl blushed, nodded, and then turned to prepare the drinks.


The stupid rain decided to pour down even harder, making me completely soaked. Still not knowing where the hell I was, I kept walking, and I'm not sure I was making any progress at all.

I was getting frustrated, except I was too nervous and stubborn to go up to a house and ask directions. Plus, the houses looked kind of…unfriendly.


Sasuke received his coffee normally, but under his request, the register girl presented Sarah with her lemonade and cookie by curtsying and saying, "For the princess."

Sarah's eyes went wide as she received her order, and looked at Sasuke, who smirked. A grin spread across her face as she took the lemonade and cookie into her hands.

"Sarah," Sasuke called from the seat he'd chosen. Being so awed by being called a princess, she failed to realize Sasuke had already found a table.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she called and ran up to where Sasuke was.

Sasuke smirked for two reasons: the first being that the register girl looked like a complete idiot when she curtsied and fell for his act, and the second was that Sarah was her usual self again.



I screamed out of frustration and then burst into tears. I'd been wandering in the pouring rain for over an hour, lost, wet, scared, and hungry. And I was ruining the skirt that my mom got me.

I finally decided to walk up to one of the houses and ask for directions.

No one was home in the first house, and the second house had a really creepy senile old man. The third house I went to told me that I was no where near the Carter's neighbourhood, and then slammed the door in my face.

That was why I didn't want to ask anybody in the first place.

And that meant I had only one choice left, and I really didn't want to call him when I was in this state of hysteria.


Sasuke decided it was time to leave when the rain started to fall more heavily – Sarah wasn't fond of storms. She clung to him like a life-line as they made their way outside, and only let go once he had put her in her car seat.

Just as Sasuke pulled out of the parking space, his cell phone rang.


There was no reply.

"Hello?" he said again, this time more annoyed. This time, he waited for a couple of seconds as he heard muffles sobs, then came a voice.

"Sasuke?" It was definitely the voice of Sakura on the other end.

"What?" He asked bluntly.

"Um, I think I… got lost on the way… to your house." She said brokenly and in between sobs.

"Didn't the idiot call you?" He asked, getting annoyed.

"What? W-who?" she asked, and he could hear her hiccough through the phone.

"Never mind. Where are you now?" He continued reluctantly.

"I don't know, but I've been wandering for an hour because these guys looked bad and then I tried to avoid them, but I didn't know where I was going, and -"

"Saku-" he tried to cut her off but she kept rambling.

"And then I went to these houses and they were all really mean and then I didn't know what to do so I called you because you know the way to your house, right? And now-"

"Sakur-" he tried again.

"I'm wet and I'm cold and I'm wet and I'm hungry and I don't know where I am! And I'm all wet!" she sobbed, and Sasuke was finally able to speak.

"Where are you?"

"I'm on the ground because my legs hurt 'cause I've been walking for an hour and I'm tired and-"

"Where the fu-" Sasuke had to calm himself down, remembering that Sarah was present, "What is the street name." He asked, stressing each word by annunciating them perfectly.

"I don't know! I don't even know where I am!"

"Have you checked the street signs?" He replied through clenched teeth.

"Wha? sniff No, I don't think so," she answered and it seemed she had calmed somewhat.

Sasuke heard her walking through the phone, then a gasp, then an "I didn't think to look at the street sign."

Obviously not he thought, but voiced differently, "So…?"

Sasuke pulled up in front of a very wet, very distressed Sakura, who was sitting on the ground at the side of the road.

Sakura got in the car silently, except for murmuring a small 'thank you', and stayed silent for the rest of the ride. Sasuke was silent too, though pissed off that Sakura was getting his car all wet. Sarah was the only person making any noise, and she was singing 'If all the rain drops' and happily slurping her lemonade.

They were still silent even as they reached the Carter house. Sarah ran off to who-knows-where, and that left Sasuke and Sakura to awkwardly stand in the front hall. Then, after a couple of minutes of uncomfortably shifting from side to side shivering in wet clothes, Sakura spoke.


"Could… could I have um, a towel, or… um…something dry, to um, change into?" I asked timidly.

Sasuke just stared at me, and I thought he was going to refuse, but then I think he saw my teeth chattering and changed his mind.

He sighed heavily, "Come." And he led me to his room.

Once inside, he went into his bathroom/closet and threw me a pair of shorts and a T shirt. "Change in there." He said, pointing to where he came from.

This is where I got to see that it wasn't really a bathroom/closet. What I thought was a closet actually resembled a walk-in closet, but at the end, there was a door, and that led to the bathroom.

The bathroom again suited Sasuke- the colours were white and navy blue, and everything was stark clean. I also took pride in the fact that I was probably the only girl to ever be in his bathroom (excluding the house staff). And because of this, I couldn't help but do a little snooping.

The clothes that Sasuke gave me were way too big for me. The T-shirt went to just above my knees, while the shorts were constantly falling down – and it's not that Sasuke is large, I think I'm just small. I felt really awkward wearing his clothes, and even more so knowing that Sasuke would see me in them.

