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Morning found the redhead lying alone on the large mattress. Blinking twice due the sunlight streaming through the windows, Emma recalled the events from the prior evening and the goofiest smile lined her lips. It had been wonderful; Will´s absence, though, caused her chest to constrict.

Where is he?

Desertion ran through her veins… But she had no time to feel upset, because soon, his head popped in.

"Emma?", her name was called softly and she blushed, "Can I come in?"

"Yes, of course", it was his bedroom as well, but she appreciated him asking permission.



"Did you sleep well?"

"I did, thank you. You?"

"Me too". He stood there, just looking at her, making Emma nervous.

"Can I help you with anything?", it felt awkward, maybe the best thing she could do was pretend nothing had happened.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?", he blurted, looking like a little boy; slightly nervous.


"I made reservations at a place you might find of you like. If you want we could go out..."

"I-yes I´d like to"


It worked for a while.

They went out and enjoyed each other´s company.

She had learned when he would mock her, so she was always ready for his teasing ways.

He discovered she would blush every time he´d act like the gentleman he wanted to be around her.

And sometimes, they would kiss. Artlessly. Because that was what married couples did and what they wanted to.

That was until someone spoke cruel words.

"You´re a lucky woman, Emma", meeting Terri in the street and being invited to have a cup of coffee was the most uncomfortable moment of Emma´s life since she´d gotten wedded. "Will is a fantastic lover"

"Excuse me?", the redhead almost chocked with the dark infusion. Terri, thought was impassive, displaying her most fake smile. "Terri, you´re talking about my husband…"

"Exactly… I wouldn´t like things to be awkward between you and me"

"Really?", the blonde was a harpy.

"Especially when you´re very acquainted with my story with Will"

"Of course", Story? So there is a story currently happening… She had to fight tears back. Will was having an affair with her…

"I know the circumstances of your marriage Emma, and I know Will is your husband… that´s why I´m willing to offer my discretion"

Story, lover, discretion…. Everything was too blurry and too suddenly revealing for the redhead.

"I don´t want anything from you", her voice was a trembling whisper. Shame, so much humiliation and hurt… "Don´t you ever come near me, Terri"

"I was thinking we could reach to an understanding, Emma. I´ve lived, I know how things work, trust me-"

"I don´t. And I think the best is for us to never see each other again"

"Don´t you think that´s a little unrealistic? After all, we share a common interest…"

Emma left before she started crying in front of the older woman. It would be ever more terrible to see her again after having a nervous breakdown.

"Emma, why aren´t you ready?", Will had arrived late the previous night; a fact that confirmed Terri´s words. And now was insisting she assist him to one of the many annoying social events for his company.

"I´m not going"

"What do you mean 'you are not going'?", the incredulity in his voice vanished as soon as he saw her still wearing her negligee, "You have to".

"No, I don´t"

"You´re my wife… You´re supposed to go with me"

"I´m not your wife", she gainsaid with raspy voice. There was nothing to share anymore. Will had lied to her since the very first day; and now, the only thing Emma wanted was to be left alone.

He laughed, unbelievingly and narrowed his eyes at her, "Really?"

"Yes, really", he still made fun of her; even though she looked nothing but infuriated.

"Many people might disagree, you know? Why don´t you wanna go?"

"I think you know the answer to that, William"

William. It´d been months since she hadn´t called him like that. And he didn´t like it. Not one bit. He also didn´t like how lip sealed she was being. "I don´t"

She snorted, he knew nothing. "Well, why don´t you ask Terri Del Monaco?"

"Terri De-", she said nothing, not even looked at him through the mirror. Only kept on brushing her hair, silently. "Are you jealo-"


It sure didn´t look like she wasn´t. Her face was bright red, her eyes incensed. "Really?"

"Don´t you speak to me like that-", she was wild, he realized, passionate and very strong.

"You´re my wife"

She almost hurled the brush at him, "And I´m a cuckold! You slept with her! I can´t believe it-"

"So you are jealous..."

