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President Styx, President: (ToxicatedRose)

I stood in the centre of this court. Naturally, the jurisprudence was dominated by me. I the barrister, two layers stood before me presenting their case. Could anyone else be trusted with the law? I had been appointed President six years ago; I was young, handsome and intelligent. The perfect President, and thus the perfect dictator. Lives needed to be taken, wars needed to be waged, but it was for the good of the country. The same country which had risen from the ruins of the collapsed North America – I naturally would make it flourish, make it prosperous. But I needed co-operation.

"There is evidence that this woman committed adultery..." The prosecution stated before me, eyes teary with disgust. What had happened to drive him that far? Adultery in itself was bad enough, but to reduce the man to tears?

"Speak up," I harshly commanded.

"The woman was known to perform acts of..." The next words were a choked whisper. "Fellatio..."

The gasps flew around the courtroom.

"Fellatio?" I asked, dark eyebrows raising so far that may have greeted my hairline. "There is no other action. She has committed an atrocious act that defies us all. As Plarapluis said, 'Sex is a primal instinct, and primal instincts are the beasts inside us.'" I wiped a tear from my eye. "Great poet, one must admit. We must slay this beast, this fallen woman before us."

The defense lawyer stood shaking his head. He had given up a while ago; he could sense the conclusion that had been made in my mind.

"No!" The women vociferated as Peacekeepers dragged her off to the gallows. "Please, one has children. Thou must hath mercy!"

"Begone," I said, turning my back. The audience stood up, relishing in their entertainment and soaking up the scandal as I departed. My burnished shoes trotted across soft red carpet. My hand crushed my ruff so that it did not irritate my sensitive skin, and I stood outside and marveled the sun, which reflected and bounced off the metal clippings that adorned my wig. I sighed, observing my beautiful Capitol as hovercrafts sailed, weaving around towering, beautiful buildings.


"Vanilla," I greeted my head Gamemaker with a quick smile. "I'm glad you have approached me. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as an ancient writer once stated–"

"Erm, yeah," Vanilla paused. "The Hunger Games are starting soon and I think we need to discuss ideas..."

The Hunger Games. I remembered the day I announced them many years ago. The Districts were beginning to displease me... I trusted them with their own democracy, hoping they would use it efficiently. How I was proven wrong. The Fourteen Districts, the very cities and towns I wished would aid me in my journey to make Panem strong, had instead decided to fail. The economy readily shrank as they ate away at my resources, the power of the nation began to stultify. My patience evaporated and I proposed something that would both shock and scare the fourteen Mayors.

As punishment I demanded to each Mayor that each year two tributes be sent to the Capitol as Avoxes, so that they can help my mission, make the Capitol stronger as slaves. It was the perfect solution, and what did the Mayors do? Disobey me. When I gave them the 'option' to agree with me, I meant that they agreed with me or had their precious democracy snatched from them. They chose the latter. And thus democracy said goodbye.

I came up with a more heinous punishment – Vanilla and I met up and started the Hunger Games, a game where two tributes were forced to fight to the death in a deadly arena. They would fight, starve and feed the supreme Capitol the entertainment we all desired. Naturally some Districts were driven rebellious, such as Districts Eight and Fourteen. My solution to that? The Districts were put on lockdown and forced into ghettos, where they could all be seen. Though other Districts, One, Two and Nine embraced the new proposal, for riches would be delivered to the victor and his or her District. Five were also co-operating, and these Career Districts had delivered my great Victors, Victors that could be used as role models for my wonderful Capitolites.

"I'm sure there are proposals to be recited?" I asked. "Thy heart serenades the world when it is fed mirth!"

"Er, yeah," Vanilla mumbled, not fond of the poetic, cultured nature the Capitol adored. She pushed her sleeves down, to hide the scars I knew she afflicted to herself. "Well I kind of have some ideas. It involves lots of blood!"

