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Blossom's P.O.V

I bite my lip as I sit on Brick's bed and stare at the ceiling. I see remember waking up that day. Feeling his big hands all over my body. I shiver with pleasure as I remember that clear, deep, sexy, and possessive tone he used.

I may be a virgin but I've had my fair share of boyfriends and I've been in fairly similar situations as the one I was in with Brick three weeks ago but I've never been so turned on before in my whole life.

That day the rational side of me was happy that he stopped but there was some part of me that wanted him to finish what he started or at least for him to touch me again. "I'm back." Brick says calmly as he walks through the door holding up a series of bags and boxes.

"I bought the new clothes you requested beautiful and some pizza if your hungry." Brick says with a smile as I smile back. "Thanks." I mumble softly trying to keep from blushing. He's been really sweet lately. I think I've developed a bit of a crush on him because of it.

I silently wash him put the clothes away as I think about it. I never knew that he could be such a gentlemen. I smile and slowly climb off of the bed. I walk up to him and hug him behind. I feel him tense up under my touch.

"Brick... I know I should probably hate you for kidnapping me but I just can't bring myself too. Thank you for being so kind to me this whole time. I guess you really do just want me to love you. Your not planning to suddenly kill me." I say against his back.

Brick slowly turns around and pushes me away. "Keep your distance okay Bloss? It's not a problem at all. Just stay comfortable and tell me if you need anything else." Brick says before hanging up the final outfit and walking out of the closet.

I frown a bit as I hug myself. Why won't he touch me? Now that I'm starting to really like him is he starting to lose interest in me? I walk out of the closet and sit on the bed. Brick and I both reach for the pizza box at the same time.

Our hands touch making me blush but Brick's face hardens. He yanks his hand away like my touch burned him. He quickly replaces the frown with a smile when he notices me staring at him.

"Ladies first right. Sorry about that go ahead." Brick says politely as I frown slightly. Avoiding my touch again? I reach into the box and pull out two slices of pizza placing them on my plate.

Once Brick was sure I wasn't going to reach for another he reached in and grabbed four slices. We ate our pizza in silence but I could feel his eyes on me as I ate. It made me a bit nervous. I made sure to wipe the grease from around my mouth away and wipe my hands gently on napkins as I tried to eat my slices as neatly as possible.

The last thing I wanted to do is gross him out by eating like a slob. Once we were both finished we decided to sit on the couch in his room and watch tv. I kept trying to cuddle with him or at least get him to sit closer to me but every time I inched closer to him. He inched away from me.

I huff in frustration. Why won't he touch me? Does he think I'm unattractive or something? Why do I want him to touch me so badly?! Ugh! This is so frustrating. First he says he wants me to fall in love with him and that he just wants to touch me and make me his. Now when I'm finally starting to fall for him.

He decides to treat me like I have aids or something?! What the hell?! (No offense to anyone out there with that horrible disease.) I glare at him in frustration. Brick seems to notice as he turns towards me. "Bloss are you okay?" He asks curiously

"What the hell Brick?!" I yell in frustration as I stand up and stomp over to the bed. Brick quickly follows me concern and fear clear as day on his face. "Blossom, honey. What's wrong?" Brick asks nervously as I glare at him. "What am I? Am I ugly? Does the sight of me make you want to puke or something?!" I yell in frustration as Brick's eyes widen.

"Of course not! Blossom your the most beautiful girl I've ever met." Brick says lovingly making my heart race. I smile a bit as I slowly calm down. Tears roll down my face as a sob escapes my throat. "If you really think that... Then why... Why do you avoid touching me all the time...?" I ask between sobs.

Brick frowns and looks at me concern clear as day in his eyes but he makes no move to comfort me anyway or touch me just like always. "I see...! This is what I'm talking about... I'm crying my eyes out... And your not even attempting to comfort me... Still keeping the same distance like your afraid you'll catch some... Life threatening disease from me." I choke out between sobs.

