Disclaimer: I do not own Ib, I just wrote the fanfiction.

This sequel is based off the choice saying, "I'd sacrifice myself"

Ib awoke, and found herself in the toy box Mary just pushed them into. Standing up, she felt around for her rose. "Where is it?" she asked herself, unable to find it. "Crud. This is terrible! I have to find Garry," she said, running around the edges of the room she was in. She found him; he was lying on the floor grunting. She nudged him, and helped him get up.

"Ib? Are you okay? That was quite a fall," he said. Ib merely looked down at her feet, not responding. "Are you okay Ib?" Garry asked again, starting to get irked.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine," She said quickly, "but I lost my rose."

"We have to find it. It should be in this room, it can't be too far," he reasoned. The two searched the room until they saw Mary talking to one of the dolls. The doll handed a red rose to Mary, who was smiling.

"For me?" she asked. "Why thank you!" She held the rose, giggling happily. Ib stared for a minute thinking how to do this tactfully. She grabbed Garry's hand, and walked away momentarily.

"Promise me you'll escape this world," Ib commanded.

Garry, confused, told her, "Of course, I'll leave this world. Why would you think I wouldn't?" Ib shook her head, offering no response.

"Just promise," she pleaded. Garry nodded.

"I swear I will leave this painting," he said.

"Good. Wait here, okay?" she asked. Garry nodded, as Ib walked over to Mary. Mary smiled, dancing around with the rose. Ib smiled, and whispered in Mary's ear, "I choose you. Now will you swear you'll leave this messed up world?"

"I will, I will, I will!" Mary sang. Ib nodded, and then turned towards Garry.

"I'm sorry," she said. As she did this, she stole her rose back from Mary, and with a swift tug, plucked off all her petals.

"NO!" Garry shouted, running towards the collapsing Ib. Mary caught her, staring at Ib with wide eyes, as Garry stood over the dying girl's body.

"I'll miss you two," she whispered.

"Ib, how could you?" Mary asked, starting to cry. "We were supposed to be together forever!" Garry shook his head, and put his hand on Mary's shoulder. She hissed at him, but he kept his hand steady. "This is all your fault!" she shouted backing away from Garry. Ib smiled, still alive, whispered in Mary's ear.

"You promised," she said. Mary looked down at her, shaking her head. Ib took a deep breath.

"Will the two of you fulfill my dying wish?" Ib asked. The two looked at each other, and nodded. "Leave this world. Promise me you'll leave this world. Promise me."

Garry nodded, his eyes starting to well up. "I swear."

Mary, whispering through nervous sobs, said, "I swear." Ib looked up at them, and closed her eyes as she started to glow. As she started to fade, she disappeared in a flurry of red petals. Mary started walking up the stairs, gesturing for Garry to follow her. The two walked up the stairs to a room with large thorns covering up a doorway.

Garry looked at it, asking, "What's up there?"

Marry shook her head, going through a nearby door, whispering, "The exit's this way." The two walked through the notebook world, until they reached a darkened art museum. Mary led the way to the Fabricated World painting. The frame disappeared, and the two jumped through it.