"Splendid," I turned, so that we could move into the Pre-Reaping ball. There would be many millionaires to fund whatever wonderful ideas Vanilla had to spare, and many beautiful women. Adultery was repulsive when committed by a Capitol citizen – but I was President. I'd keep my mouth closed. "Now allow us to dine, I am craving gourmet. And also thirsting to discuss such matters over some fine wine Vanilla. The dawn begins to sink, as does my soul."

Vanilla, Head Gamemaker (Europa22)

"The order for five thousands puff pastries filled with raspberry filling was just put through..."

"Hmmmm," I mumbled back.

"Miss Vanilla? Is that not what you wanted?"

After a few more seconds, he spoke up again, "Miss Vanilla, are you hearing a single word that flows out of my mouth?"

A smacked my lips and set down my silver hand mirror. I spun around slowly and realized Draton was waiting for a response.

"Oh, I deeply apologize, was there something you needed?"

I could visibly see the veins bulge out of his neck as he withheld, I imagine, some unruly response.

"I said, madam, that the order for five thou-"

I let out a gale of giggles as I raised my hand in the air.

"Draton, sweetie, I was merely jesting. I heard every single word you said. Yes, that was exactly what I wanted. The puffs shall be an absolute hit at the ball," I chimed.

"Yes, madam. Is there anything else you require?" he practically hissed.

"Now that you mention it, I would absolutely love if you went to the seamstress and see if my gown for the ball is nearly finished. I know that the ball is weeks away, but I want to be prepared for any mishap that might happen. Could you also be a dear and see how the construction of the new Control Room is going? I heard that they are behind schedule and that is absolutely not acceptable," I listed as I walked across the Meeting Room.

"I heard they might not even finish it on time!" Adresis piped up as she continued to smash away at her keyboard.

"It will all end well;" I said dreamily, "Everything always works out!"

"It certainly does not," Draton groaned, "You cannot guarantee success. As Eatus once said, 'A human who does not believe in failure is a fool and a coward.'"

"Eatus also once said that, 'The only true failure in the human existence is the fear to try.'"

Draton began to open his mouth, but I sharply interrupted.

"I understand that you two could argue about something with the words of others all day, but you have jobs to do. Lay the matter to rest and go do them!"

Both Draton and Adresis paled slightly and immediately went to work. I was not one to be sharp with others. In fact, others tend to find my overwhelming amount of positivity and 'bubbly' ways bothersome. That being said, when I even became slightly upset or angry people tended to react. They knew what I could do to them.

"I will never understand the Capitol's fascination with quoting others," I announced to no one in particular as I walked across the room to my laptop, "I want to say words of my own so that there is a chance I will be quoted by others someday."

I stopped in front of one of the windows and looked outside. Frankly, I found poetry and quotes useless. I also found the fashion of this city drab. A good portion of the civilians wore beige corsets, light, almost nonexistent, colored gowns and suits, and white powdered wigs.

I looked down at my own ensemble and smiled. My simple black gown was suitable for work, but I lined it myself with red stitching. I also was wearing red heels that light up as I walked, along with jewelry that was to gaudy and large for most. Only the richest dressed as I did. The rest wore their boring colors and conservative clothes. Of course, they mimicked us. Their clothes now lit up too and they now wore clothes that were metallic, just like a good portion of my closet. However, they were just cheap knock offs because they took no risks! They truly did not understand how to express themselves.

"Miss Vanilla, one of the simulators is having issues down in the Training Center."

I spun around and smiled at one of the newest Gamemakers, Trinity. Most of the Gamemakers dressed in pure black, but sweet Trinity wore mostly white. It was almost laughable how symbolic it was.

"Do I appear to be a technician?" I asked quietly with my smile still planted firmly on my lips.

"No, madam," Trinity whispered as she stared at my full, red lips.

"Then call Draton and tell him to find someone who is," I giggled as I began to turn back to the window.

"You and Sir Draton do not get along… Am I correct?" Trinity asked.

