E/O Challenge WoW - tongue
Word Count - 100
Spoilers - none at all
Disclaimer - I'm not a millionaire, I don't like going to work, and I don't own these guys, (a real shame on all counts).


Bobby needs the boys to go get some stuff for a spell; cue freaked Dean...

Concentrating, Bobby stuck his ballpoint under his cap and scratched. Splayed out over a chair opposite, Dean drummed his fingers on the desk. Sam stood, reading the spell book over Bobby's shoulder. Finally, Bobby sat back.
"Ok...here's your shoppin' lists. Sam...you'll get these in town. Dean? This' gotta be fresh, just drive round till you hit jackpot.
"Reading his note Dean stared, horrified.
"You're kiddin'...right?"
Bobby frowned,
Dean turned to Sam.
"Cos I don't wanna try slicin' some furious friggin' ox's tongue out! You like animals...you do it!"
Bobby cuffed Dean's head.
"Idjit boy!...Oxtongue's a damn plant!"

A.N. Yes, the word "tongue" had it's temptations, but my willpower stood up to the test.
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