Sam sat in the center of the warehouse. He set up the lambs blood circle and sat inside. After this the world will be safe. After this I'll be dead.

He began to read the chant. It echoed through the chamber like a song.

While he read, he picked up the holy oil. He began to pour it across his arms.

Decurro eva ared yen. Decurro, Decurro Frater.

A flutter interrupted his chant. Cas appeared with Bobby before him.

"Stop Sam!" Cas's voice echoed.

Sam tilted his head to his chest. A sob escaped his lips. "I have to do this Cas! I'll die and everything will be alright. Everything, Cas!"

Cas sobbed. "No! No Sam!"

Sam spoke the last few words in slurred latin getting ready to drop the match.

Cas flew over so fast Sam thought he had teleported. The backlash of wind blew the fire out and Sam was pulled into a hug.

"No! Let me go! I need to this!" Sam screeched. Tears falling down his face.

"Stop! Just stop Sam." Cas spoke quietly.

Sam just fell into Cas's arms. "I'm sorry." He sobbed, over and over again.

"Its okay. It'll all be okay Sam."

This is the last chapter! There may be a sequel...But I'm not sure yet.

Sorry this took so long! I was taking a break from my stories, but they'll all be updated more steadily now...

Lots of Love, Mana Walker 3