I laughed again and gave Trinity my full attention as I replied, "We have many differences of opinion, that is true. However, our differences only make a better Hunger Games!"

With a dismissive hand gesture, I went back to my window. In the reflection, I could see Trinity still staring at me and I had to stop myself from giggling. I enjoyed being looked upon. It was why I wore my bright colors. It was why I used colored make up. It was also why I refused to wear wigs and simply kept my blonde hair as it was. Well, not truly as it was. I always styled it into odd shapes or would weave it with a complexity that baffled most of my peers. With my bright colors, blonde hair, high cheekbones, and ice blue eyes; I was quite the spectacle to look at. Sadly, I was very short, but that only gave me more reason to wear heels and keep my hair piled up on my head.

I grabbed the list of things that still needed to be done out of my pocket and glanced at it. There was still so much to do and so little time. The hovercraft still needed to be furnished for all of the tributes, along with the floats… Oh the floats! I needed to talk to the designers and approve their plans!

The schedule had been changed slightly this year. The tributes were being picked up in one, giant hovercraft. They would then be prepped in the hovercraft and be sent down on floats for the Capitol to see! The floats were my idea and the President absolutely adored it! Then, once they hit the ground, the President would give his speech and they would walk down the red carpet to the Training Center. After training for three days and then being scored, there would be a press conference held for the Capitol's people to ask the tributes questions. The next day, tributes would prepare and showcase a talent for the Capitol to see! Afterwards, the tributes would convene at the Palace where I huge ball was to be held. There, the tributes would be able to meet the richest citizens and enjoy themselves one last time!

Ah, the glamour of it all!

I couldn't help but giggle to myself as I imagined meeting every single one of them. I would shake their hands, laugh with them, and be their best friend! Then, the next day, I would enjoy spending the following weeks torturing them and spraying their blood everywhere!

With that thought, I laughed aimlessly to myself and could not stop the flood of giggles that overtook me!

After a few minutes of fantasizing of their dazzling and gruesome deaths, I spun around to see Trinity looking at me again.

"Did you call Draton?" I asked as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Yes… he told me to tell you that the problem will be gone in an hour…"

I smirked at her and realized just how sweet and innocent she was.

"Trinity… Do you like the Hunger Games?"

"Of course, madam…"

She avoided my eyes and I could tell she was hiding something.

"What part do you like and what part does not tickle your fancy?"

She glanced at me and coyly asked, "Honestly?"

I nodded and she continued, "I love the mind game part of it… I also love the drama and such…"

"As do I," I replied enthusiastically, "And the part you hate?"

"Hate is a strong word," she murmured, "But I do not exactly like the gore and blood."

My smile spread from ear to ear as I stared at her. All of the Gamemakers were staring at us. All of them remember the moment I truly corrupted them. Each one had some form of innocence and I ruined each and every one of them. It was a treat to have someone who was almost one hundred percent innocent.

"Trinity," I purred, "Blood is so natural, though."

Before she could reply, I slipped one of my hidden daggers out of my dress and slashed it across the inside of my right arm. Trinity let out a shriek and I simply laughed.

"Do you see how it flows," I giggled as I indulged myself on the feeling of pain, "This is a natural thing."

Tears rimmed her eyes as she was frozen in terror. However, I could see the tiniest bit of awe in her eyes. Just a small glimmer.

I took my arm and wiped it down the front of her white dress. Trinity let out a small squeak and I chortled.

"Now, please, get back to work," I smiled.

I could feel the eyes of everyone on me. They all thought I was mad. In fact, they thought I was bloody crazy. But I wasn't. I just simply loved pain. The spreading of it. The feeling of it. Everything. As I looked at the bloodstain on the front of her dress, I smiled to myself. The first blood has been shed.

Let the Hunger Games begin.