"Shit... Bloss please don't cry... I want to touch you. Believe me I do. You have no fucking idea how badly I want to touch you." Brick says seriously finally inching a bit closer to me. "Then won't you? How come you don't return my hugs? How come you always try to put as much distance between us as possible?" I ask a bit shocked by how desperate I sound.

If I wasn't sure that Brick was serious when he said he'd love me no matter what. I'd be kicking myself for sounding and looking so incredibly pathetic in front of him. "Bloss you've got to understand... How badly I want to touch you is exactly why I can't. Don't you remember how your first day here almost went? I'm doing this to keep you comfortable. I don't want you to hate me." Brick says calmly with a bit of desperation in his voice as well making me feel a bit better.

I blush as I remember that day and how turned on I was. Back then I only wanted him to stop because I still considers him my enemy. I thought he was going to take advantage of the fact that I'm girl before killing me but things are different now. Now I really like him... Maybe even love him... My feelings are growing stronger with every passing hour we spend together.

I have no reason to stop him this time. "Brick... Touch me please... I want you too. I want to feel your hands all over me." I beg softly as I inch closer to him. Brick noticeably stiffens the closer I get. "I can't Bloss... I'm not in the mood." Brick says scooting away from me. I frown slightly what does he mean not in the mood? Am I not attractive enough to get him excited?

My frown turns into a smile when I see the huge bugle in his pants. Not in the mood my ass! I smirk and look up at Brick. "If your not in the mood then what's with the tent?" I ask curiously as I reach over and gently squeeze him through his pants. Brick groans before quickly grabbing wrist to stop me and hopping off the bed.

"Blossom stop. I'm doing this for your own good. I'm not about to let you do something you'll regret. No matter how tempting it is..." Brick mumbles softly as his eyes rank over my body slowing a bit at my breasts. "I'm not going to regret this. I want this. I've always wanted this even that first. You felt how wet I was for you." I say seriously

I notice Brick darken slightly and his bugles grows when I mention how wet I was for him. He was so possessive that day too. It made me so hot. Normal I don't like possessive guys who act like they own me and my body but when Brick did it that day. I couldn't remember hearing anything else that made me so wet and ready in my life.

As long as it's Brick. He can give me a contract stating I give him total ownership of my entire body and I'll glad sign it. "No Bloss... I can't Brick..." Brick says and turns away making me frown. He's not giving in decide how obviously hard he is. He's such a gentlemen and right now I'm really getting annoyed by that side of him.

I didn't wanna play this card. Well who I am I kidding I've been waiting to play this card since I first started to like him. I know exactly what to say to make him give in. "Fine! You never touch me anyway. I don't why I even mentioned it. I bet Dexter would touch me if he was here." I hiss under breath knowing that he'll still hear it.

Brick eyes narrow on me. "What did you just say?" Brick asks lowly while staring at me. "I said I wish one of the many men out who would touch me was here that way we wouldn't even be having this c-" I was cut by Brick picking me up and roughly slamming me against the wall pinning me there with both of my wrists held above my head by one of his big warm ones.

His eyes looked crazed but I wasn't afraid. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. "You want me to touch you?! Fine." Brick hisses as he tears my shirt off and squeezes my right breast through my bra. I moan as I throw my head back against the wall. Damn he's so rough but I love it. I can't think of doing this any other way with Brick.

"Don't you ever talk about other men in my presents. Their not allowed to touch you! I'm only one allowed to you. Your body is mine." Brick hisses possessively as he rips my bra off. I blush and gasp as my bra bounce free for him to see for the first time. Oh god what he doesn't like them?

Brick stares at me with a blank expression on his face taking in my breasts. He definitely doesn't like them. Brick looks into my eyes before leaning in towards my ear pressing his lips against it. "Your so fucking beautiful and your all mine every gorgeous fucking inch." Brick purrs in my ear making my whole body shiver.

Damn, he really knows how to turn me on. Brick kisses me roughly immediately forcing his tongue into my mouth. I don't object as I kiss him back just as passionately. Our tongue wrestle for dominance but of course he overpowers me. I moan into his mouth loudly as he pinches one of my nipples.