I walked out of the bathroom and through the closet while carrying my wet clothes, and drowning in Sasuke's. They were so big the shorts kept on falling down – I had to keep one hand on them at all times. So not only did I probably look absolutely ridiculous in Sasuke's clothes, but the rain had smudged my mascara and made my make-up run. I probably looked a complete wreck.

Sasuke didn't make me feel any better about it either – he just stared with an indifferent expression when he saw me, and there was an awkward silence that followed.

"Um… can I possibly, um, have a bag or something… or… um… get these dried, maybe? Please?" I asked, trying to break the silence. He stared for a couple more seconds, then shoved his hands in his pockets, gave a small nod, rolled his eyes, and turned to go out the door. I followed him down a couple of hallways and stairs, to a door that lead to a laundry room. There, he told me to hand my clothes over to one of the staff, who I assumed would wash them.

"Are we going to, um, work on the project still?" I asked as I followed him back to his room.

He didn't speak or turn around, he just nodded once.

"Um, okay," I answered, and turned to fiddling with the hem of the shirt I was wearing. I noticed that it was very similar to the one he had on and wondered if his whole wardrobe was made up of dark, very similar looking t-shirts.

Then I wondered if the pajama shorts that Sarah borrowed were washed the same as Sasuke's close. So, taking the hem of the shirt, I slowly, making sure he wouldn't turn around, brought it up to my nose.

Yup, it did smell the same – but I still couldn't figure out what the scent was supposed to be of. And while I was so stupidly smelling his shirt, I failed to realize that we had already made it to his room, and that he had stopped briefly to open the door. But that was all the time I needed to take the one extra step that would make me bump into him. Now, it wouldn't have been as embarrassing if I had just normally bumped into him- but of course, the bottom of his shirt (the one I was wearing) was clutched in my hands, pressed up against my nose, and exposing my bare stomach- which was the part that just so happened to come in contact with his arm. And no matter how mortifying the situation was, I couldn't bring myself to move –I was frozen. Frozen with me smelling his shirt and my stomach bare, pressed up against his bare arm – and my face was probably so red that the shade was darker than my hair.

So Sasuke turned to look at me, catching me in that exact position – and I still couldn't move. But he didn't move either.

Sasuke's left arm led to his pocket, while his right- the one my stomach was so conveniently in contact with- was in the midst of reaching for the doorknob of his room. His body had become tense the moment I bumped into him, and his face showed indifference with a hint of annoyance. And when his eye twitched once, I thought he would either become very angry, or burst out laughing. Since the latter would probably never happen to Sasuke, I mentally prepared for the former.

But it never came.

Instead, his eyes gave me a pretty long once-over. His right arm, because he couldn't have just taken it away like a normal person, slowly skimmed across the flesh of my stomach as he removed it. I shivered and blushed harder. One of his eyebrows quirked and, after he opened the door, he walked into his room as if nothing had happened. I then recognized the look that was present in his eyes as the whole ordeal had played – it was amusement. And amusement meant that he was teasing me, or making fun of me, or something! And in any other event I would have been pissed at that, but two factors were different this time: one, this was the unbelievably, smolderingly attractive Sasuke; two, the fact that he had been teasing me, made it very hard to breath.

I only moved when I felt the shorts start to slide off of my hips. I let go of the shirt and grabbed the shorts to keep them secure.

So, after regaining the ability to inhale and exhale properly again, I straightened myself out and walked through the door.

I found Sasuke sitting at his desk with his knapsack open and the computer turned on. I assumed we were working in his room then.

"Um, is there another chair?" I asked as I walked over to the desk.

"Closet." He replied, as he fished his binder out of his bag. I gave a small 'okay' and made my way towards his closet.

As I looked for the chair I couldn't help but be a bit curious – I mean I am in a completely gorgeous guy's closet. So while I pretended to look for the chair, I took a quick overview of his closet.

Most of the clothes seemed expensive- from the labels I could see, they were practically all were designer names. His clothes also took on the usual Sasuke colours – black, white, blue and the occasional red – but from where I could see and without snooping too much, I did spot some more colourful shirts near the back of the racks and shelves.

I also came upon Sasuke's cologne collection as well, which I couldn't help but go through.

I only recognized two bottles out of the whole collection – most of the names were in foreign languages (though there were a couple of Spanish ones I could sound out). The two I recognized the most though, were Calvin Klein's Contradiction, and Dolce and Gabanna's D&G. But as I was looking through them, Sasuke coughed from the computer desk which freaked the hell out of me – I thought that he had caught me snooping in his closet. Well, because the sound surprised me, I had jumped, which had knocked over one of the bottles of Cologne – more specifically, Contradiction. Luckily, it hadn't broken because the floor was carpeted; but it did cause the cap to come off, which then caused the cologne to leak. Whispering curses, I quickly picked up the bottle and screwed the cap back on. But now I smelled like Sasuke, the bottle was basically empty, and there was a spill of cologne on the carpet. And even though it seemed very stalkerish (not that going through his closet isn't stalker enough), I secretly enjoyed the smell of the cologne mixed with the detergent smell the clothes that I was wearing held – I guess I liked it because it smelled like Sasuke. But I shouldn't have been doing that, because there was a stain of cologne on the floor, I still hadn't returned with a chair, and it kind of made me look like a psychopath.

