Ib walked over to a small green door. "Your turn, your turn!" she sang. Opening the door revealed that Garry was covered in the blue dolls. He was talking to himself, giggling like a child.

"Yes, I would say that about her. She does seem really nice," he said. Ib smiled, watching Garry go crazy. She walked over, smiling at him. He giggled again, and he held up his rose.

"Thank you," Ib said, plucking off all but one petal. Garry collapsed. Ib, still holding his rose, walked over to an empty frame. She placed the rose on it, muttering a few words. "I'm not staying alone this time," she said happily. She pulled out her black rose and tapped the frame. In a few seconds, both she and Garry became thirteen. She ran over and hugged Garry, who was still talking to himself.

"Yes Mr. Bunny," he said, "I'm happy that you found somebody!" Ib giggled, smiling cheerily.

"We're together…forever!" she said happily.