"This has nothing to do with jealousy!", claptrap, it had everything to do with jealousy, "You made me look like an idiot. Maybe I should give myself to another man and see how you feel..."

"What?", he fought not to look and go wild. Emma with another man… he went instantly stiff.

"Yes, it´s not that we have the happiest marriage and you certainly wouldn´t mind"

"You wouldn´t…", he threatened, taking a step forward when she faced the boudoir again.

"Ohhhh, so you know how I feel"

Jealousy would eat him alive. Simple as that. "You told me you weren´t jealous", her eyes snatched open; his implicit statement left her speechless. "You´re my wife".

"Both you and I know this marriage was arranged... I ended up doing the last thing I would and now I have to bear awkward conversations with your mistress. I have no reason to tolerate that"

"She´s not my mistress"

"Stop lying, please"

"I´m not lying. We were lovers, years ago. Then she got married"

"So, you would have continued with it?" She was outraged.

"No", Terri definitively wasn´t the kind of woman he would prolong a relationship with, "You don´t believe me, do you?"

"Why should I? I don´t know you"

She was right… They knew little about each other. And now she hated his guts. He couldn´t blame her… She was forced to get into a marriage she had no desires for and live with a man who had mocked her since the very first day.

Hating himself, he admonished his past behavior. Emma was gorgeous, smart and gentle. He had seen her speak to people; she was sweet and pleasant and lately he had awaken those things in her as well. Now that was past history. She was looking at him with despise and wrath.

"Get dressed; we are leaving in an hour"

"I told you I´m not-"

"And I told you you are!" With might, he lifted her from the little stool and put her on her feet. Her robe, gauzy and soft beneath his fingers; she wouldn´t believe him, no matter what he´d told her or what he´d do. "You´ll play your role as a wife as I play mine as a husband"

"So this is a farce, isn´t it?", she scoffed at him and tried to break free from his hold, "Let me go"

"Take off your robe"

"Wh- No!"

"Fine then", he simply said and unknotted the strap around her waist, letting the fabric to open and reveal a pale peach girdle, stockings and matching bra.

"What are you doing?!", she squealed, struggling to cover herself, suddenly feeling extremely hot under his ogling stare. No man had ever seen her in lingerie, but when the day would happen, Emma imagined her husband would look at her just like Will was looking her right now.


"I got you this", he murmured, suddenly hypnotized by all the whiteness before him. She was slender, curvilinear, pear-shaped and beautiful beyond words.

"L-let me go", Emma cursed herself for sounding so hesitant, so submitting. She wasn´t resisting anymore.

Silently, he slid the gown down her shoulders, moving his fingers across her arms along with the garment, "We have to work this out"

"I don´t-"

"We live together. We´re married", he stated, tracing a finger through her collarbone and felt her shiver. "We´ll be together for a long time"



"I´m not going"

"You are", skillfully, he swept her off the floor and carried her on his shoulder to the ample closet on the right, "You got all these suiting clothes to make your pick for tonight. Do it", he ordered placing her back on the floor.


"Emma, I didn´t sleep with her!", he breathed out, frustrated, and then ordered rather roughly, "Choose an outfit or I will", silence, "Very well", he spoke seeing she wasn´t giving in and grabbed a wiggle cocktail black satin dress, "You´ll wear this and meet me downstairs in twenty minutes"

Will didn´t move from her side the entire night. It was the only way he could think of showing her he was telling her the truth.

The redhead though was an ice Queen. Avoiding his stare and his touch was the only way she could think of preventing a tear right there.

"Would you like a drink, Emma?", he would ask with the sweetest voice; but the redhead would only bark at him.

"Go with your partners, William", she watched Terri fluttering with butterfly manners around every man in the room; there was nothing of a butterfly in her. She was a scrounger; and a coward who hadn´t come near then in the course of the evening, "I think I can be alone for a couple of hours"

"I´m not leaving you", he hissed and Emma rolled her eyes at him, "OK. Let me ask you a question, do want to believe me or you don´t?"

