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When Frostpaw woke up she walked out of the apprentice den and went to the fresh-kill pile. She got a plump vole and sat down. She looked at the entrance of the camp and saw the three newest warriors of ThunderClan sitting there. Frostpaw saw Cloudstar emerge from his den and pad over to the three. He told them something Frostpaw couldn't hear but then she saw the three get up and stretch. They half walked half ran to the fresh-kill pile. They each got a rabbit, mouse, and a starling from the pile. They sat down next to Frostpaw and Snowfeather looked at Frostpaw.

She said "Hey Frostpaw."

Frostpaw looked at her and meowed "Hey Snowfeather. I love your warrior name, it's beautiful!"

Snowfeather purred "Thanks Frostpaw, it means a lot coming from a friend like you."

Frostpaw looked at Snowfeather's two brothers. They were chomping away at their fresh-kill as if they hadn't eat for a moon.

Frostpaw smiled "Redecho, is that starling good?"

Redecho took another bite and said with his mouth full "Yep, delicious!"

Frostpaw let out a mrrow of laughter and looked at Lionflame "Well Lionflame I must say, you look like you haven't eaten in a moon."

Lionflame looked up from his squirrel "Hey cut me a break, I haven't eaten since yesterday!"

Frostpaw saw Swiftpaw approaching them. She started to purr as he sat down next to her.

Swiftpaw looked at the three new warriors "Well, if it isn't the three newest warriors of ThunderClan! Ha, just yesterday you all were apprentices and now you're warriors! That's awesome!"

Redecho smiled at Swiftpaw "Hey thanks! I was thinking about asking Cloudstar if us five could go on a hunting patrol together. You think he'll agree?"

Snowfeather said "Well, I think he will. Lets just ask him."

Redecho jumped up "Okay, I'll be right back."

Redecho walked up to Cloudstar and asked him something. Cloudstar nodded and Redecho smiled. Redecho rushed over to the four cats.

He meowed "He said yes!"

Swiftpaw jumped up and yowled "Well what are we waiting for?! Lets go!"

When the five got to the Great Sycamore. Frostpaw sniffed and smiled "Guys I think I smell pheasant! That'll feed the elders and Hollypetal and her kits, if they split it fairly with a rabbit added!"

Lionflame smiled and meowed "Well lets go get it!"

Frostpaw knew her tracking skills were great so within a minute she found it. She turned to Swiftpaw and asked him if he would catch it.

He smiled and said "Yeah! Thanks for the offer." He dropped into the hunters crouch and ran towards it. He killed it with one swift blow. He picked it up in his mouth and went back to the other four cats. They headed back to camp and on the way they caught two squirrels, a mouse, and a vole. They got back to the camp and gave the pheasant and two squirrels to the elders and Hollypetal and her kits. Then they dropped the vole and mouse into the fresh-kill pile. Frostpaw and Swiftpaw sat down and shared tounges. Frostpaw had had a great day and a great catch for the fresh-kill pile. This day couldn't get better.

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