Brick slowly pulls away from the kiss with a smirk. "No one else is ever going to be able to make you feel as good as I'm about to make you feel. This is your last chance to back out before I fuck your brains out." Brick says seriously as I grown softly and wrap my legs around his waist. Come on! I thought we were pasted this by now!

I grind my soaking wet core into his bugle making him groan in pleasure. I moan happily as I look into his eyes. "Does that answer your question?" I ask with a small smirk. "I believe it does." Brick growls as let's go of my wrists and lifts me up again holding my thighs walking us over to his bed.

My heart races at the thought of all the sinful things he could do to me. Brick lays him down on the bed and immediately starts attacking my breasts with his teeth and tongue. I moan and arch my back pressing more of my breasts into his inviting mouth as Brick's tongue flicks over my sensitive nipples.

I grab the sheets to keep from pulling Brick's hair as I feel his teeth graze my left nipple while he pinches my right even though I'm sure he would mind if I did pull his hair. Brick slowly pulls his mouth off of my nipple with a loud pop a thin line of saliva the only thing giving away the fact that his mouth was there seconds ago.

"Bloss... May I?" Brick asks as he gestures to my pants. I nod my head slowly as Brick pulls down my pants and my panties leaving me completely naked in front of him. My face flushes as I close my legs shyly. "Come on Bloss. I can't touch you if you hide from me. Let me see you." Brick says encouragingly as he gently rubs my legs while slowly pulling them apart.

My face turns a dark shade of red when he finally spreads them wide even to see my core. He stares at me not moving an inch as gazes at me. "What a beautiful fucking pussy... My pussy all wet and ready." Brick says with a smile as he gently rubs my lower lips making me shiver and moan.

"It looks good enough to eat and it's all mine." Brick says with a smirk sounding extremely proud making me blush and smile. Brick slowly spreads my lips teasingly making me whimper and shiver underneath him. "Beautiful inside and out and all mine." Brick says with a smile

I blush as Brick leans down and licks me. I moan and tangle my fingers into his hair. "Fucking delicious." Brick purrs against my core before penetrating it with his tongue. I moan loudly as I feel his tongue enter me. "Oh fuck... Brick..." I moan gripping the sheets as I toss my head back against the pillow.

I bite my lip as Brick pumps his tongue in and out of my pussy. I try my hardest to resist the urge to grind against his face as my back arches. "Oh god... It feels so good... Please don't stop." I moan out loudly as I spread my legs a bit wanting to give him more access to me.

Suddenly I didn't feel his tongue anymore. A small needy whimper escapes my lips as my pussy quivers feeling empty without his tongue. "Brick... Oh shit!" I screaming surprise when he shoves two fingers roughly inside of me before crushing my lips with his own. I moan softly as I taste myself on his lips.

I feel pressure building up in my stomach as my orgasm gets closer and closer. Brick pulls away from the kiss with a smirk. "Damn your beautiful... Look at me Blossom. I want to watch you come undone as you cum all over my fingers. I want to see the look on your face as you push over the edge." Brick whispers hotly in my ear.

I manage to keep my eyes open and locked on Brick but only barely as he curls his fingers up inside of me stroking a place inside of me I didn't even know existed as I scream his name and cum all over his fingers all while staring directly into his beautiful blood red eyes.

I pant softly as I shiver and gasp slowly coming down from my high while Brick smiles at me. "Damn I've never seen anything more beautiful than your face when you come undone." Brick purrs with a smile as I snuggle into him. For once not pushing me away or tensing up instead just wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him.

"Sleep now Bloss." Brick whispers as I struggle to stay awake. "What about you?" I ask softly as Brick smiles. "You let me worry about that beautiful. You just close your eyes and rest. I know how tiring your first orgasm can be." Brick says calmly as I raise an eyebrow. "How do you know that was my first?" I ask sleepily as Brick's eyes darken and narrow. "If you want me to let you sleep then I suggest you be quiet." Brick says seriously making me giggle softly before falling asleep in his arms.

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