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With a deep breath, Emily turns off the frame and sets it back in its place. She shoves a few files into her briefcase and grabs her go bag. She looks at JJ.

"Let's go."

JJ gives her wife a supportive smile and follows her to the elevator. When they get in, Emily lets out a sigh.

"You know, I warned her she would be my kryptonite."

JJ smiles and takes her wife's hand. "You'll survive, Supergirl. I know you will."

Emily smiles. "I know. I didn't think it would be this hard. I mean, I had two years with Henry to get ready for this. I've lost my freaking mind."

"Em, you gave birth to her. It's different. And there's nothing wrong with that." She turns Emily and stares into her eyes. "It doesn't mean you love Henry less."

Emily's shoulders slump. "I feel like an ass."

JJ smiles. "He loves you and you adore him. You always have. But it's different with Rocky because you gave birth to her. I completely understand. It hurts to me leave her but it's not the crippling pain I had when I left Henry. That whole 'apron string' thing I guess. It's your turn for the crippling pain and my turn to help hold you up."

Emily smiles. "Yeah, maybe. Thanks, Jennifer."

"Anytime, Emily."

On the way to the airstrip, Emily calls Francesca.

"Emily, let me guess…a case?"

Emily sighs. "Yep. Boise, Idaho and looks like it will be several days due to the amount of information we have to sort through before even looking for a suspect."

"Okay, cara. I will let the children know their mommies are off to get the bad guys again. All will be good here while you are gone, cara. I promise."

Emily smiles. "My head knows. Will take my heart a couple days to believe it."

Francesca chuckles sympathetically. "You will believe it, cara. With Jennifer's help and the support of your teammates you will believe it. And when you get home your son and daughter will love you still. And they will be proud because their Mama made the world safe for them. You will see, Emily."

Emily wipes the tear that leaks down her cheek. "Grazie, Francesca. Ti amo."

"I love you, too, Emily. You and Jennifer be safe."

"We will be. We'll call you all tonight."

"Okay. Goodbye, cara."

"Bye, Francesca."

JJ glances at her wife. "All good on the home front?"

Emily nods. "Perfect. It's just me that's a mess."

JJ chuckles and pats her wife's leg. "It will be okay. Throw yourself into the case. It helps. Trust me."

Emily nods. "I do trust you, Jen. I'll be fine. Soon." She grins at her wife. "Or I'll be on the first flight out of Boise this evening."

JJ laughs. "I have faith in you, Em. You'll tough this out. I love you."

"Love you, too, sweetheart. Thank you."

"Anytime, baby."