I am a Pirate! (England x France): England somehow time travels when he was a pirate and lands right next to himself and France! "Oh God..." He must find a way to go back home, and have them not find out he is England with the name of Alphonse Kirkland! "So you aren't my brother? hm.."

I am a Pirate! I used google translate for the French words, so it may not be correct! I am currently searching for a good beta-reader who can stand my horrifying grammar and spelling. No i do not own Hetalia... Although i wish.

~Wish One: Pirate~

England was reading and drinking tea from one of his favorite tea set. It was cream white with detailed roses, and the handle was golden yellow. The cup was empty, and he was sleepy. It was currently 10:28 pm, almost time for England to sleep seeing he has to walk up at 4:30 am.

He stood up from his green chair. "One more book." England said to himself. "Just one more..?" He noticed a red book innocently on the top shelf alone on the right corner. "What is this?"

Arthur picked it up. It read "Pirate". The letters inside was printed crimson started to read the book. It was about a pirate, or a once pirate who wished for something. A someone from the future granted him that wish.

For one page, the font was larger then the rest. England started to read the words. "-weak." He finished, slowly a magic circle he didn't recognize appeared below him.

"W-what is happening?" England yelled. He tried to run out of the unrecognized circle, but arms grabbed his legs, making him fall onto the white carpet. "No!" The nation grabbed onto the legs of a table.

When he was inside the circle, or he thought he was in it, he almost yelled. "Blood hell!"

It was a town, not just any town, but a port from when he was a pirate. A famous one to be exact. He was a ruler of all the seas.

"Oh mon, What is this?" A person with wavy hair said. "He looks like you, non?"

"Francis! You frog, you run off! Chasing and flirting with every single woman is town, and you say he looks..." The other male looked at England with surprise. "H-he does."

"Now, mini-Arthur, who are you?" The wavy hair man named Francis asked. "You look just to much like a certain someone here."

"W-what?" Arthur said. "Who are... you?"

"I have asked you first." Look-a-like said. "My name is Arthur Kirkland, and it does not, not even the slightest please me that you look just like me, but... weaker."

"WHAT?" England yelled. 'W-wait... Why is there another me?...'

England thought for a moment. The book he read from was named Pirates, and the page he read out loud was "For let time go back, to the time i wish the most, let me stay there for now. The love one is with me, the child i once love is still mine. Love, grant me this last wish, let me go... back to when i was once happy until the wish is completed, i will go back." 'What the fuck is the wish? Money? Fame? Who's wish is it?' England thought.

'Fuck...' thought England. 'think of a fake name! come one England!'

He looked around, a woman around 40 said "Alfonzo!" 'Okay whats close to Alfonzo?'

"M-my name is Alphonse... Kirkland." He whispered out, trying to speck louder. His one white dress shirt was messy and had dust all over when he tried to straighten out.

"Kirkland, eh?" Arthur smirked. "How... interesting..." The pirate was wearing a black hat with a white feather, and a red jacket with lots of buttons. "My last time is Kirkland as well you do know. I do hope you aren't lying and you have some back up."

"No!" Eng-Alphonse (I will be calling future England Alphonse) yelled. "I have no relatives, for they have all died years ago..."

"Where do you live?" England asked. He was taller then the future England by a couple of inches. Back then when he was a pirate, he was noticeably more happier; Alfred was still his colony, and his lands was vast, it was in multiple places, not only is Europe.

"I lived in a forest..." Alphonse answered. It wasn't a total lie, he did live in a forest at one point. "But i recently wanted to move to a town, so i was currently looking for a new job here."

Francis stared at England. "This is intéressant." He moved closer to Alphonse. "Do you like pirates?"

"Kinda?" Al said 'Hell! I'm starting to talk like America!' . "They are very interesting in my point of view."

"How would you like to be a pirate!" France jumped. 'A Look-a-like England! That means another England to kiss~ Rêve devenu réalité! (dream come true)'

"You idiot!" England punch France in the face. "You do not ask a child randomly like that."

'C-child?" Alphonse eye twitched. He looked at the closest mirror or window. He looked younger! He didn't look like a 26 year old, but a 15 year old, 13 at the youngest, and 16 at the oldest. The best thing to do was to go somewhere else and try to find a way back home. But what if the wish is by a pirate? It made sense, in the book it was a pirate. "I would like to join!"

"You want to join child?" Arthur said. "hm... Fine then."

Francis and Arthur started to walk. "Follow us cutie~" The Frenchman sang, skipping around like he was drunk.

"God, he has to do this with me? I currently do not know him." England whispered. Alphonse laughed softly. "You must agree with me?"

"Yes, I do. I know someone who is just like him. His name is Frank, and is from France." Al replied. They were near the ship. It was large and stood proudly. On the sides of it in green had the words 'Emerald Spades'. "The name sounds very beautiful."

"Thank you." England softly smiled. France stopped skipping and normally walked onto the ship. "Finally, the bloody frog stopped acting silly."

"But it was entertaining seeing him make a fool out of himself." Alphonse added.

"True, very true.." England replied. "Be ready to be greeted by your new shipmates.

"I will."