"This is not the right place to have this conversation"

"I think it is", it was the only place where she would have to listen, "She came to see you, didn´t she? She tol-"

"Stop it. I don't want to-"

His grip was tight around her elbow; his pace, hurried towards the abandoned balcony; his gaze, penetrating on hers. "You don´t like her, why did you even believe her?"

"That´s not a reason not to believe her", she declared as serious as she could, "Everyone knows why we got married in the first place". Everyone did. No indiscrete looks and murmured words had to be sent and said for Emma to realize that. From being the most eligible bachelor, William had become a married man overnight. She was a nobody, suddenly carrying his surname.

"What does that have to do with anything!?", right now, talking to Emma felt like talking to a wall.

Perhaps she had been mistaken about him; perhaps he just wanted to keep appearances. And it hurt, because for the briefest time, Emma thought everything was real. It had been real for her.

"I believed you", her voice was a muffled whisper, tinted with shame and gloom, "And you tricked me"

A lonely tear escaping her eye was the proof he took to recognize the real angst in the young woman standing before him. The kiss landing on her lips was tender, quickly turning insistent, almost demanding. He needed her to trust him again.

Like other times, Emma cursed herself for moving her mouth along with his. She was furious with him.

"I´m going home", she´d leave, even if he decided to stay there with all those people.

Dismissing her insistences for him to remain at the party, he went back home with her. But nothing flew off her lips during the short ride to their residence.

"I could have told Christopher to take me home", was the only line she conceded as he opened the front door and walked behind her.

"I´m sure you could have." Frustration had managed to crawl inside him as well. She wouldn´t listen to him.

"Then why did you come with me? I didn´t want you to-"

"You did!", his voice was louder above hers, his eyes more piercing. And his lips, demanding and rough on hers.

As soon as he entrapped her in his arms, Emma went rigid as a board. And even though she'd despised him for days, now there was an alien feeling of possession. It was disturbing. But the mere idea of Will with another woman drove her insane.

"Let me go. Immediately", she could be the most stubborn woman on Earth sometimes.

"And what makes you think I will?", and he could be the most arrogant man.

He wouldn't; Emma didn´t have to know him all the way to guess the answer. That special sparkle in his eyes was more than enough.

"I hate you", the words were hissed; her cheeks were on fire; her body, unmovable.

"You don´t hate me"

"I despise you"

"You don´t"

"Shut up and let me go"


"Yes!", she struggled to break free; but the man was strong and determinate to keep her there, between his arms.

"Nop", he had the most condescending snigger, Emma thought; his next words, though, were revealing, "Can´t you see I have no idea what to do to be closer to you?"

"Y-you could start by letting me go and stop being such an arse", with trembling voice and sensing the tension in the air, Emma mumbled feeling his grip softening for a moment, briefly; but tightened again right away.

"No. I need you to trust me"

"And I need you to let me go-"

He smashed his mouth with hers. Surprisingly, almost brutally. And then his tongue was in her mouth. And then hers was moving along with his flesh.

"Why do you fight me kid?", He mumbled between kisses, enveloping her tiny body even more. The only answer Emma could give him was a whimper. And then with surprising seriousness, he cupped her chin and obliged her to look at him, "I refuse to do what my father did to my mother, Emma", he conceded with earnest voice, his mouth close and hot, nearly touching hers, "I´m not going to trick you"

Arousal. She was utterly and completely aroused.

It was his body so perfectly molded against hers, his hands caressing the length of her back and behind. So lustfully, so tenderly, so Will...

"I´ll take care of you", he whispered so very lowly and Emma nodded feeling his lips against the shell of her ear.


"I need you to trust me this time"

"I do"

She did, blindly; all though she had no rational grounds to.

"I´m crazy about you, Emma"

"Will..." She felt his hardness on her belly when he pressed her against the hallway wall. Fear… and anticipation; so much longing.

"Do you believe me?"

"Yes", she whispered, taken by desire.

Emma wanted him. Her next kiss showed it to him. And so did her fingers burying in the beautiful curls on his head. Then she was being carried upstairs; not bride style, not romantically. But with a rapture of passion and lust.