"Spence, stop arguing. You'll stay with us the next few days. The doctor said you could need help. Morgan can go get you some clothes," JJ tells her friend.

Reid is stretched out on the couch of the jet. It was Monday morning and the team was finally getting to fly home. Reid had been released but the doctor had recommended he stay with friends for at least a week in case any problems developed or if he needed help with anything. He starts to say something more but Emily pats his leg.

"Reid, do you really think you'll win this fight?"

Reid just grins. "No, I guess not."

"See, he is a genius," JJ points out with a grin.

The rest of the team chuckles. Hotch hangs up his phone and walks over to them.

"Boise police have positively identified the two women taken as control subjects for the so-called study. From everything we found it seems his mental break came after his brother died. Thankfully these are his only victims."

"How is Betsy Dinardo?" Morgan asks.

"Doing fine. No adverse affects from the drugs just an intense fear of being alone." He smiles. "Luckily she has a devoted boyfriend willing to stay by her side through everything."

Rossi smiles and nods. "Good. I spoke with him briefly yesterday. He's young but seems to be a stand-up kind of guy. They'll be fine."

"I'm sure they will be," Hotch agrees. "When we get in, get your reports filed and go home. Prentiss, make an appointment with the shrinks for tomorrow."

She nods. "Will do."

"Straus says we're off rotation until Emily is cleared so we should be in the area until at least Wednesday. Whatever is on your desks or in your briefcases will be there tomorrow. Forget about them tonight."

Morgan salutes. "Aye, aye, Captain."

Everyone chuckles. Hotch raises an eyebrow. "You can tell Prentiss is back. She's a bad influence on you, Morgan."

Everyone laughs again…well, everyone but Emily."

That afternoon Francesca meets them in the foyer with Rocky and Henry.

"MAMA!" Henry yells and runs to Emily. She kneels down and scoops him into her arms.

JJ walks over to Francesca and holds out her hands. "Where's my girl?" Rocky giggles and throws herself at her Mommy.

Emily stands, Henry in her arms as he regales her with all she had missed the last few days. She looks over and sees Rocky patting her Mommy's face, babbling. Tears spring into her eyes.

Yes, it will always be hard to leave them but these two little kids know their mothers love them wholly and unconditionally. She kisses Henry once more.

"I love you, Henry."

"Love Mama!"

"Come on, help me get Uncle Spencer to the living room to rest, okay? He's got a boo-boo."

Henry looks at Spence who is walking gingerly in the door. "Boo?" Henry asks.

Reid smiles and nods. "Yes, Henry, I have a boo-boo."

Henry leans towards him. Emily steps close so Henry can give Reid a kiss on the cheek and pat his shoulder.

"Boo, 'Pence, boo."

Reid smiles and kisses Henry's cheek. "Perfect, Henry. Almost all better now."

Henry just smiles proudly as Emily and JJ swap kids. Emily stares into happy clear blue eyes.

"I love you, too, Rocky." She kisses her head. "And I now know I can leave you and you will still be here and okay. That means the world to me." She looks at Francesca. "Thank you for giving me that peace of mind, Francesca."

Francesca smiles and pats Emily's arm. "My pleasure, cara. Truly my pleasure."

Emily looks over JJ, who is chatting with Henry. Life was looking pretty good this evening at Chateau Prentiss.