Heart of a Freeman


Huey Freeman hasn't dated anybody since his ex-girlfriend moved to South Korea two years after giving birth to his only son. Jazmine DuBois loves her fiancé, even though she knows he's cheating on her with random women. When Jazmine moves across the street, will she do the first thing no other woman has been able to do and break down the walls Huey placed a long time ago?

A/N: I created this fanfic last year and I even published it, but my last email account got hacked into and I couldn't finish the story, so I got rid of my old email address, deleted the old version of Heart of a Freeman and started anew. Now because I'm working on this, I'll have to go back and forth between this and Taylor Freeman.

A/N Prt II: Rated T for sexual situations and adult language and content. Taylor Freeman will be in this one, but it'll be a different setting as they're all adults. Huey, Taylor, Caesar, and Jazmine are all twenty-seven and Cindy and Riley are twenty-five. POVS are Huey, Taylor and Jazmine with the occasional ones from everybody else. Hope you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I only own my own characters, not The Boondocks! Please remember that!

Setting: 1395 Warwick RD-Harper Hill, Southside Richmond; Richmond, VA

Date: June 25TH, 2020

Time: 3:15 P.M.

Chapter One

New Beginnings

Huey Freeman

Love is of the inevitable, you can't prevent it from happening no matter how much you try. I used to believe in love, until my Mom died when I was eight in front of me and my twin sister, Taylor. Since my Dad died six years earlier, my grandfather, Robert Jebediah Freeman raised not only me and my sister, but also my younger brother Riley Freeman from ages ten until we graduated from high school.

The day we graduated, Granddad gave us $500 in cash and told us to pursue our lives and go to college, to only visit when we were passing through or during holidays. Sadly, Granddad died only a few days after Riley graduated from high school due to natural causes. Granddad's only possession was his and according to his will, it was sold and the money was split between Riley, Taylor and I since our inheritance helped pay for it. Now all three of us lived in Richmond, Virginia not that far away from each other, but far enough to give each of us personal space.

Taylor lived with her husband and my best friend, Michael Caesar, who was known as one of the best soccer players in the East Coast. Taylor was the exact replica of our dead mother, Camilla Freeman. She had curly, dark brownish almost black hair that stopped at her shoulders and eyes that were round and the color of storm clouds. She had the same skin and facial features that matched that of a Freeman and her body was slim and curvaceous, even after giving birth to twin daughters three years earlier. Their names were Ashleigh and Amelia (Ali and Ami for short).

Even going into his late twenties, Caesar had the body of a well-toned soccer player. His hair was covered in black dreadlocks that he always kept in a ponytail and his skin was a dark brown. He and Taylor fell in love back in high school and they've dated since. When Caesar wasn't playing, he was working with Riley and I on the clothing line that Riley started while he was still attending Richmond University.

The clothing line was known as AfroCentric, Riley designed every piece of clothing and accessory for AfroCentric while Caesar and I did marketing. There were at least two stores in every start from Florida to Maine, four in Virginia since it was our headquarters.

We were well-known, especially in Virginia where we've been in newspapers, African-American magazines, and even on some local TV shows. I was even forced—Riley and Caesar talked me into it—to feature in Richmond's Time Dispatch's 30 Under 30. Taylor had a riot out of it though and so did Riley's fiancée, Cindy MacPhearson.

Cindy and I were friends, but that came once I got to know her and I knew that she was the only person who would put Riley in his place. Her blonde hair was always styled in layers and her icy blue that sparkled when she was happy and turned ice-cold when she was mad at anybody, especially Riley. They've been dating since freshmen year and they're relationship survived a gang war, two pregnancy scares, and even a moment when they broke up for two weeks. After all that, they deserved to be with each other.

I even dated back in college, she was one of Taylor's old friends and her name was Alyssia Parker. She had jet-black hair that she kept in a pixie hair style and eyes that were warm and golden brown. Her skin was milk chocolate and she had one of the most beautiful bodies at Virginia Union University. She was also smart, she was studying Korean just like Taylor and when they graduated, they went their separate ways; Taylor decided to stay in Virginia and teach Korean to middle school students while Alyssia went to Ewha Womans University in Seoul to study Korean more. I wouldn't say that she left me empty-handed, she gave me a son and I named him Robert Jebediah Freeman Jr., after Granddad. She left when he was two and now he's seven and she hadn't been back since.

I hadn't dated anybody since Alyssia, and if it wasn't for Taylor and Cindy then I would've snapped when it came to the first eight months without Alyssia around, it was hard for him to live without his mother. He looked like a mixture of both me and Alyssia, he had Alyssia's black hair but it was in an Afro like mines and while his eyes were round like mines, they were warm like hers. There were times that I couldn't even look at him for long, they reminded me of her, but those moments didn't come unless I really missed her.

Today was a Thursday and the first day of summer vacation for Robby—Taylor's nickname for her nephew—so I promised that I would take him out the pool after work. Robby and I lived in a community known as Harper Hill. It was predominately black with a few white couples and one biracial couple. Since it was in Southside, it was somewhere between middle to middle-high class. The houses were affordable and the monthly payments weren't that bad. Taylor and Caesar lived here too, but they were up the street from me. Riley and Cindy lived two hours away in Virginia Beach, but Riley was able to make it to work on time, so it caused me no harm.

