Jefferson Smith's Office N'Tek Headquarters, Three Months Later

Jefferson Smith studied Pete Costas as he stood across from him.  Pete had asked to speak to him in private and Jefferson knew exactly what Pete had wanted to speak to him about.  He knew because Pete had discussed it with Josh a few days ago and Josh had given him a heads up warning of what was coming.  Sure enough as soon as Jefferson had activated his office's security isolation system Pete had asked if he could join the real N'Tek.

"Are you sure you want to do this Pete," he asked quietly.  "Once you enter this world there is no going back."

"I know," Pete replied.  "But I've thought about it a lot these last few months and it's what I want."

"And your parents?"

"They're behind me," Pete answered.  "Mom's not that enthusiastic but like dad she did say that it is my choice."

"I see.  Now why do you want to join."  Pete thought about his answer for a moment.  He had known to expect this question as Josh had told him what exactly to expect and that was only to get through the first hurdle to being accepted.  After his interview with Jefferson their were two more hurdles to get through one was a physical exam – which would be modified to take into account nanotech powers – and the other was a psychological assessment to determine if he had the right kind of personality to be an agent.

"Because it's the right thing to do," he said after a moment.  "I can feel that inside me I have the power to make a difference.  It wouldn't be right not to use it."

Listening to Pete Jefferson couldn't help but smile.  That was the same kind of argument that Josh had used on him when he asked to join the real N'Tek.  Though he could tell by looking straight at Pete that the words were Pete's not Josh's.  Though he knew that Pete and Josh had spoken about this issue a few days ago he also knew that much as he might personally want to Josh was to professional these days to actually give Pete any assistance in what to say at this interview.

Jefferson leaned back in his chair and considered what to do next.  He was personally inclined to grant Pete's request provided Pete had the right psychological profile.  Pete was certainly physically fit enough to be an agent nanotech enhancements aside.  Pete was both agile and strong though not quiet as strong as Josh for the simple reason that Josh had thirty pounds more muscle on him.  Jefferson didn't doubt that their would be no problem on the physical side it was now just a question of the psychological profile.

"I am inclined to grant your request Pete," he said after a moment and Pete sighed in relief.  He had been so afraid that Jeff would dismiss the notion out of hand as he had tried to do with Josh.  "As Josh has no doubt told you the next step from here is a physical and psychological evaluation by our personnel.  If you pass those then you will be passed into Rachel's care for basic training.  One thing I want to ask you is do you want another identity to use while here."

"I've already worked one out," Pete replied with a grin.  "When I spoke to Josh he deactivated that part of the inhibitor code that Berto put into this thing," he added as he made his biolink appear on his right wrist.  To make his point he pressed the morphing control and for only the second time felt a warm pulse of transphasic power travel up his body changing him as it went.

Jeff watched with detached interest as Pete's T-shirt and jeans turned into a grey and white tracksuit complete with hood.  Pete's hair changed from black to blond and his eyes from brown to grey.  The moustache and slight goatee beard that Pete liked to maintain disappeared and that combined with other slight alterations in the structure of his face made him look like a completely different person with only a slight resemblance to Pete Costas just like Max only bore a slight resemblance to Josh.

"Quiet handsome," Jeff commented.  "So what name have you chosen?"

"Robert," Pete replied with a smile.  "Robert Swift."

The End