So, with my face tinged red again, I found the chair, hauled it out of the closet, and set it gently beside Sasuke – who sniffed the air in a confused manor.

Comprehension flickered quickly across his face before returning to the usual passive as I nervously confessed, "Um, while I was getting the chair from the closet, I accidentally, um, knocked one of the, uh, cologne bottles – it spilled a little, and I'm really sorry because it got on the carpet, and I didn't mean to and it really was an accident, but I'm so sorry, and um…yeah" I trailed off awkwardly because I realized I was rambling (which seems to be happening a lot ever since Sasuke came) He rolled his eyes and breathed a 'stupid' before getting up and walking over to the closet. I stayed where I was – too embarrassed to see his reaction. I then saw him leave the closet, then exit his room. I also hoped that he wouldn't remember that the chair was at the opposite side of the closet from the cologne.

As I waited for him to return, I noticed his binder was open and, because I promised myself I wouldn't do anymore snooping, just observed. His binder was completely organized and neat, which was expected, and it looked like he had every note he had taken in class there. I also noticed how perfect his writing was – while mine was round and curvy, his was straight and precise.

But before I could continue my observations, I heard footsteps coming towards the room again – so I sat down in the foldable chair and acted as if I wasn't being a total stalker. While I was waiting for Sasuke to reenter his room, I also noticed that his desktop background on his computer was of him and Sarah. They were on some sort of boat, and they looked like they were fishing. Sarah had a foolish look of disgust on her face and was seemingly squirming and pointing to Sasuke, who was taking a large fish off of the hook on the fishing rod with his bare hands and smirking slightly. I giggled slightly at the picture, but stopped immediately the moment Sasuke entered. He silently sat down beside me in his chair, and without even acknowledging my presence – started to research the part for our science project.

"Um, I'm really sorry," I said, trying to break the awkward tension between us. His eyes flickered to me, and then away – that was the only sign I got to know that he wasn't ignoring me. "Is the spill going to be cleaned up?" I tried again, but he only muttered 'maid' and continued to work silently. This wasn't helping the tension – it actually seemed to thicken it. So instead of sticking on the topic of my screw-ups, I decided to go for the work approach.

"Do you have the project outline?" I asked. He answered with a 'binder' and I tentatively searched it for the sheet. It wasn't hard to find because his binder was so organized, and after fishing it out, I read over the instructions. It said we had to 'research the basic function of our focus.' That was easy enough. "Try wikipedia," I suggested timidly. His glanced at me before complying. That made a small smile grace my lips – to know that he actually listened.

The rest of the time at Sasuke's played out nicely. We finished the part we were supposed to do quickly, and I didn't receive any glares – though what did happen a couple of times was the amused glint that would pass through his eyes when he would do something that would make me either an embarrassed idiot, a blushing idiot, or a rambling idiot. And I especially looked like a total idiot when I got home. Sasuke seemed to have forgiven me about the cologne incident because he offered (more like silently walking to his car with me following, then getting into his car and giving me a strange look before rolling his eyes and saying, 'Am I giving you a ride or not?') to give me a ride home.

But what made me look like an idiot, was the fact that I was wearing my top, and Sasuke's shorts. According to the maid person that gave me back my clothes, the top was machine washable, but the skirt was a certain type of new designer and had to be air-dried. So I had to take the skirt home in a bag while still wearing Sasuke's shorts. What was even worse was when I was changing into my own shirt in Sasuke's bathroom- after I took off his top I looked it over briefly, only to realize that my bra hadn't dried (from my glorious walk in the rain) and had dampened two parts of the cloth right around my boobs, making two wonderfully dark circles.

Maybe that's why Sasuke didn't feel the need to embarrass me as much – I already had myself.

The next day, when I reflected all of this, I felt really bad and really embarrassed about it. And I also realized why Sasuke had stared at me – my hair was wet and it dried naturally, so he saw it in its really random state of curliness (this made me very distressed when I figured it out). And the whole getting lost and acting hysterical and making Sasuke come and pick me up thing made me feel guilty. So, my Sunday was spent pacing around my phone, deciding whether or not to call and apologize.

I finally did end up calling, though I planned exactly what I was going to say. But this is what he did after my whole apology:

"…Hn." And then he hung up.

I was speechless for a couple of seconds, and then I suddenly got so outraged that I took my phone and threw it down on the floor. I immediately regretted my actions, and luckily the phone wasn't broken.

On Monday, I had asked Naruto to return Sasuke's shorts – which I had washed and folded and put into a plastic bag. His reaction was confusion – his exact words being,

"Wait a minute. First Sasuke is returning your shorts to you, and now you're returning his shorts to him? Are you sure there's nothing going on?" He finally agreed to return the shorts when I explained the story – though I only told him that I was lost and that it rained – nothing else. He passed it off and laughed at the fact of me getting lost in a sketchy neighborhood, though I noticed that there was some sort of reluctance or maybe suspicion in his eyes. I also noticed that he didn't kiss me that morning.

And I'm not sure whether that was a good thing or not. Actually, lately, I'm not sure about a lot of things.