When Robby and I started walking outside into the hot, June weather, I noticed a moving truck from across the street. It was only two kids moving in, a man and a woman, but I did notice baby things were being carried inside. There was also a black Land Rover in the driveway and two people got out. A man got out first, he had black cornrows that were braided to his scalp and beady, black eyes. His skin was darker than Caesar's and he was tall, yet muscular. He got out the driver's side and walked over to the passenger side, opening the door for the other occupant.

It turned out to be a woman, like I had predicted. She had curly, strawberry-blonde hair and the brightest and most beautiful emerald-green eyes that shined in the sun. Her skin was caramel and her body was glowing due to her being at least five months pregnant. She wore a pair of white maternity shorts with a white blouse that fit her pregnant body. I thought it was weird for her to be wearing any type of jacket because it was hot as hell out here. I was about to go across the street, but Robby was tugging on my arm.

"Daddy, if we don't hurry up then there won't be any spaces left," he said in the voice of a typical seven-year-old. I decided to ignore the couple moving in and followed Robby up the street to the local pool that was opened to everybody at Harper Hill.

When we got there, the single mothers of Harper Hill waved at me as usual and I rolled my eyes as Robby took off his tee-shirt and sandals and hopped in the pool, swimming to where his friends were.

"Hello, Huey," said one of the mothers. Her name was Tianna Stevens and she was at least five years older than me. She was a white woman with long, raven hair and eyes that were actually purple. She had a five-year-old daughter named Gina and she got along with Robby well even though he was older than the girl. She was one of the few white people with common sense, so I talked to her now and then. She was married and unlike the other mothers who had this weird fascination over me, she wasn't interested in me in the least, another reason I liked having her around.

"Tianna, where's Randall?" I asked her as I begun setting up. I placed a beach towel on the chair I was sitting in so my back wouldn't be attached to it and put on the same waterproof sun block that I had placed on Robby five minutes earlier. Tianna pointed Randall out among the people in the pool and I saw that he was trying to teach Gina how to swim without water wings, a feat that Robby mastered when he was four thanks to Taylor who was like a mermaid in the water, especially after giving birth to twins.

"How did Robby get so good again?" Tianna asked.

"Auntie Taylor," I said with a smirk. Tianna nodded as she placed her sunglasses back on her face to block her eyes.

"So in other words, you had nothing to do with it?" she asked after a moment. I rolled my eyes. "You'll be getting an invitation in your mail box for Gina's sixth birthday."

I groaned…I hated going to parties. "Why do you always invite me?"

"Because unfortunately for you, our children are best friends, Freeman," she said with a smile. "So bring something pink as a birthday gift, its her favorite color."

"Can it be a black Barbie?" I asked her. She choked on her water as Randall came over and I shook hands with him. Randall was my attorney when it came to legal affairs with AfroCentric, I've grown to overlook the fact that he was white. He had blonde hair that was dripping wet and eyes that were round and oceanic blue. He was tan and had a skinny body with hardly any muscle. I could easily break him in half like a twig if he ever pissed me off.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Where's Gina?" Tianna asked.

"Robby's teaching him how to swim." I looked over and saw Robby was doing a surprisingly better job than her own father. He must have Taylor's love of swimming.

"What kind of party is it going to be?" I asked them, dreading the answer.

"We're going to Chuck E. Cheese for the afternoon," Tianna said. I groaned again, I hated going to kid-themed places, especially when it comes to parties! Somebody must hate me. Tianna laughed and I looked at the time on my phone, it was almost 5:30 and the sun was starting to go down.

"Randall, go get the kids," Tianna said.

"Wait, why aren't you going to do it?" Randall asked his wife and I even know the answer to that question, she was lazy.

"Because I'm going to put the stuff in the car," she said. I shook my head as she got up and waved bye to me before heading towards her favorite bright yellow Jeep. We had to get ready to go too, Caesar had a game in two hours and we both needed to shower and change, so I got Robby out the pool and we started our five-minute walk back home.

Setting: City Stadium, Richmond City; Richmond, VA

Time: 6:30 P.M.

When Robby and I arrived at City Stadium, we walked up to the Top Box where all the families of the Richmond Kickers were able to watch and enjoy the game. Caesar got signed to the Richmond Kickers when his contract with his old team, the Woodcrest Willows was up after he graduated college. He was on the Woodcrest Willows ever since high school, so to them it was sad that he was leaving, but the Richmond Kickers were also a good team and his contract with them wouldn't be up until he was thirty-five and could no longer play soccer professionally.

I spotted Taylor immediately, she was just coming out the bathroom with the twins, one of them each held on to Taylor's index fingers. Robby and I walked over towards them and Taylor smiled when she saw me.

"About time you came," she said. Ali and Ami resembled their parents and the only way you could tell them apart was by hair. Ali had Taylor's curly hair, but it was dark brown like Caesar's and she had his dark brown eyes. Ami had Caesar's dreads but they were darkish brown like Taylor's and she had her mother's round, stormy grey eyes. The twins were both wearing red and white in support of their Dad and since they were the youngest out of the kids, the other Moms thought they were adorable.

