Okay if you haven't read my bio or haven't heard of me, I am the Tie-Dye Prince. This is my 1st Fanfic, so reviews are great. Ideas would help too. This is my story...enjoy.


Cleo woke up and arched her back in a stretch. She yawned and headed to her food bowl. Apparently the Twolegs had not gotten up yet, lazy bums they are. She didn't really like living with them, espeacially the Twoleg kit always picking her up and stroking her to hard, ooohhhh and that dog! That wretched dog, he was loud and always smelled her butt. Sometimes she would have to turn around and claw him in the face to get him to stop. She knew she belonged somewhere else. Somewhere where she could be wild and free, not cooped up in a Twolegnest with a wrethched dog.

She went outside and looked out in the woods, more than anything she go and live there instead of in this Twoleg nest. And the prey would be better. She would actually be able to catch her own food. It would defenetly be better than that dry, tasteless food the Twolegs would feed her, why did she eat it? It was disgusting, she mainly ate it for mere survial and that was it.

She walked over to her friend Oreo's house, to be honest she had kind of a crush on him and would like more than anything to be his mate. She knew he was brave, funny and handsome. The perfect tom any she-cat could ever have. One time they were talking about the Forest and he said he felt the same way about the Forest that Cleo did. She knew there had to be a connection between her, Oreo, and the Forest.

She jumped at the top of the fence and yowled his name. She could see his black front and the white pelt in the middle of his body and then his black back coming through the cat-door and he meowed a hello. Then he jumped on to the fence next to her. She got kind of closer to him to where their fur touched. He was warm and his fur was very soft.

They had been friends ever since she was born. He was a little older than her but she didn't care, all she knew was that he was a great tom and she wanted to be with him forever. She knew she would be safe with him, heck they could go live in the forest instead of this Twoleg neighborhood.

Oreo shook her out of her thoughts when he meowed "Hey Cleo how's it going?". She replied back "Hey Oreo, I'm doing fine, how are you?".

He said "Fine, have you seen Mitten's lately? Ha, ever since he got back from the vet he's gotten really fat! It's hilarious you should see him!" She said "That has to be a sight to see!". Mitten's was a brown tom with long fur. He had just gone to the vet and apparently after he got back he just let loose and forgot about the shape of his body as if something had transformed inside him.

Then suddenly Cleo heard a rustle and then out of the woods came three cats she had never seen before. They looked like ruffians, their fur was uneven, they had scars and scratches, and they were bigger than most of the neighborhood cats she knew. She got closer to Oreo and said "Who are those cats?".

Yeah I know, it was a little short and I left a cliff hanger, but hey, that's just how it is. I hope to update soon seeing how the breaks coming up, so until next chapter.