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Brick's P.O.V

I'm not sure when it first started... My attraction to Blossom and my brothers attraction to her sisters. I don't know when it turned into an obsession but it did... A very very bad obsession. So bad that well... My brothers and I have them in our house right now. Each one of them knocked out on our beds. We're currently trying to think of something that will making them fall in love with us without fail.

At first I just wanted to see Blossom smile, hear her laugh, and watch her have fun. Then I wanted her to notice me. I wanted to talk to her, make her smile and make her laugh. Then I wanted to buy her all kinds of crappy and sappy romantic things like chocolates, roses and jewelry. Anything she wanted. Then I wanted to kiss her, make her blush, and hear her say she loved me.

Soon after that I wanted to make love to her, touch her in way no other man would, and hear her moan out I love you with every breath in her body as I pleasured her. Hears where my thoughts are now. I want to claim her as mine, hear her say she's mine and only mine, I want to leave marks and signs all over to let everyone know she's mine and I'll kill anyway who tries to take her from me.

I want push her up against a wall and take her like no man other than me has or ever will. I want to hear her scream out my name at the top of lung as her squirms underneath mine in total pleasure and submission. All the sappy and romantic crap still in there though. I want to be her flowers every once in a while and chocolates but they pretty much be over shadow with my new dirty and a bit dark thoughts of my beautiful Blossom.

"Are they done yet?" I asked curiously as I walked into room. "Almost. I need something from each one of the girls for this to work." Shadow said as I smiled "That's not a problem. I'll go get something from Blossom but what is this suppose to do again? I zoned out a bit." I said looking at the necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings Shadow had placed out in front of him. "Their suppose to leave the girls under our control anytime we want." Shadow said as I looked at red necklace.

"Is that so?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Yep. They'll make the girls instantly obey us. It's active by your voice when you say your own name. They'll also slowly make the girls feelings for us grow strong. Sadly though I can't say it will their love for us grow. It all depends on how they feel towards. If Blossom starts to like you, it will make it grow into a crush, and soon she'll love you." Shadow said simply as I lifted the necklace up.

"And if... She hates me...?" I whispered as Shadow looked away then back at me with sad eyes "Then it will make her hate for you burn more intensely. So you have to watch how you treat her and how you act to make sure that doesn't happen." Shadow said simply as I nodded my head. I have to make sure she doesn't hate me... Not even for a second...

"Anyway each of these will not come off unless you take them off yourself. They already have your name and voices programed into them as well." Shadow said as I looked up at him. "Then why do you need something from each of the girls?" Boomer asked walking in the room hold a strand of Bubbles' hair. "Because they don't know what DNA to lock onto." Shadow said simply taking the hair from Boomer.

"What DNA to lock onto?" Butch asked as he walked in with Buttercup's panties. I raised an eyebrow and Butch just smiled as he hand them to Shadow. "That's right..." Shadow paused as he looked at Buttercup's panties and back at Butch with a bit of a grossed out look. Butch just shrugged and Shadow sighed before continuing. "They don't just lock onto the first person you place them on. They have to have some DNA of the person you want them to lock on. That way it will only not be able to come off of that person." Shadow said simply as set the underwear down and picked up the blue bracelet.

He placed the hair in front of it. "Scan for DNA." Shadow said suddenly a scanner shoot out of the bracelet and scanned over the hair before disappearing. "DNA of Bubbles Utonium. Would you like this bracelet to lock on this person?" The bracelet asked curiously as Shadow smiled and held it in front of Boomer who smirked. "Yes." Boomer said calmly "Very well Boomer. DNA lock on Bubbles Utonium is now confirmed." The bracelet said as Shadow set it down.

"Wow. Well done Shadow." I said a bit surprised. I meant it too. I was impressed Shadow usually was into this kind of stuff but him to make these and have them turn out so great. I'm starting to think he can do anything as long as it has something to do with Star. "Thanks Brick." Shadow said happily. He picked up the green ring and reluctantly picked up Buttercup's panties. "Careful with those. They going into the collection and the fact that your fingerprints are on them already ruins most of their value." Butch said seriously as Shadow rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Got it Butch. I'll be as gentle with them as possible." Shadow hissed as the ring scanned the panties. "DNA of... Buttercup Utonium. Would you like this ring to lock on this person?" The ring asked as Shadow held it in front of Butch. "Fuck yeah!" Butch yelled as Shadow rolled this eyes. "Ok then Butch. The DNA lock on Buttercup Utonium is now confirmed." The ring said as Shadow set it down and threw Buttercup's panties at Butch.

"You have anything from Blossom on you Brick?" Shadow asked as I thought about it. "No but um... She did wear my hat once. Maybe some of her DNA is on it." I said as I took my hat off and handed it to him. "Alright this might be a bit tricky." Shadow said as he picked up the red necklace and had it scan the hat. "Two different DNA found! The first is Brick Jojo and the second is... Blossom Utonium. Which one of this people would you like this necklace to lock on?" The necklace asked as Shadow held it to Brick. "Blossom Utonium." I said calmly.

"Let me confirm what you said. You would like this necklace to lock on Blossom Utonium. Correct?" The necklace asked as I smiled. "That's correct." I said happily. "Alright then Brick. The DNA lock on Blossom Utonium has now been confirmed." The necklace said as Shadow set it down and handed me my hat. I quickly put it back on as picked up the gold earrings and let them scan a small black hair on his index finger. "What's that?" Boomer asked as Shadow smiled.

"One of Star's long, beautiful, dark, and mysterious eyelashes." Shadow said happily "DNA of... Star Utonium. Would you like these earrings to lock on that person?" The earrings asked as Shadow smiled brightly. "Yep!" Shadow said happily. "Cool then. DNA lock on Star Utonium has now been confirmed." The earrings said as Shadow put them in his other hand and set Star's eyelash down.

"Here's your necklace." Shadow said handing me the red necklace. "Here's your ring." Shadow said as he gave Butch the green ring. "Boomer. Here's your bracelet." Shadow said as he gave Boomer the blue bracelet. "Now. Remember to active them just say your name. Now let's go make those puffs love us more than life itself." Shadow said confidently walking out of the room. I followed him and quickly started towards my room. Oh my beautiful Blossom... Pretty soon you'll be all mine...

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