"Unckle Huey!" the twins said earning another 'Aww' from the mothers. I picked Ami up and helped Taylor placed them in their shared seat. If people didn't know Taylor was my twin, they would've thought we were dating and that's a thought I found rather disturbing.

"Where's Riley?" I asked.

"Down wishing Caesar good luck," Taylor said. "So how was the pool?"

"I got invited to Gina Stevens' birthday party today!" Robby said as he sat beside me. "We're going to Chuck E. Cheese next month."

"I'm sure your Dad's happy to take you," Taylor said with a smile.

"Don't push it," I said in a voice only she could hear. "And he's too good to get grounded between now and then."

"Huey!" she said with a laugh.

It wasn't long before Riley and Cindy came up, Riley was dressed head to toe in his latest creation, the Imani Collection. Cindy was dressed in the woman's version and I shook my head, he always found ways to promote, I could only imagine the lines at the stores tomorrow when we opened up.

"Huey! What's up my nigga!" said when he was closed enough to me and Taylor. I shook my head. "And how's my favorite nephew?" He and Robby did their favorite handshake and even though he was a handful when he was younger, he probably loves his nieces and nephews. After surviving two pregnancy scares, Riley and Cindy decided not to try again for kids until a month after they were married.

"Hey, Kovu," Cindy said as she gave me a hug.

"Will you stop calling me that?" I asked her.

"We almost related, I have right to call you anything I want," Cindy said. I just shook my head as the game between the Richmond Kickers and Charleston Battery finally started.

The game went into double overtime and after the Richmond Kickers won the game, I let Riley and Cindy follow me home to spend the night since there was no way in hell that Riley was driving back to Virginia Beach at this time of night. This also meant that Riley and Cindy would probably be fucking, but I made sure I had my door and Robby's door closed.

I had to carry Robby back to the car because he fell asleep during the game just like the twins so Riley decided to help Taylor since Caesar was tired as hell and was ready to start his weekend of relaxation. He worked yesterday and part of today so he wouldn't have to worry about his share of duties at the stores.

In the parking lot, I saw the couple again. The woman wore a men's XXXL Richmond Kickers jersey that would properly cover her pregnancy bump and a pair of maternity black jeans. The man wore a pair of khaki shorts with a black Polo shirt. I was about to put Robby in my truck when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw that it was the woman. Her husband or fiancée—I wasn't sure—wasn't that far away, getting inside his Land Rover.

"Hello, you live across the street, right?" she asked me. I nodded and she held out her hand but when she saw that I was carrying Robby she hesitated before she kept her hand out. "I'm Jazmine, Jazmine DuBois."

"Huey Freeman, nice to meet you," I said as balanced holding Robby and shaking hands with the woman. Her emerald-green eyes grew wide.

"Your one of the owners of AfroCentric, right?" she asked me.

"Yeah," I said.

"That's so cool, your like a celebrity in Harper Hill. I think a woman named Tianna Stevens said that I should meet you. I used to live in Woodcrest and would go there all the time," she said. I made a mental note to question Tianna tomorrow, but she said something else that interested me. She used to live in Woodcrest.

"You used to live in Woodcrest?" I asked her.

"Yes, I lived there until I was twelve and then my Mom and I moved to Washington D.C., because my parents divorced. I hadn't seen my Dad since then, I don't even know if he was alive," she said, her voice sadden. Wait a minute…Jazmine DuBois?

"Did you know a girl named Taylor?" I asked because I remembered Taylor being friends with a girl named Jazmine back when we started living in Woodcrest. Before she could answer, Taylor did.

"Jazmine?! Is that you?!" Jazmine turned around and smiled when she saw my sister.

"Taylor! It's nice to see you," Jazmine said. Taylor walked over and hugged Jazmine tight. "Its been a really long time. Last time we spoke, you said you had given birth."

"Yeah, I did and they're in the car. They're so adorable, but they're also cranky. I came over because Huey had dropped his wallet again," Taylor said as she handed me my wallet. I thanked her and put it in my back pocket. "I can't believe your pregnant."

"Yeah, it was after Tyson and I got engaged," Jazmine said. "I should be getting back, so I'll see you soon, Taylor."

"Hey, we should catch up. Where do you live?" Taylor asked her.

"I'll text you the address tomorrow, your number didn't change did it?"

"Not since I moved here, it hasn't. See you soon." Jazmine got back inside the Land Rover with apparently her fiancée and Taylor raised her eyebrow at me.

"You don't remember her?" she asked me as I placed Robby inside the backseat and buckled his seatbelt.

"No, why should I?" I asked her.

"Because she used to be the girl you called annoying and naïve," Taylor said. I looked over just as the Land Rover pulled out the parking space and drove back to their house. "Too bad she left, you two would've made a great couple."

"Whatever, I need to get home." I told Taylor bye before getting inside my truck and driving off. I saw Riley driving off behind me in his cheery red Lamborghini and the on the way home, the only thing I could think about was the woman named Jazmine DuBois.