District Information:

District One– Responsible for the production of luxury goods. With the production and distribution of valuable objects such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires, it makes plenty of money. It is full of the middle class, and few there go poor, making it a pleasant District full of businesses and its beautiful citizens who are more than prepared to stab each other in the back. Due to this, and the amount of Careers who want to gain wealth, it is the perfect contender for a Career District

District Two – A vehemently patriotic District who have been manipulated by President Styx's cult of personality; it is voluntarily a Career District who worship the Hunger Games. Though it is considerably poorer than District One, District Two is responsible for masonry, thus citizens there are usually strong and able to make their own way.

District Three
– The District is responsible for the technological and electrical aspects society needs to be driven forwards. The citizens of District Three are relatively poor despite their intelligence, and are skinny and underfed, trapped away from nature due to the excessively urban area they live in, and therefore usually produce the weak but clever Hunger Games tributes.

District Four– District responsible for fishing. The life and weather in the district are pleasant, as are the citizens. They are placid creatures, and though they are skilled (due to their occupation) and relatively well off, the District has refused to turn into a Career District in protest. The protest has made the Capitol extremely weary, and citizens of District Four live in the fear they will be put into lockdown at any given moment.

District Five– Are responsible for scientific and medicinal affairs of Panem. Because of this, tributes are extremely well educated. The District is divided between the poor scientists who are forced to undergo poverty and exploitation, and the rich elite who are beginning to adapt into well trained Careers. This has fuelled class divide, and potential revolution.

District Six– Are responsible for the production of electricity and power. This point is when the Districts begin to descent into poverty, and District Six experience exploitation from the Capitol. Its citizens are often expected to die early in the Hunger Games. The Six citizens are obviously dissatisfied; though lack the voice to speak out.

District Seven– Apart from the rich, all Districts in Seven are expected to undergo harsh labour in the dark, mysterious forest or the urban paper mills. The citizens who work in the former are strong and able to survive, though the latter are often weaklings who fear the prospect of being reaped.

District Eight– Responsible for textiles. Underfed, forced to work long hours for little pay, and expected to die in the Hunger Games. Due to this the District fails to hold the nationalism of Career Districts, and instead produces many rebels. A planned revolution led to President to punish them by placing them into lockdown, where they are forced into communities and have every move watched by cameras.

District Nine – Works in food and meat processing. The handling of blood has often led to many mentally unstable citizens, and there is much blood thirst among citizens. This makes them the perfect contenders for Careers, making the Capitol surreptitiously fund Career training bases. Despite the immense poverty, there are Careers among the District Nine citizens.

District Ten
– Responsible for cattle and animal farming. Often face poverty, unless they own immensely successful ranches. The citizens of the Districts usually have the strength and knowledge of nature to make them efficient victors, though none have yet been produced.

District Eleven– Responsible for agriculture. Though a majority of it displays beautiful fields and orchards, the living conditions and extreme weather patterns produce malnourished and poverty stricken tributes who are both terrified of the Hunger Games and the Capitol regime. Despite the lack of support from District Eleven tributes, it is governed by a strict Pro-Capitol regime who severely punish the citizens.

District Twelve – The poorest District. It is responsible for coal. The citizens in it are almost soulless, forcing themselves to work in the dark, grim mines daily in order to scrape money to survive, though most can never garner a comfortable amount. The streets are grim and dust stricken, the only relief being the nearby forests. It is extremely common for citizens to perish here, through starvation, illness or mine accidents.

District Thirteen
– Responsible for the extraction of many raw materials – graphite, steel, iron and lead. It is a poor District, though its citizens live communally and support each other; ensuring no-one goes without. In such an environment, the prospect of rebellion is imminent, and many rebel groups are being formed. The President plans that if one more rebellious act is to be committed, then the District will be placed in lockdown.

District Fourteen – This District is responsible for the production of synthetic goods, such as plastic. It was a District founded recently by the Capitol, and its citizens there were once happy and lived outside Panem's ravenous government, though now they endure poverty, starvation and illness. It originally had a small population, though it had turned into an open spaced jail where rebels are sent to in order to prevent rebellion brewing in other Districts.

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