Shadow Meets Maria

Hey! Told you there would be more! Anyway this story is about how Shadow and Maria meet and some of the wacky adventures we get into! It's funny and sad at the same time!


I do not own any sonic character I only own Alex (A.K.A. me) no one else! They belong to SEGA!

Any way Chapter 1

My pov

"Alex?" I heard my father call, "Can you come here for a minute?"

"Yes, Coming." We had set up an intercom system on the ARK. "Gotta go Maria. I'll see you later."

"O.K. Alex. See Ya."

I looked in the mirror in my room. I saw my white floor length hair, white skin, blood red eyes, and my scars which were also red. My white turtle neck sweater and white jeans covered most of the scars but the one on my face and the few on my hands still showed. I wasn't stared at as much now as I was when I first arrived. I wondered what father needed so badly he had to get me at 3:00 am he woke Maria but she was fast asleep now. I, being a vampire, never need to sleep. I got to the lab and saw what the problem was. Project Shadow was awake.